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Re: [HCDX] R.Vancouver Intl

At 07:47 PM 3/19/2001 +0530, ALOKESH GUPTA wrote:
19 march '01

TAIWAN/CANADA.9735, Radio Vancouver Intl
Its confirmed that 'RVI'is definitely not
broadcsting on shortwave.Quoting below two mails
that I received from Keith Perron-RVI :

Quote -2nd e-mail
"K pe" <rvi@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
No We stoped broadcasting on shortwave. The audience was to small, we
have a better responce from out from internet broadcasting.
Our studies have showed that SW listening is down.
K pe
rvi@xxxxxxxx - email
(604) 974-0991 ext. 3749 - voicemail/fax
unquote -----

The quote implies that they were actually on the air. I tried them regularly from when first advertised and never heard a thing. Did anyone actually hear anything, or was this just wishfull thinking, as I expect?............Walt.

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