[HCDX] ITrollhättan, Sweden reporting
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[HCDX] ITrollhättan, Sweden reporting

A few items from Johan Berglund, Trollhättan, Sweden
ITALY 3985 19-Mar  -2300 IRRS, Milano "This   I Double-R S, Milano signing off".Would bee back 0700CET 
            next morning. QSA 2-3.After "Propective", ending at 22.45 Doris Day took us back half a century  with    
           Qué Sera?, Que será?. I think the question is rather well  answered by now. Johan Berglund,
           Trollhättan, Sweden

SPAIN 1485 20-Mar 0715 Radio Santander, Cadena SER, local prgramme at this time. This is the
           Spanish station domination the QRG here. QSA 3 in this sallad of signals. JB

BRAZIL 5015 19-Mar 2245 Before those "terrible" Turkmens opened fire  here at 0000 a Brazilian station
           was heard under the carrier from Asgabat. I'm pretty sure it was Rádio Pioneira de Teresina, Piaui,
           as the name Teresina was heard 3 or 4 times. JB
QSL  Radio Gardarika, St. Petersburg 6235 has a very nice card printed up by now. Ordinary mail answer
         to e-mail report. JB . "Garadarika" is  surely derived from the Viking name of this area where they settled
         long, long before St. Petersburg came into existance. (Anyone challenging my theory?) The Vikings 
        called it "Gårdarike".  

         Raido Christian Voice, Zambia. 4965 with a QSL card, and nice info sheet telling much about the
         wildlife around their out-in- the-bush location 25 miles from Lusaka. Snakes.abound.  JB   

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