[HCDX] Re: repeat : 13572 unid
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[HCDX] Re: repeat : 13572 unid

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From: "M. van Arnhem" <mvarnhem@xxxxxx>
To: "HCDX list" <hard-core-dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Monday, March 19, 2001 9:47 PM
Subject:repeat : 13572 unid

> The last few days I still heard the UNID 13572 khz station.
> The station is audible around 2130 UTC till s/off 0000UTC.
> Language bis Arabic or Arabic-like.
> Max van Arnhem

other people heard always WINB from the Yankee front, 50 kW in 242 degrs to
zones 10 and 11.
Program ends at 2300 UTC. But progr not in Arabic, -- so still a puzzling AR
stn here also.

HFCC registration in B-00 winter season:

13570 1600 2300 10,11     INB   50 242     291000 250301 D    USA INB FCC

HFCC registration in A-01 summer season:

13570 1415-2400 10,11      INB   50 242       0 0104-2810 D USA INB FCC

73 wb DF5SX wwdxc-germany


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