[HCDX] AM DX NewsFlash - 3/21/01
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[HCDX] AM DX NewsFlash - 3/21/01

         WELCOME TO THE AM-DX NEWSFLASH  -  March 21 2001
                            Vol 6  No 51

A day early since I'm on travel tomorrow... pb

Deadline for next issue - Thursday, March 29 2001 @ 1400 UTC

Send all contributions to me @ phil@xxxxxxxxxxx
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CPC Chairperson (IRCA) - Lynn Hollerman - lynnhollerman@xxxxxxxxxxx

      3/25/01 Sun - 0000-0400 - WMIB - 1660 - Marco Island FL (NRC)

Sunday, March 25, 2001 - WMIB-1660, Marco Island, FL will conduct a DX 
test from 12:00-4:00 am EST.  The test will consist of rock 'n' roll, 
old jingles, and "general silliness". The Ops Manager at WMIB says that 
while he doesn't have the ability to do code IDs, he will try to run a 1 
kHz tone at the top of each hour.
  Reception reports (with return postage) may be sent to:

Phil Beckman
Ops Manager
601 Elkam Cir #5
Marco Island, FL 34145
  Mail: philbeckman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  (Arranged by Phil Beckman for the NRC.)

PLEASE NOTE: Even if you don't hear a test, be sure and drop a card, 
letter, or e-mail to the station personnel, thanking them for going to 
the trouble to run a test!

Also, if you hear a test, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know, via either e-mail 
or in rec.radio.shortwave! And if you send a reception report to a 
station, please remember to include return postage with your report...



The IRCA/DecalcoMania convention will be held on August 24-26 2001 at the 
Best Western Airport Inn, 10232 Natural Bridge Rd, St Louis MO  63134.  
DecalcoMania member Mike Sanburn (PO Box 1256, Bellflower CA) is your 
host (mikesanburn@xxxxxxxxxxx).  For reservations 1-800-872-0070 or (314) 
427-5955.  Rates are $73/night (up to 4 people/room).  Registration is 
$35/person.  Contact Mike for more information.

The WTFDA Convention will be held on July 27-29 2001 at the Super 8 
Lodge, 2773 Elder St, Boise ID 83705. Host is Frank Aden (4096 Marcia Pl, 
Boise ID 82704 - N7SOK@xxxxxxx).  For reservations (208) 344-8871 
(mention Frank Aden).  Rates are $62.10 (for a double).  Registration is 
PREPARED ON 3/20/01 1100, Lee Freshwater

FREQ.  CALL SIGN                   OLD INFO         NEW INFO

 540   WYLO  JACKSON, WI      WZER               WYLO // WYLL 1160
 920   KLOC  CERES, CA        SILENT             JAZZ // KRVR FM
       WGHQ  KINGSTON, NY     TALK               STNDS - JONES
                              ie: 500 WATTS DUE TO TOWER DAMAGE. NOW
                              SIGNING OF AT 0000
 960   WTGM  SALISBURY, MD                       GOSPEL
       CFFX  TIMMONS, ON      OLDIES             TALK/OLDIES
1020   WRHB  KENDALL, FL      NEW                ETHNIC
1450   KIOV  PAYETTE, ID      NEWS-TALK          TO BE SPORTS 4/01
1570   WWCK  FLINT, MI        CHR // WWCK FM     BLK GSPL - ABC


 620   WTGH  CAYCE, SC        CHANGES XMTR SITE TO 33-57-34
                              CHANGES XMTR SITE TO 47-36-27
                              REDESCRIBES XMTR SITE AS 39-09-59


NS  TRURO       600   CKCL  TO 99.5
ON  TIMMINS     750   CKGB  TO 99.3
NB  WOODSTOCK   920   CJCJ  TO 104.1

**David Braun - Wyoming DE - dcbraun@xxxxxxxxxxx

Apparently a format change for WTGM-960-MD, now Gospel.

 960  WTGM  MD  Salisbury - 3/14 1201 - Noted with new Gospel format, ID 
       as "Rejoice 960, WTGM Salisbury". (DB-DE)

Kenwood R-5000, Quantum Loop

Bill Smith - W5USM@xxxxxxx

I am trying to locate a MW and SW DXer named Jim Conrad who lived at 
Waterloo, Iowa in 1980.  Any help would be appreciated via DX NewsFlash 
or otherwise. 

**John Sampson - jsampson@xxxxxxxxx

  Per article in today's Arizona Republic, local KSLX (1440) will be 
changing call KAZG on April 1.  Format will be oldies (call stands for 
"Arizona Gold".



Bogdan Chiochiu - Pierrefonds PQ - chiochiu@xxxxxxxxx

Equipment: AM/FM radio with tape recorder and CD player and a relativly 
long ferrite bar antenna compared to the other doemstic radios wich make 
good Pan-American reception !

 530  South Caicos, Turks and Caicos. RVC Radio Visíon Cristiana 
       Internacíonal - religion px in SS, fair signal 750 Caracas, 
       Distrito Federal, Venezuela YVKS Radio Caracas Radio - talk about 
       the education and schools in Venezeula by a woman and 
       occasionnaly by a man. At a few moments, the talk-shows about 
       Venezuelan education and schools was interrupted by some RCR 
       jingles and spots. Fair-to-good with no sign of WSB at all this 
       wensday evening 760 Barranquilla, Colombia HJAJ Radio Cadena 
       Nacíonal - with "La Copa de Todorte" futboll (soccer) match and a 
       mention of Gran Colombia. Poor, but readable due to the lack of 
 890  Chambas, Cuba. CMDZ Radio Progreso - cuban mx. Barely audible with 
       some WCBS-880 splatter.

  I have heard my first trans-atlantic het. It was on Sunday, March 10 
2001. I have`n`t mentioned it in my last Latin American DX repport, as 
it don`t comes form Latin America, but from somewere in Europe. Details 

1215  It was only slops from domestics in the beginning. I have press 
       tape/rec. and my radio, suprinsgly have transformed the AM signal 
       into a SSB carrier. This have happened several times, it is what 
       I mistaked from tape noises on unwanted freq. I could hear the 
       SSB carrier, only when my radio has the tape recorder play/rec. 
       If I don`t have the tape running, it is only heavy spletter from 
       the 1210 and 1220 domestics. It have heavy flutter with relativly 
       few slops from 1210 and 1220 with no audio, except from 1 second 
       or 2 wich I believed to be a folk-pop song, but it refaced 
       surface so short, that it was way too difficult to understand 
       exactly what it was. Perphaps this het comes from Spain (Cadena 
       COPE) or from the UK (Virgin Radio), but no audio was heard 
       except from 1 second surfacing with what I believed to be folk-
       pop. It`s my first TA het. I used only my AM/FM radio with tape 
       recorder, CD player and it`s own internal ferrite bar antenna. I 
       have`n`t used a communication receiver like Icom or Drake for 
       exemple as I don`t have one and no aerial. Perphaps using better 
       equipment, I would have some audio on 1215 enough to ID them. 
       Does anyone in the Montreal Island (Pierrefonds is on Montreal 
       Island) have monitored this freq. the last sunday and can tell 
       for sure what trans-atlantic he or she was heard ? It is the 
       first TA signal that I caught in only 5 months of DX-listening. 
       Also does someone can help me, in what trans-atlantics are easier 
       to hear in North America ? Any commentaries, suggestions and ides 
       about TA reception in the Montreal area are welcome.

  Here is my last version of my MW logbook. I sent it to you, since it's 
include some new logs from the past week and also because I like to know 
what you think of it. I have heard all these stations using only a 
simple AM/FM radio with tape recorder and CD player and it's own 
internal ferrite bar. Also, does anyone know about a Boston station with 
the slogan "Radio Cadena 13-30". I heard them almost nightly, but I've 
never have been able to identify their call-letters and the exact QTH. 
It's on my logbook.
  Overall, conditions to Latin America this week in Montreal were well 
below-average. This evening, I haven't yet DX, I will try now to see, if 
something interesting may pop up. I also add comments to some older 
catches in my logbook and I plan to make a version of my logbook in a 
couple of weeks which will include transcribed IDs of some Latin 
Americans and domestics. Not all, as many of them are presumed or 
tentative catches, or if I hear the station's name, it's only as a 
mention, not a canned ID or a more professional ID, etc...
  This summer, I will travel for a week or so in my native country, in 
Romania. I plan to DX the longwave band (150 - 280 kHz) which there is 
use by high-power domestic broadcasters (here in North America is just 
utility and aeronautical beacons here). My AM/FM portable with CD layer 
and tape recorders is quite sized, even if it's just a portable and my 
other radios hardly receive the clear-channel 50 kW stations on AM and 
at home in Romania, most radios don't have good MW reception, but on 
longwave they are great. Back circa 1996/97, before immigrating to 
Canada, I have heard some russians, bulagarians, arabic and french-
speaking stations here, but the reception was poor and at that time I 
haven't be interested in DXing, so I have not listened them longer to 
get an ID. But now, I will do some nice LW-DX. Even during the day-time, 
as longwave frequencies are so low, groundwave conduction is so good 
that reception of stations like France-162, Bulagria-261, Poland-225 and 
Russia-171/261 should be easy day-time groundwave catches. In fact as 
frequencies get longer, groundwave range is longer and skywave is 
shorter. In fact, I plan that most longwave DX sessions will take during 
the day-time, as night is very short during the summer, here in Northern 
Hemisphere and also because, if I remember well, I have heard some 
french/arabic stations during the day-light hours a few years ago, but I 
haven't ID them, due to my lack of interest in DXing at that moment, but 
now... Around the middle of August, when I will get back from Romania, I 
will post my longwave DX reception in Hard-Core-DX and AM-DX News Flash. 
Also, if some of you do longwave band DX-ing please let me know. For 
equipment, at my grand-parents houses, there is a radio with valves 
which no surprisingly received longwave and shortwave very well, but on 
medium-wave and FM, it can do better ! I remember hearing with it some 
nice LW during day-time by ground-wave as well as some euro-pirates 
around 48 meters, but I haven't been interested in DX at that time.
(again, I have a copy of the log if anyone is interested - pb)

*kevin redding - Mesa AZ - amfmtvdx@xxxxxxxxx

  Rick Lewis, moderator of the AMFMTVDX list and I went out in the Tonto 
National Forest about 10 miles east of town and did a little DXing where 
there is NO electrical noise. This was Rick's first time out there and 
he seemed to enjoy it a great deal as did I. 
  Yes, believe it or not, life can actually be good at times and you get 
to enjoy your 15 minutes in the sun. I got 8 new stations and that 
surprised me. 
  Heard on a Radio Shack DX-398 and a Radio Shack 15-1833 loop:

 860  KTRB CA, Modesto 3/15 1840 with a traffic report for the Modesto 
       area. The traffic reporter was female. [new] (KR-AZ)
 920  KBAD NV, Las Vegas 3/15 2047 with basketball and an ad saying that 
       Oldsmobile was the official car of the NCAA basketball 
       tournament. [new] (KR-AZ)
 940  KICE OR, Bend (t) 3/15 2104 with ESPN sports talk. [ t- new] 
1010  CBR AB, Calgary 2115 with a CBC news story about a trial in 
       progress. [new] (KR-AZ)
1090  KMXA CO, Aurora 3/15 2101 has a Radio Tricolor slogan with SS ad 
       for Century Chevrolet. [new] (KR-AZ)
1190  KEX OR, Portland 3/15 2110 with call in phone show and gave the 
       local number and was giving prices of phone calls. [new] (KR-AZ)
1470  KEAN TX, Abilene 3/15 2123 // to KEAN 105.3 [?] and playing C&W.
1570  KPRO CA , Providence 3/15 2225 with religion program. Black 
       preacher giving it all and going to town on things. 

Most of these are hidden under locals and we went just far enough out of 
town to get away from the noise, splatter and max powers being run all 
the time.

Heard on a Radio Shack DX398 and Radio Shack 15-1853 loop:

 800  KLDC CO, Brighton 3/17 0745 Playing some very high energy gospel 
       music by a black choir and band. Broke at 0800 for ToH ID was 
       over KHIS and XEROK both. (KR-AZ)
 800  KHIS CA, Bakersfield 3/17 0800 Way under KLDC and XEROK with ToH 
       ID and network news but can't tell which network under all the 
       hash from the other two stations. (KR_AZ)

***BERGLUND JOHAN - Trollhättan SWEDEN - johandx@xxxxxxxxx

1680  14-Mar 0445  WTTM, Princeton, NJ. QSA 3, but SSB QRM from 
       Russians.  What is ESPN acronym for ? I can only guess. 
       "Exclusively Sports Network ??" 

1485  SPAIN 20-Mar 0715 Radio Santander, Cadena SER, local program at 
       this time. This is the Spanish station domination the QRG here. 
       QSA 3 in this sallad of signals. JB

**Frederick R. Vobbe - Lima OH - fredv@xxxxxxxxxxx

06:05ELT - 3/16 Noted the usual 640 Cuban, however there was another 
       Cuban station on 660 that made no trace of WFAN.  This was 
       unusually strong, but the other Cubans in the 550-590 and 710 
       were not noted.
06:08ELT - I wish I would have caught the top of the hour on 540.  
       Usually I get CBEF-Windsor here, but unless they have changed to 
       English, someone else was on this channel.  It was strong, and 
       there was not a trace of Canadian accent, so I don't think CBEF 
       is even a possibility.  They ran news, female newscaster, until I 
       had to bail at 06:11.

FYI, WLIO(TV) had problems with ice this morning.  The weather changed 
from drizzle to snow and ice by 07:00, and we had to reduce power to 
30%. Normally the deicers take care of it, but this was such a quick 
freeze that there was buildup before the antenna deicers could come on.  
Look for possible AM stations with wacky arrays this evening if this 
storm continues up to New England.

  1580 3/19/01 @ 06:40.  Black Gosple station rocking away this morning.  
In the 15 minutes it took to go from home to McDonalds and then to work, 
never heard an ID.  Just music segues.  Believe it to be WPGC 
Morningside MD.

**Saul Chernos - schernos@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Sounds like WPGC. It's usually strong at that hour here.

*Richard Toebe - Davis CA - richtoebe@xxxxxxx

Delco radio in '97 Pontiac

1340  KEWE  CA  Oroville  3/16 1458-1502 now noted with "La Zeta" 
       Spanish programming, ex-NOS; ID on hour for "KHHZ (FM 97.7) and 
       KEWE, Chico-Oroville" in English.  (RT-CA)
1580  TIS?  CA  Benicia?  3/16 1600+  While driving 680 between 
       Fairfield and Walnut Creek this afternoon, caught the strangest 
       signal; a continuous tape loop of what you'd hear if you are 
       being kept on hold for a customer service line!  "Thank you for 
       your patience--you will be assisted momentarily, please stay on 
       the line."  Messages by both a male and a female, with music 
       playing in the background.  Loop lasts about 2 and a half 
       minutes, then repeats.  No IDs given.  Signal strongest as I was 
       crossing the Benicia Bridge, in Concord it was much weaker, and 
       was inaudible in Fairfield.  (RT-CA)

*Albert Lehr - Livermore CA - ALehr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1620  KSMH  Sacramento, CA off the air 1746 EST 03/17, leaving WGJ634, 
       Milpitas in the clear.
1660  KAXW  Merced, CA on with strong open carrier 1728.  ID at about 
       1759:30 as "KAXW 1660 AM, Merced", then back to OC.

**Bruce Conti - Nashua NH - BACONTI@xxxxxxx

Pan American DX

1080  CUBA  R.Cadena Habana, Guines MAR 18 0635 - Good; woman with 
       Cadena Habana mention, romantic nostalgia, over WVCG with WTIC 
       off. [Conti-NH]
1080  VENEZUELA  R.Barcelona, Barcelona MAR 18 0723 - Poor; ID and salsa 
       music heard through WVCG and Cuba with WTIC off. [Conti-NH]

Transatlantic DX

1062  DENMARK  Danmarks Radio, Kalundborg MAR 18 0545 - Good; urban 
       contemporary music including Christina Aguilera "What a Girl 
       Wants," het wiping out KYW 1060. [Conti-NH]
1089  ENGLAND  Talk Sport synchros MAR 18 0505 - Fair; headlines and 
       scores, "1089 and 1053, this is Talk Sport" and talk at phone 
       number 700-40-50-60, interference from WBAL 1090. [Conti-NH]

R8B, MWDX-5, 30-m wire, 30-m east sloping wire, noise reduced via 4:1 RF 
matching xfmrs and buried coax.

**David Braun - Wyoming DE - dcbraun@xxxxxxxxxxx

  While tuning around waiting for the 1080 stuff, noted WRVA on OC only 
(although the ABC news came on at 0100, then back to OC).  Was hearing 
some weak music looping NW (and, yes, the "motorboating sound"), and 
then at 0119 finally "Southern Alberta's family radio station", what 
sounded like a promo/psa, and a mention of the station phone number as 
"652-...", then another slogan as before "Southern Alberta's family 
radio station".  My first AB station logged from anywhere!!

****Mike Brooker - Toronto ON - aum108@xxxxxxxxxxx

Receivers: Panasonics RF-2200, RFB-45

 850  WEEI MA Boston - 03/16, 1849 - presumed with sports talk and promo 
       for Jim Rome on "Sports Radio 850" in fight with Cleveland and 
       Johnstown, PA pests.  (MKB-ON)
1080  KRLD TX Dallas - 03/18, 0205 - fair and reasonably steady during 
       WTIC silent period with end of CBS news, "KRLD Metroplex traffic 
       and weather together", promo for krld.com web site.  K.O.ed when 
       WTIC returned at 0230. (MKB-ON)
1080  unid _________  03/18, 0145 - poor-nil with both WTIC and KRLD 
       off, SS talk, Latino ballads or soft C&W ("ranchera"?) music. 
1260  WWJQ MI Zeeland - 03/16, 0800 - top of hour ID: "Western 
       Michigan's alternative talk radio, 1260 WWJQ AM, Zeeland-Grand 
       Rapids", into SRN news. (MKB-ON)
1410  WELM NY Elmira - 03/16, 1800 - over CKSL with talk on NCAA 
       tourney, into top of hour ID: "Imus in the morning, One on One 
       Sports all day, WELM Elmira-Corning". (MKB-ON)
1420  WACK NY Newark - 03/16, 1811 - over CHKT slop with ad for City 
       Mattress in Canandaigua, "Stormwatch" detailed local weather for 
       Finger Lakes, public service reminder about new student 
       registration at Finger Lakes Catholic schools.  (MKB-ON)

*Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

 810  WHB  MO, Kansas City, once again QRMing KGO off Eastern Beverage 
       at 0050 EST 3/18 with Sports talk, local break "WHB" Ids in 
       promo. This is getting common. (PM-OR)
 990  KHBZ  HAWAII, Hololulu, good on top of KTMS (KTMS phased), with 
       Hawaii Business, many KHBZ IDs and promos, even a promo for a 
       Sports show on KHBZ, at 0700 EST (1200 UTC) 3/20, ex KIKI. 
1080  UNID  Station  running  talk at 0125 EST 3/18, sounded like break 
       at 0127, followed by spots or other anmts, lost in KOTK music bed 
       at the half hour point, signal came back at 0131 EST with what 
       sounded like a newcast, but not net, local sounding, but pretty 
       much buried under KOTK.  At one point around 0132 I think there 
       was some weather, sounded like the ancr mentioned "snow". But 
       again, pretty much buried by KOTK.After 0135 I didn't hear it 
       again. WTIC?  No KRLD, as they were off. After 0205 EST, noted a 
       strong KRLD once again tearing up KOTK. (PM-OR)
1220  CHSC  CANADA, Ont. St Catherines, fair on top of C&W station with 
       Brian Adams song at 0534 EST  3/18, followed by "12-20 CHSC" ID. 
       This is the most common station heard on 1220, since CJOC moved. 

Drake R8, MFJ 1026 Phasing unit, EWE and K9AY Antennas

**Rick Kenneally - Wilton, CT - woodlandview@xxxxxxxxx

 610  CKTB  ON  Saint Catharine - 3/17 2000 - Ad for leasing Acura, ad 
       for another local dealership "Claire's?", then violent-voiced M 
       recorded promo "The Dominator Show - You've got the Sabre's on 6-
       10 CKTB."  Back for conclusion of game.  (RWK-CT)
 780  CFDR  NS Dartmouth - 3/16 0000 - In WBBM null with C&W, "Your 
       Superstore for classic country" then top of hour ID.  (RWK-CT)
 920  WIRD  NY  Lake Placid - 3/11 2200 - Presumed with hardish rock - 
       Supertramp song, then man "You're listening to the best air in 
       the Adirondacks, WLPW 105.5 and WRGR 102.3" then into track with 
       Hendrix-like guitar.  Thought the ID was live - sounded 
       unrehearsed.  But the exact ID was used at the top of the next 
       two hours.  Over WHJJ-RI.  I don't have a recent NRC log, so my 
       data says 87 watts.  Too dominant all night for that power.  
 920  WGHQ  NY Kingston - 3/13 0700 - Muffled audio compared to WHJJ.  
       WGHQ ID by woman, then local nws and spots.  Several mentions of 
       WGHQ by man during spots.  (RWK-CT)
1080  WVCG  FL Coral Gables - 3/18 0200 - Spanish religious talk, man 
       and woman non-stop from WTIC s/off until top of hour.  Then 
       barely audible EE "WVCG Coral Gables, Florida."  (RWK-CT)
1080  KRLD  TX Dallas - 3/18 0205 - Faded in during network news, then 
       local spot of some kind w/"KRLD" making it above mush.  Finally, 
       into Bruce Williams as it continued to fade up in strength.  
1200  WTLA  NY North Syracuse - 3/17 2100 - Instrumentals bordering on 
       muzak then "AM-1200, WTLA in North Syracuse and AM 14-40, WSGO 
       Oswego" then some sort of network news, but too buried by WLIB-
       1190 slop to make it out.  Mixing with someone with ESPN (RWK-CT)
1570  WNST  MD Towson - 3/3 2300 - Way over WISP w/"Nasty Nationwide ... 
       only on Baltimore's 24-hour all-sports station - Nasty 15-70 
       Sports - WNST Towson/Baltimore."  (RWK-CT)

  Interesting conditions to Latin America.  Alas, most of the Spanish 
speakers left on the air later in the evening when I can DX are Cubans.  
The entire lower end of the band was Spanish last night, but less heard 
higher up.  Someone reported WBZ getting knocked out, but here just 
north of NYC WBZ was as strong as ever last night.  

 610  COLOMBIA  R. Difusora Nacional Uribia? MAR 21 0400 - Huge signal - 
       no WIP detected.  Top of the hour:  "Ustedes escuchen Radio 
       Difusora Nacional de Colombia (then something like "ingracio" - 
       city name?).  Later "La Voz de la Cultura".  Is R. Dif. Nac. a 
       network, or do the stations ID independently?  [Kenneally - CT]
 620  CUBA  R. Rebelde  MAR 21 0415 - in and out of mush with sporting 
       event.  Clearly //670.  [Kenneally - CT]
 670  CUBA  R. Rebelde  MAR 21 0415 - alternating with WWFE with no 
       Chicago presence at all, only WFAN-NY-660 slop.  Sporting event 
       //620.  [Kenneally - CT]
 630  CUBA  R. Progresso  MAR 21 0425 - Deep in mush, but clearly 
       parallel its stronger sibling on 640 with man talking.  
 690  CUBA  R. Progresso  MAR 21 0500 - Good signal with very clear ID 
       at top of the hour. [Kenneally - CT]
 830  CUBA  R. Reloj  MAR 21 0445 - Way down deep under an UnID domestic 
       instrumental.  Typical Reloj pips with "RR" in code every couple 
       minutes.  [Kenneally - CT]
1200  UNID  MAR 20 2230 - Someone in the clear on an empty 1200 faded in 
       with man talking in what I think was Spanish, but with a soft, 
       almost French-like accent.  Interesting in that it was very 
       early, before our local sunset.  Tape is set for tonight so we'll 
       see. [Kenneally - CT]
1080  CUBA  MAR 18 0645 - With WTIC & KRLD off, this was the dominant 
       station between 0635 and 0645 with nice, slow SS ballads.  As 
       reported on list, "Amigos de la Madrugada" program ID between 
       songs.  [Kenneally - CT]

Sony 2010, SM-2, new Quantum QX loop

Larry Russell - Flushing MI - ak473@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1030  KTWO Casper WY 0959-1006 3/16 slightly over and mixing with WBZ, 
       heard "Wyoming's Radio station KTWO ... Truckin Bozo show on KTWO 
       Casper" after news heard another good ID, and promo for return of 
       sports-talk. Conditions to west were good, but since I've never 
       had a trace of them before, I suspect they may have forgotten to 
       switch to night pattern. Heard on Kenwood R-11 portable with 
       built-antenna. (Russell)

Kenwood R-11

Tim Hall - Chula Vista CA - halls@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

ICF-2010, KIWA Loop

1080 (KRLD) TX Dallas  3/18 0112  Off the air, leaving KSCO, UNID XE 
       (presumably XEDY), and another talk station very weak.  Nothing 
       new logged in their absence.  Back on the air before too long.  

1230  KOTS  NM Deming  3/18 0249  Noted C&W music on 1230, so I stuck 
       around and was eventually rewarded with two "AM 12-30 KOTS" IDs, 
       the second of which I caught on tape along with part of a local 
       weather forecast.  Did not seem //FM as listed, and a check of 
       their web site (www.demingradio.com/index.asp) confirms this.  
       Network is Ap (was Ae). Schedule is now 24h NSP.  New, NM #46.  
       GYDXA record?  (TRH-CA)

**Sheldon Harvey - ve2shw@xxxxxxxxx

  Cuban dominating 1180 kHz. here in Montreal this evening (3/20) at 
0320 UTC. Hardly a trace of WHAM Rochester.



**Robin G Plitt - plittr@xxxxxxxx

  I have been using a Select-a-tenna for several years and am pretty 
happy with the results. 
  I see now that CCrane Co. is selling a new super select-a-tenna that 
has a regeneration circuit. Do any of yuu use this? What are your 

**John Sampson - jsampson@xxxxxxxxx

  Has anyone on this list ever received an reply from KYET, Williams, 
Arizona, on 1180?  In fact, does anyone have a valid address for them?  
Have submitted several reports to them while living here during the last 
four plus years with no success.  Most recent one (sent to the address 
in the NRC AM Log) was returned a couple of days ago with a "moved, left 
no address, unable to forward, return to sender".

**David Gleason - david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  I have 138 W. Rte. 66, Williams 86046. The FCC website has no address 
at all.

**Pete Taylor - taytac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  I have a two line handwritten verie on stationery from Pete 
Christensen, GM at 138 West Route 66, Williams 86046.  This ia from a 
year ago. One followup required.

***Mike Brooker - Toronto ON - aum108@xxxxxxxxxxx

RE: UNID LAST ISSUE AS FOLLOWS: "Monitoring a possible French language 
station on 1375 Khz 3/15@0230 Playng a variety of music, talk and news 
at 0300. Quite strong signal and easily heard above the adjacent noise. 
This doesn't fit any freq plan that I know of.  Also getting het on 1377 
as expected."

  St. Pierre & Miquelon.  (Two islands off the coast of Newfoundland, 
that remained a French colony after the British victory on the Plains of 
Abraham in 1759). QSLed in 1979, with an unmistakeble sign-off.  Played 
"La Marseillaise".

Gerd Opalka - gerdopalka@xxxxxxxxxx

The Station on 1375 khz is RFO-St.Pierre et Miquelon.

***Alpo Heinonen - alpo.dx@xxxxxxxxxx

RFO Saint-Pierre et Miquellon 1375 kHz...

***Al Merriman - merriman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

This is St Pierre.  Been here for many years.


Your log was probably St.Perre & Miquelon, Jeff

***Graham Powell - graham@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

While on DX-Peditons to Sheigra in Northern Scotland I have heard RFO 
St. Pierre et Miquelon, on 1375 kHz on many occassions. This has been 
with programming in French.


I think it's RFO Saint Pierre et Miquelon, relaying France Inter 

***Mark Connelly - MarkWA1ION@xxxxxxxxxx

It's St. Pierre et Miquelon, off the south coast of Newfoundland, 
Canada.  This has been on this non-standard channel for many years.  It 
should be listed in any recent version of the World Radio-TV Handbook.

***Olivier Lomax - olom@xxxxxxxx

Possibly RFO St-Pierre & Miquelon.

Olivier Lomax
Paris - France

***Dario Monferini - playdx@xxxxxxxxxxx

Your log is surely St.Perre & Miquelon.

*Nigel Pimblett - Medicine Hat AB - ntp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  While listening last night (3/16) I noted there was a 1080 khz station 
off frequency, apparently to the SE.  Several stations were audible, 
including one in Spanish, so I wondered if it's the Cuban off channel.  
Anyone else noted this?
  Also, 820 CHAM was in nicely again last night.  For whatever reason, 
it's been very regular over the last month, something that hasn't been 
the case for several years.  Anyone out west looking for it, now's the 

*Bob Pietsch - Foster City CA - marbob@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturn Car Radio

1700  UNID  While driving along US101 in Mountain View (3/16 @ 1330), 
       noticed continuous tape of what you'd hear while on hold waiting 
       for a customer service rep (like elevator music and reminder on 
       stay on the line for the next available person). I really thought 
       I was hearing things until I saw that Rich Toebe heard a similar 
       signal on 1580! The TIS for NASA at Moffet Field in Mountain View 
       on 1700 has been off for a while, so don't know if it's them 
       testing or somebody entirely different. I checked again (3/17 @ 
       1430) while driving along the same route, but nothing heard. 
       Wierd! (BP-CA)

*Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

  Has Radio Ponderoa, XERF become a relay for Radio Mexico 
International? I heard their ID tonight and I didn't even catch a 
location. They gave the call letters XERF, Radio Ponerosa, and then some 
address that sound like District Federal. 
  I have not been able to QSL this, by sending my reports to Cd. Acuna. 
Do they have a DF address?

****Dave Kenny - dave_kenny@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

The following UNID stations were heard on the latest DXpedition to 
Sheigra which took place from 24 Feb-9 March - any suggestions would be 

 600  Colombian with slogan:"Voz de Colombia" and "En Colombia Mundial" 
       0830 UTC on 7 March 
1490  US station with continuous announcement saying "Home Town Radio 
       14-90 W??? - now in our 50th (or 60th?) year" 0915 UTC on 9 March 
1540  station carrying United Nations Radio news in English at 2325 UTC 
       on 8 March (possibly CHIN Toronto or Radio Bahamas - anyone know 
       if either station carries UN Radio at that time?)
1550  LA mx with clear ID in Spanish "Radio Impacto". 0933 UTC on 8 
1570  US station with ident "from the home of (?Winola college) football 
       W???" 0920 UTC on 2 March 
1570  Light orchestral music and Spanish IDs sounding like "Radio 
       Institucion" 0400 UTC on 27 Feb

We had some surprisingly good conditions for this late in the MW season 
- the first week with  strong North American signals, the second week 
favouring the Caribbean, South America and southern US states. The full 
logbook is still being compiled but hope to have it ready to circulate 

***Glenn Hauser - wghauser@xxxxxxxxxxx

1570  ''Institucion'' could be XERF mentioning its parent organization 
       Instituto Mexicano de la Radio (IMER)

***Tuomas Talka - Tuomas.Talka@xxxxxx

1490 On February I heard on my expedition to Lemmenjoki, Finland, WMRN 
from Marion OH announcing as "Hometown Radio 1490, WMRN". They have 
news/talk format. 

*Richard Toebe - Davis CA - richtoebe@xxxxxxx

  Anyone have an idea who the Mexican on 1070 might be that I heard?  
While listening to KNX-1070 as the old radio show hour was ending at 
11pm PLT 3/19, heard another signal fade up with Spanish talk, then into 
Mexican National Anthem on the hour!  At peak of fade up, was still 
under KNX.

using Grundig 3400 Satellit with Radio West Loop

*Bob Carter - KC4QLP@xxxxxxx

Not knowing any Spanish or having listened to 1070 at night in a 
while...it could possibly be WNCT out of Greenville NC.They run spanish 
programming on that station. Just a wild guess and possibility.

*Tim Hall - halls@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

XEOBS is commonly heard throughout the southwest.  They put a nightly 
dent in KNX here in San Diego.  73, Tim

Ginnie - Ithaca NY - ginnie@xxxxxxxxxxx

  Just heard something id-ing itself as "radio disney", on 540 khz... 
picked it up at 6:18 est, reception was lousy, signal was under a really 
loud hum. programming went into music i couldn't identify.  at 6:21 it 
disappeared entirely.  station must have gone to night-time power.

**Russ Edmunds - wb2bjh@xxxxxxxxxxx

Canonsburg, PA

**Lee Freshwater - LFreshwate@xxxxxxx

  You heard WWCS from Canonsburg, PA. I believe its just outside of 
Pittsburgh. They switched to Radio Disney a few weeks ago. Our web site 
link page has a link to a good Disney list.  



***Mickey Delmaga - Sherwood Park AB - cidxqsl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  I just received a nice reply from XEAI-Radio Formula, Mexico City with 
a pcc and personal letter from v/s Ing. Isaac Castillo L., Technical 
Manager.  This was for a taped report from 1998 when I heard them on 
1500 kHz.  XEAI is now on 1470 while 1500 in another Radio Formula 
station XEDF.  This reply came with the great assistance of Mexican DXer 
Ernesto Hernandez who delivered my report in person for me after a 
couple of f/ups to the station.  I am very pleased with this reply and 
Ernesto's help. Isn't this what the hobby is all about.

Henrik Klemetz - dhv599n@xxxxxxxxx

  QSL letter dated Feb 20 from "WGIT 1660 AM" received by Rolf 
Fredriksson, Sweden, who says he heard the station on Feb 3, at 0415. 
The letter was written in Spanish and signed by Olga Rosario de Matos, 
Presidente. The address used by Rolf - and now confirmed by station - is 
P O Box 7, Moca, PR 00676.  Rolf says that address info was provided by 
fellow countryman Kurt Norlin, who suggested the address for WZNA 1040, 
whose owner Aurelio Matos is listed by the FCC as one of the WGIT 



1080 KRLD/WTIC OFF THE AIR "TEST" (** - from NRC reflector)

**JohnCallarman - Krum TX - JohnCallarman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  KRLD off as advertised. Two Spanish-speakers all I can hear in first 10 
minutes 43 miles north of KRLD transmitter site. Neither ID'ed yet.
  0025 CST ... one latin did "Besame Mucho" and other slow-paced 
standards, very short annct. between "Amigas de ...."; other Latin doing 
more rapid paced songs ... maybe even a "son" and leaving a couple of 
seconds of silence between songs.  I did catch a wisp of an English-
speaking talk show giving phone numbers in 831 area code... one began 
with 479, the other was 477-1340 ... surely Santa Cruz.
  0050 cst ... big carrier popped on; nulls same as KRLD... reads 20 over 
non-nulled as KRLD does.
  KRLD audio began again at 0101 CST in middle of CBS News.... lady broke 
into news to say "KRLD, Dallas-Fort Worth," and local news continued 
  Both my Latins remain unidentified, and the only other signal I was 
able to raise was the California talker ... second time it broke through 
heard only "475" in phone number, and that may have been a commercial... 
the vocal inflections sounded like ads.
  KRLD carrier blotted out everything except the Latin who seemed to say 
nothing ... even at top of hour ... when break between songs was about a 
minute ... music on this one was what I would expect from Cuba or 
Colombia or Venezuela.
  "Amigas de ..." played big band and ballad stuff in Spanish ... the 
singers all seemed to be female vocalists ... thus the "Amigas de ... may 
have been a program name. The other station, the one that seemed to say 
nothing between songs, could still be discerned as KRLD signal could be 
nulled from S9+20 to about S7. Other stations peaked at about S5 prior to 
KRLD's carrier return.
  It's now 0112, KRLD talk program continues, so I think I'll assume the 
great silent period is over and go to bed.

**John Tudenham - Joplin MO - w0jrp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  1232am cst heard chief eng of WTIC announce that they would be leaving 
the air. Mention NRC and KRLD, fair copy in splash of KAAY.  WTIC was 
heard with a super radio 2 and built in antenna. Had better copy than my 
Radio shack DX400 with radio shack loop. Now hearing some weak spanish.

**Joe - Providence RI -  k1cr@xxxxxxxx
  0150 EST 1080. Hearing 2 stations. One with male and female speaking 
Spanish and other station with slow tempo music.  Some heavy splatter 
from WBAL.  
  0225 EST. 1080.  Still hearing just Spanish speaking stations, but did 
hear an English speaking station fade up for a minute.  Sounded like 
Bruce Williams show. KRLD perhaps?

**Patrick Griffith - Westminter CO - AM-DXer@xxxxxxxxx
  1080 KRLD TX Dallas - 2/18 0059 - KRLD night signal is local quality 
here. After KRLD s/off for maintenance had UNID EE talk with 2 males. 
Very weak signal but little fading. Seemed to loop north by slightly 
northwest. Was still there after WTIC planned s/off so probably not them. 
Heard mention of "environment" at 0123 and call sign beginning and ending 
with "K" at 0135 (KOTK?). Splatter here from local SS KMXA/1090.  Drake 
R-8 and Kiwa loop

**Mike Brooker - Toronto ON - aum108@xxxxxxxxxxx
  WTIC-1080 signed off as scheduled, at 0135, following local news.
  0135-0200: more or less zilch heard, except some very weak SS, 
"ranchera" (or whatever you call Latino C&W) mx, and a CHUM-1050 mixing 
  0205 EST:  KRLD coming in fair-good with end of CBS news, local news 
and wx, promos for krld.com web site.  Not needed.  QSLed in 1977

Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx
  Before KRLD left the air, 1080 was a 50/50 mix of KOTK/KRLD. After that 
I could hear some local weather at 0104, but not sure who it was. Then 
KOTK took over channel,  At 0134 EST, sounded like news popped up again. 
It didn't sound network, but was hard to tell, QRM from KOTK and Unid 
C&W. There was some "local" sound to the news, but I couldn't make out 
anything certain. I may try a tentative taped report to WTIC. Maybe the 
CE can make it out, if it was them. Then after 0135, the "news" 
disappeared. Maybe it was WTIC that went off.  I just wish KOTK would 
have been off.
  On a side note, WHB-810 must be running 50KW ND tonight, as they are 
tearing up KGO.

**Tom Dimeo - Harrisburg PA - tjdx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  Heard WTIC signoff at about 1:35 eastern time than heard two latins, 
one talking and the other playing music.  At about 2:01 eastern time 
heard KRLD come on with CBS news and a quick ID of KRLD Dallas Fort Worth 
shortly after.  Following CBS news heard the Bruce Williams show -- he 
was talking to a woman about making a will.  At about 2:12 eastern time 
KRLD went into the mix with the Latins, probably switched from day 
pattern to night pattern.

**Rick Kenneally - Wilton CT - woodlandview@xxxxxxxxx
  Had two SS stations.  The "talker", I believe, turned out to be WVCG 
Coral Gables on the top of the hour.  The "singer" with the "Amigas ?" 
program faded away completely.  Anybody know what this was?
  KRLD came in very weak here at the ID, but Bruce Williams was pretty 
strong if I tilted the loop almost vertical.  Alas, I didn't figure this 
trick out until after the ID.
  That's it - WVCG, KRLD and the "Amigas ?" Spanish.

**kevin redding - Mesa AZ - amfmtvdx@xxxxxxxxx
  Heard KSCO from CA.

**Kent Plourde - Bristol CT - kplourde@xxxxxxxx
  I also heard the two Spanish stations that Joe in Providence and Rick 
in Wilton heard after WTIC's sign-off at 1:35.  The 'talker' sounded like 
it could be religious.  It could be WVCG, no ID heard.  The SS ballad 
station is a mystery.  If I had to guess, I would say it was Venezuelan.  
After 2:00, I heard a third station way under SS.  It also sounded like 
Bruce Williams, however, I could not get a good copy.  One snippet of an 
ad for "jobs" came up with a 214 telephone number and internet address.  
That's the best I could do with the Sony-2010 with the synch detector set 
on lower sideband to avoid the WBAL splash with Select-a-tenna.  I am 
located about 10 miles SW of the WTIC transmitter on Avon Mountain.

**Phil Greenspan - Marchfield MA - PGreen1950@xxxxxxx
  Tom, I can confirm what you heard on 1080. got ID at 1:04 CST and temp 
of 41 degrees. mention of automobile crash in corpus christi. soon 
afterwards into bruce williams who was lecturing some poor woman about a 
will. soon faded out into ss.
  Can anyone identify the SS which was "constantly" repeating 
"hallelujah!" between 0100 and 0115? is this the Venezuelan or one of the 
US stations? 

**Ginnie - Ithaca NY - ginnie@xxxxxxxxxxx
  I too heard Bruce Williams discussing a will with a female caller.  
Turned on the radio at 2:08 am est, this was the first thing i heard.  It 
held for 2 minutes, max, then faded out never to return. of course i 
didn't get a station id or any local identifying info.  dx-398 and 

**Kent Plourde - Bristol CT - kplourde@xxxxxxxx
  I could be wrong, but I thought the "hallelulah" station was the WVCG 
from Coral Gables, FL.

**Tony Simon - Miami FL - WLMCBuzzed@xxxxxxx
  Hallelulah... That would definitely be a step in WVCG's direction, they 
are brokered ethnic, and most of their schedule is filled with Spanish 
preaching...What you just described fits WVCG's sound quite well.
  It might have been tough to catch an ID from them, too, as many times 
when they are running a prerecorded evangelist (or a remote from a 
church), they merely throw a poor audio quality ID over the program 
wherever it lands, catching off guard anyone who might have actually been 
waiting for a real station break...
  Had it been during an English show, you might have been aided by the 
ca. 1970s "WVCG--We've Got It All!" MOR-esque jingles they still throw on 
there every now and then...Pretty cool, but I digress.

**David J. Twiggs - Bristol CT - aa1jm@xxxxxxxx
  Managed to stay awake for entire hour...
  WTIC had a growth hormone infomercial on just before sign off, followed 
by a couple of ads, a short news and weather update into a leaving the 
air announcement by Jeff Hugabone where he announced the intent of the 
down time, asked for reception comments to the previously announced 
address, mentioned the NRC and advised all listeners to try and hear 
distant stations on the clear frequency... Overall a nice plug for the 
hobby, Thanks Mr. Hugabone.
  Three stations heard after WTIC carrier gone...
  1. Spanish ballad station.  Back to back ballads and 
instrumentals. I also heard the "Amigas de...." comment issued once 
between songs.  This station went to spanish talk near the top of hour... 
and also faded below the other spanish talker.
  2. Spanish talk station.  This one started off with a man with rapid 
fire chat, (he sounded slightly winded.) Then he took what I think was a 
phone call from another man, (audio sounded tinny like phone-in.) At 
conclusion of this exchange a female announcer took over at about 5 
minutes before hour. This woman was talking about religion, distinctly 
heard "espirtu santos" and "palabra de Dios" mentioned.  At top of hour 
was what sounded like an ID in the noise.  Is this format consistant with 
WVCG as Rick Kenneally reported?  I'm sure we hearing the same thing.
  3. KRLD.  came on at about 2 minutes past already in CBS newscast. ID 
about 30 seconds after that. Followed by local news chock full of IDs, 
then into Bruce Williams show.
  Nearly blew my headphones off when KRLD first fired up, but by Bruce 
Williams the #2 spanish station was dominant again. (Perhap KRLD started 
off non-directional then went to their night pattern?)
  This continued until WTIC switched back on at about 0231 local, with a 
simular sign on announcement by Jeff Hugabone.
  I have a tape I'm going to run through again today, especially the top 
of hour.
  Thank you to all the participants in setting this up, it was FUN!
  Just a couple of more thoughts....
  1. Does anyone have a direct address at KRLD for reports?
  2. I tried pointing the loop east/west during the silent period and 
nada... only signals coming north/south.
  3. I have since "scrubbed" the tape and didn't gleam any more off the 
spanish stations than previously reported, so I'm going "(p)" with WVCG 
and "who the heck knows" with the ballad station. 

**Randy Stewart - Springfield MO - jrs555t@xxxxxxxx
  Here in Springfield MO I too heard WTIC signing off at 0135 EST, 
preceded by local weather & sports... until then there were just snatches 
of English talk, mostly overwhelmed by the Spanish "romantica" music.  By 
the way, the female voice between songs was saying "Amigo (amigas?) DE LA 
MADRUGADA" (i.e. Friend in the early morning), which sounds to me like 
Radio Cadena Habana (unneeded here). After KRLD's open carrier came back 
on at 0150 EST it was more difficult to pick out much in the way of 
details under it, but I didn't hear ANY IDs at the top of the hour 
(figures, doesn't it?) They (the "Amiga" station) were basically dominant 
here the whole time, and pretty much unnullable for some reason.  Was 
also battling some slop from WDIA-1070 and HUGE slop from KAAY-1090.  
Best reception usually in lower-sideband mode, or in AM de-tuned down to 
about 1078.5 or so.  (Yaesu FRG-100 with 15" amplified Sanserino box 
loop).  First-EVER logging of WTIC (or Connecticut period!) here--will 
send taped report.  There were occasional bits of Spanish talk (couldn't 
make out if it was religious or not) and English talk as well, but 
nothing I could ID.  Still, the morning was worth losing some sleep over 
just to get WTIC!

**Bruce Conti - Nashua NH - BACONTI@xxxxxxx
  1080  WTIC  CT  Hartford - 3/18 0100 - Jingle ID, infomercial for GHR-
15 growth hormone releaser, at 0130 news followed by sign off with 
announcement of radio experiment coordinated with KRLD and the NRC, good 
signal but with deep fades under WVCG and Cuba at times.   1080  WVCG  FL  
Coral Gables - 3/18 0200 - Good; religious talk in Spanish, ID in Spanish 
and English, over R.Cadena Habana-Cuba with WTIC off.
  1080  KRLD  TX  Dallas - 3/18 0204 - Faded up with traffic, weather, 
help wanted ad, promo for health info on KRLD.com, and Bruce Williams, 
briefly over WVCG with WTIC off.
  The religious talk in Spanish was definitely from WVCG Coral Gables, 
heard here with an ID in Spanish and English at the top of the hour.  The 
nostalgic romantic ballads were from Radio Cadena Habana, Cuba, the 
station with the "Amigo" announcement.  KRLD appeared here after the top 
of the hour, later with Bruce Williams.  Before WTIC signed on, a weak 
signal from Radio Barcelona, Venezuela was heard.  The two widely heard 
Spanish stations (WVCG and Cuba) were dominant here.
  Sample reception of WTIC, R.Cadena Habana, WVCG, and KRLD on 1080 will 
be in the DX Digest report on the next issue of the DXAS audio magazine.  
I'll also have sample reception of John Bowker's favorite frequency, 
Cuban jammer reception on 820 and 1140, plus info from WWV and WWVH.

**Glenn Hauser - Enid OK - ghauser@xxxxxxxxxxx
  ** U S A [non]. I monitored the KRLD silent period on 1080, March 18 at 
0600 UT with my TRF in bed. KRLD said nothing about a special silent 
period for DXers, just that it would be back on the air shortly. Only 
heard two Spanish speaking stations when they faded up, but never any 
IDs, more often from the SE, presumably Cuba`s R. Cadena Habana, which 
was playing romantic music, such as Bésame Mucho at 0615 and around 0605 
gave EST TC, so not Venezuela. Name of the program mentioned almost every 
break was ``Amigos de la Madrugada``, including 0615, 0620. Took turns 
with a station from the SW, presumably Mexican, with more upbeat tropical 
music, such as at 0617 Cómo se mueve esta morena. Mostly the two stations 
took turns fading up, but easily separable when both were in. Same 
pattern as I dozed, but by 0654 KRLD carrier was back on, and joined CBS 
news in progress at 0701. Only traces of other signals were heard, 
possibly WTIC before 0630. BTW, KRLD`s show before s/off about lost 
records was somewhat interesting.

**Barry McLarnon VE3JF - bm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  0134: WTIC carrier off after announcement from CE.  All that remained 
was some romantic SS music of unknown origin, probably Cuba.
  0159: Weak music in unknown language, then at 0200 heard an ID from 
WNWI. Back to music, then KRLD chimed in around 0201 with news, slowly 
building in strength over WNWI.  Dominant with excellent signal at 0205-
0207, with traffic reports, ads, program promos, several IDs, into Bruce 
  0229: WTIC carrier popped up, followed by another announcement from CE, 
mentioning an "AM propagation experiment" in cooperation with the NRC, 
and requesting reception reports.  KRLD still audible way underneath.
  Nothing new for the log, but it was interesting nonetheless.  I'm 
surprised that nobody else has mentioned hearing WNWI.  They are not 
uncommon here in the evenings, burbling under WTIC.

**Robert Foxworth - rfoxwor1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  Just got back home, so I can post, have read the postings so far. You 
all have got it sorted out well. Although I had pieces of KRLD pretty 
clear around 2100 EST Saturday, they were well under Cuba and WVCG at 
0100, I did hear a faint KRLD ID. Cuba and WVCG took turns here in Tampa 
going from inaudible to loud. Cuban // pgm on 1090 and 1100 hrd as well, 
the 1090 was very faint under KAAY, and the 1100 fair to good and did not 
fade when the 1080 did, but smothered by raspy het on 1100.
  WVCG was hrd with promo for a place in Hialeah (FL.) at 0102 or so. So 
I knew it was them, did not catch other IDs from them. I hrd the songs 
such as Besame Mucho very clearly at 0115, amigos de la madrugada is 
correct, as spoken by lady. They had some really nice ballads, a pleasure 
as it was so strong.
  My questions - at 0125 trace of man in EE, if this was WTIC it is my 
only logging of them.  And at 0127 hrd ad in EE mention "stamina", "30 
days" and "800-569-9766" when Cuba faded. Was this WTIC??
  Third SS occasionally, weak, this may be Venezuela as rptd by others. 
Never anywhere as good as the others.
  At 0202 ad with Mariette Hartley, probably KRLD back on but did not 
hear them come on.  At 0205 definitely 3 SS speakers here, and did get 
KRLD ID and into Williams so I quit then. KRLD was always poor at best 
  Receiver RS DX-390 with RS small loop inductively coupled. DXed from 
Pat's house as it is too noisy at home with computers on, etc. Tampa, FL.
  Any help on the ad at 0127?? (but it's not enough for me to send a 
report to anyone on it)
  I am surprised that WTIC is so difficult here. I get WBZ on occasion, 
WCBS often (at varying levels) and WTOP is frequently hrd here. I may in 
fact be the most distant person to hear anything from WTIC this morning? 
But this freq is normally so crowded here, I never thought I'd get 
anything from them.

**Rick Kenneally - Wilton, CT - woodlandview@xxxxxxxxx
  Definitely WTIC running an infomercial about human growth hormone (you 
might have heard several HCG mentions).  Call the 800 number and try it 
free for 30 days.
  Just to be certain, the "amigos de la madrugada" program you mentioned 
was Cuba, not WVCG, correct?  That agrees with Bruce Conti.

**Pete Taylor - Tacoma WA - taytac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  KYCW-1090 had local basketball (rather than music) so I was able to 
tune into 1080.  KOTK Portland was on top; country music from presumed 
KVNI was under.  That's all, folks...

**Mark Connelly - MA - MarkWA1ION@xxxxxxxxxx
  WVCG-1080 Coral Gables, FL - MAR 18 - This was the dominant station 
here during the WTIC silent period (1:35 - 2:30 a.m. EST / 0635-0730 
UTC). The programming was Spanish talk including some religious 
references (hallelujah, etc.).  There were one or two other Spanish 
stations on channel at various times, but at the top of the hour (2 a.m. 
EST) - when it mattered - WVCG dominated with local names, addresses, and 
telephone numbers then an ID first in Spanish then clearly in English as 
"WVCG, Coral Gables, Florida".  I used the Drake R8A at the home QTH with 
two different antennas, a sloper and a broadband loop.  Slop from 1070 
and 1090 was less severe on the sloper, so this was the preferred antenna 
even though its feedpoint and part of its lower end were covered with 

**Niel Kazaross - neilkaz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  I'm quite surprised that more DXers didn't report WNWI as well. Their 
strongish (even nulled 20+ dB) presence here and the fact the I cleaned 
up on this channel before they went nights caused me to get some needed 

**Scott D Fybush - Rochester NY - fybush@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  I stayed up...and loved Jeff Hugabone's plug for the DX hobby just 
before taking WTIC silent.  I've been on the phone with Jeff quite a bit 
over the last few weeks, and I have to say this guy is truly a friend to 
the hobby.  When I talked to him Friday afternoon, he was worried that he 
wouldn't get any DX reports.  "Just wait, you'll be amazed," was my 
response to him, and if everyone we've heard from on the reflector sends 
him a report, he will truly be pleased.
  Once WTIC went off, I was hearing the same two SS signals, presumably 
Cuba and WVCG, that everyone else has been reporting.  I have to go back 
and listen to the tape again for the 0200 top-hour; I didn't pick out 
anything "live" that resembled an ID.
  The big surprise to me was how good the KRLD signal was here in 
Rochester.  Assuming KRLD was using its directional night signal when it 
returned to the air, I suspect it would be a regular catch here if I had 
something effective to get a better null on WTIC (right now I'm using an 
R8A and a vintage McKay-Dymek DA5 amplified ferrite rod). I was able to 
null KRLD completely with just the DA5 and picked out Cuba several more 
times in the half-hour before WTIC came back on -- and even under WTIC 
during quiet spots I could still pick out bits of audio that I now know 
must be KRLD.
  I'm writing an article for "Radio World" (an industry trade paper) 
about the silent period, and I'd love to hear from any DXers out there 
who wouldn't mind being quoted about how important it is to our hobby to 
get cooperation like this from station engineers.  Thanks!
  Forgot to mention...for those not as close to WTIC (or those who went 
to bed early), I'll be posting audio of the sign-off later tonight 
(Sunday/Monday) in the "NorthEast Radio Watch" column on my Web site, 
<http://www.fybush.com>.  Enjoy...

**John Sampson - jsampson@xxxxxxxxx
  As with Kevin, KSCO, Santa Cruz, dominated 1080 here in Sun City West 
(about 20 miles northwest of Phoenix).  There was an unIDed SS under them 
most of the time (and equal to them some of the time) that was playing 
only mx while I was listening.  John Sampson

Nigel Pimblett - Medicine Hat AB - ntp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  My results on listening to the 1080 event last night:
  pre 0100 EST	KRLD and KOTK were jointly dominating the channel.
  0100 - When KRLD went off, KOTK dominated alone for a while, but then 
would fade out every so often, allowing me to hear country music from 
CKSA, a talk station in English, and a Spanish language music station. 
For a change I had a reverse Murphy's Law experience, and KOTK faded just 
prior to 0130.  Heard a WTIC ID at 0129, then they were nicely in the 
clear just after 0130 for the few words by the the Chief Engineer and an 
ID prior to going off.
  Nothing else new noted prior to KRLD returning, as KOTK dominated for 
the most part.  Never did ID the Spanish station, but was delighted to 
get WTIC, as that's a new state for me.

**Dave Marthouse - dmart@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  I stayed up to catch the WTIC silent period from my listening post in 
Brookneal Virginia 30 miles south of Lynchburg.  The equipment used was a 
stock Sony 2010.  WTIC was the dominant signal till they signed off.  It 
was great to hear their engineer mention the NRC and long distance am 
radio listeners.  After TIC dumped their carrier I heard the spanish 
language stations from FLA and Cuba fighting it out on frequency.  KRLA 
came up at 0703UTC with CBS news and lots of station promos.  Than it was 
the Bruce Williams show.  The KRLA signal was strong and dominated the 
frequency for about 10 minutes.  After that it was just a jumble of 
signals with slop from WBAL on 1090.  I wish I had a directional antenna 
system to try to null the noise out.  All in all it was fun and the first 
time I was able to hear KRLA.  I hope that silent periods can be arranged 
in the future with other 50,000 blowtorches.  This experiment reminded me 
of those great Monday mornings in the 60's and 70's when lots of the big 
signals signed off for maintenance.  My thanks to the engineers at WTIC 
and KRLA who were kind enough to coordinate this fun and interesting 

**Bob Klingler - New Cumberland PA - Rklinger97@xxxxxxx
  Hi all, this may be a day late and a dollar short but haaaaaa. Got home 
Saturday night (or should I say Sunday morning)  about 2:00 AM after 
spending a night out with my lovely wife and checked 1080 for the non- 
test. There was no WTIC but a decent signal from KRLD. Heard a commercial 
for what I believe was some kind of medical practice or something and the 
Nolan Ryan Center. Mentioned a Dr. Kim Cooper. Then another spot giving a 
web address as KRLD.com. That was followed by the soothing voice of Bruce 
Williams show. So, Texas made it into Pennsylvania. Like I said earlier, 
the signal was fair. I had heard them before last summer when I was out 
in Minnesota but it was good getting them here! I sure hope that maybe 
more stations will notify when they will be going off.

** Steve Francis - Alcoa TN - Amdxmail@xxxxxxx
  Satellite nostalgia WKJK Louisville KY ruled the roost per usual.  WTIC 
in their null with fine signal at their 1:35 EST sign-off.  WVCG Coral 
Gables doing OK in WKJK's fades with religion in Spanish; my tape reveals 
a weak English legal ID for WVCG 23 seconds before WKJK's CBS news 
sounder at 2.  Presumed Cuban station heard seldom and weakly with 
Spanish ballads.  KRLD loud at 2:01 with legal ID by woman over CBS news 
(causing a slight echo with WKJK).
  Teletalk in English was heard briefly at one point around 1:40, with 
both of the Infinity stations off.  Others' postings eliminate that 
format from every fulltimer in the Eastern half of the continent, could 
the fulltime CP for WRYT in Edwardsville IL be on?

**David Hochfelder - hochfeld@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  Heard with a Sony ICF-2010 with Kiwa Pocket Loop Antenna, from New 
Brunswick, NJ.
  I started listening just before 0130, and heard WTIC sign off right at 
0135, with Jeff Hugabone giving a great plug for AM DXing and the NRC. 
Afterward, two Spanish language stations were audible, one religious with 
frequent and tedious "Hallajeuja"s and the other with an easy-listening 
format.  A few weeks ago, I tentatively ID the easy-listening one as Cuba 
but would like a more positive confirmation.  I thought I heard a slogan 
something like "Amigas de la Habana," but I really don't know Spanish. 
Thanks to the ever-common top-of-the-hour fade or KRLD firing up right 
then, I couldn't understand a top-of-the-hour ID, although neither 
station's ID sounded English, if there in fact was a TOH ID.  
  Just after 0200 KRLD came in loud and clear, armchair copy, in the 
middle of CBS news, then local news at 0204 (weather, 49 deg. F, traffic 
report at 0205 [D-FW must have a lot of traffic for a report at 1:00 
AM!]), 0206 ad for Transamerica, then Bruce Williams call-in show, with 
some woman calling in about a relative's will.  Either due to fading or 
work on the transmitter, KRLD's armchair copy deteriorated after 0212, 
briefly came back at 0215, but tough copy till WTIC's sign-on at 0230.

Mark Mohrmann - Coventry VT - mohrmannm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  NRD 535D, V-Beam 140m @ 180 degrees
  1080 WTIC Hartford, CT, 18 Mar, 0633 +25dB over signal with sign-off 
announcement. (Mohrmann VT)
  1080 WVCG(p) Coral Gables, FL, 18 Mar 0635-0701 Spanish religious 
program, fair to good signal, but faded at TOH. No ID heard but partial 
phone number heard matches the stations listed number.
  1080 Unidentified, 18 Mar, 0635-0701, mostly LA ballads under and 
occaisionally equal to (p)WVCG.
  1080 KRLD Dallas, Tx, 18 Mar, 0701, back on abruptly with CBS network 
news. Then into "KRLD Local News". Fair signal but covering the other to 
Spanish stations.

Mickey Delmage - Sherwood Park AB - cidxqsl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  I tried here to null out CKSA but Murphy said locals will be strong 
tonight!!!  There was something under CSKA at 1:00 EST but could not ID 
them.. One thing for sure, and I am not sure if it was propagation or 
they actually came back on but at 0730 UTC (2:30EST) KRLD was in strong 
as usual, not noted at 0600 UTC.  Anyway no new one here and CT remains a 
dream for us out west.  Using a Racal RA17C with the box loop.

**Glenn Hauser - Enid OK - ghauser@xxxxxxxxxxx
  I`ve yet to see anyone but myself report the Spanish station from the 
SW during the 1080 experiment (or it could be NE, but that seems 
unlikely). Did not get an ID or any info besides musical format, so may 
never know for sure, but searching the SCT listings, I find only a few 
Mexicans on 1080 in the western part of the country (tried Coahuila, 
Durango, Nayarit, and all states west and north), and the first one is 
surely the most likely -- being on 1080 in a state neighboring TX would 
not seem a good idea:
  XEDT  1080 Ciudad Cuauhtemoc Chih / R Divertida 1 kw nd
  XEPAB 1080 La Paz BCS / R Celebridad 0.5/0.25
  XEDY  1080 Ciudad Morelos BCN 1.5/0.25
  The first two are also mentioned in Fred Cantu`s incomplete listings.

**Stewart, Randy - Springfield MO - jrs555t@xxxxxxxx
  Glenn, no dice here on the Mexicans.  Here in southern Missouri the 
Cuban was dominant most of the time (and damn near unnullable for 
whatever reason)... plus all the slop from KAAY on 1090 (and some 
moderate crud from WDIA Memphis on 1070)... I'm thankful to have heard 
anything at all on 1080! There was at least one other SS station in 
there, but really couldn't get a bead on its direction--it could've been 
an XE, or it could've been Miami. Like you say, we'll never know...  Ben 
Dangerfield brought up a good point as well: even when the two dominant 
U.S. stations on 1080 had a concurrent silent period, the frequency was 
still crawling with enough signals to make it difficult to ID anything 
with certainty... and never mind the RADEX listings in the 1930s.  The 
frequency wouldn't have been busy like that even in the late <1960s> and 
early <'70s>, when <I> started DXing.  Even as recently as 30 years ago, 
silent periods really MEANT something in terms of quieter band 
conditions.  Still, it was a marvelous, worthwhile "propagation 
experiment" as WTIC's engineer calls it, and here's hoping we can 
convince more stations to do the same... or at the very least, give the 
DX community a "heads up!" when they're planning to be off for 

*Lynn Hollerman - lynnhollerman@xxxxxxxxxxx

>From the IRCA message board - please respond to this person via e-

"i want to construct a ferrite rod antenna for the am broadcast band. i 
have the following parts needed: appropriate ferrite rod, 365 pf var cap 
-&- various sizes of enamel copper wire. i need the following info: 
amount of turns for primary -&- secondary coils, placement of coils on 
the rod, should the primary be wound on top of the secondary -&- which 
coil should be attached to the var cap?.... any assistance concerning 
the above would be most appreciated-thank you, MARV-N3BQA
E-mail n3bqa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx to reply.

*Charles A./Leonor L. Taylor - calltaylor@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  You e-mail posted to our website was relayed to the membership. Have 
you received any offers of assistance from anyone Up East closer to your 
QTH? If not, I shall essay to reply appropriately.
  It's impossible to prescribe a number of turns for primary and 
secondary without knowing the magnetic and geometric properties of your 
ferrite loopstick.
  Do it empirically: Wind a trial five turns around the loopstick and 
use that as the secondary. Connect it to input of your receiver. Use an 
intermediate gauge of wire to wind a trial primary. Start with 50 turns, 
first approximation. See where this tunes with the variable cap on the 
mediumwave/AM broadcast band. Then rewind the primary using the largest 
practicable gauge wire of wire so that the cap just tunes the 
combination to 530 kHz when fully meshed.
  Generally, the larger the gauge of wire for both the primary and 
secondary, the better. Aim for a single layer for the primary. The 
greater the number of turns on the primary consistent with resonating 
with the variable cap at 530 kHz, the better. The secondary can be about 
1/10 the number of turns of the primary.
  The above appear to be a mass of compromises. Get over it. If you 
don't like compromises in your electronics, surrender your ham license 
and get a more honest job, e.g. bank robbery. Least-ways you know as a 
bank robber your likely fate. If you go into electronics as a 
profession, you may end up something even your mother cannot love.
  I will happy to provide you with further direction, advice, compassion 
and sympathy as you undertake your loop antenna.
  Seriously, try the above and let me know the results. Enjoy it, it's 
fun...similar to hard drugs, only more expensive.

***Alf Årdal - alfardal@xxxxxxxxx

  Just a small reminder to all BCB or MW listeners,there is a MW list 
entirely for MW news and logs,for all dxers around the world. Some might 
want to hear or see what other fellow MW-dxers have logged lately and 
what kind of equipment and antennas is used.
  Name of the mailing list is MWDX and the link is: 
  To subscribe:   mwdx-subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  Welcome in everyone who's interested in MW:)

**Russ Edmunds - wb2bjh@xxxxxxxxxxx

Geoclock is still available and current. The web address is 

**Paul Smith, W4KNX - sunray2@xxxxxxx

Posted by Paul Smith, W4KNX, Sarasota, FL
  Tuesday,March 20,2001

  WILL today's DJs - Big Steph Lova, Broadway Bill Lee, Funkmaster Flex, 
Cane, Shaila, Bugsy and all the rest - go down in radio history along 
with legends like Harry Harrison, B. Mitchel Reed and Murray the K? 
Probably not - but a lot of what makes a legend is out of the hands of 
today's radio personalities. (By the way, we're talking "DJs" - not talk 
show hosts like Howard Stern, Bob Grant and Opie & Anthony.) "It's 
pretty hard to ignore the fact that, across the country, personality 
radio has taken a hit," says Scott Shannon, the original "Zookeeper" on 
Z100 who's now WPLJ's program director and morning man.  "All the 
syndicated shows . . . have taken a lot of people out of the business 
and, therefore, it eliminates the training ground, especially in smaller 
markets," Shannon said.  "You've got these giant conglomerates running 
hundreds of stations like an assembly line and it's, 'Don't give 'em the 
best radio you can give them - give 'em the cheapest.'"  "Cousin" Bruce 
Morrow says he was stumped when asked to suggest a DJ phone panel for 
his upcoming Variety Radiothon.  "I couldn't think of anybody other than 
about five people, and none of them from recent years," said Morrow, one 
of the legendary WABC "All-Americans" who is now with oldies powerhouse 
WCBS-FM. Dan Ingram, another WABC vet who's now with WCBS-FM, says 
today's young listeners probably don't even know there's something 
  "If people have never been fed a good, two-inch-thick steak, they 
might not know what it's all about," says Ingram. "Personality radio is 
infinitely more complex and challenging to the listener . . . and much 
more than just 'Do the call letters, play the records and shut up.'"
  WCBS-FM programmer Joe McCoy points out that radio - and America - was 
different in the baby-boom era, when every station seemed to be packed 
with high-profile personalities.  "Before FM, DJs were a special breed 
[who] were there during the early days of rock 'n' roll," says McCoy. 
"In the mid-'60s, when Bill Drake came up with the more-music concept 
for radio, that really changed things - like the Beatles changed the 
  "Then FM came in and the DJs were not the high-energy personality 
jocks that they were in the '50s and early '60s."
  The Post put Shannon on the spot - without warning - and asked if he 
could name some potential legends today.
  "You've still got powerhouse personalities like Rick Dees out in L.A. 
and, uh - well, you've got a good point - well, you have Elvis [Duran] 
and the Morning Zoo still maintaining very respectable ratings, and 
Isaac Hayes [Kiss FM] has done a pretty good job managing to corner a 
niche for himself," Shannon said.
  Five years from now, it may be even harder to answer that question.
  A phenomenon known as "voice-tracking" and "cyber-jocking" - using 
local or remote DJs to pre-record banter for one or more stations to air 
between records - is spreading to the biggest cities, championed mainly 
by radio's biggest conglomerate.
  Clear Channel, the 1,170-station monster group, sees cyber-jocking as 
a cost-cutter and has introduced it, pre-dawn, on Z-100 - using DJ 
tracks recorded by acting program director Kid Kelly, who didn't return 
calls from The Post.  The second-largest radio company, CBS/Infinity, is 
using the threat of "virtual DJs" to scare its programmers into bringing 
personality back to radio.
  "I hear a sameness from station to station - I hear wonderful 
production [but] I don't hear any personality," Infinity co-COO John 
Gehron told a recent radio seminar.  "I tell our PDs to use their DJs or 
we will cyber-jock and voice-track their stations," Gehron warned.  
"There has never been a radio station that has been successful only 
playing music. Never!"

Martin Schoech - schoech@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Update of the QSL Information Pages QIP
  The QSL Information Pages for Broadcast DX'ers are currently in the 
process of being updated with around 220 kB of QSL logs from the last 
weeks. As it seems, more than 75 % of the pages will get additional 
logs. The process will be finished before Friday I hope. Until now, the 
regions of Africa, and America have been updated. The line with the date 
below each country name at the index page shows you the date of the last 
update. Among them you'll find for instance new qsl logs from Mauritania 
of Guinea. Both logs came from direct contributors, thank you very very 
much to them and to all other contributors !
  In the past weeks there have been discussions in the ConDig and in the 
Radioescutas - Mailing Lists about establishing QSL Data Bases. The 
initiators of these databases are invited to work together with QIP. You 
can contact me in Spanish or simple Portuguese of course. Its possible 
to use QIP as a basis for you own work or, perhaps better, to change QIP 
in a way that will fit the needs of the readers.
  Of course I'm willing to follow your suggestions in order to improve 
the pages. The current pages of Argentina are a first test for another 
possibility of arranging the QSL logs. Of course I depend on help or 
advice from readers in all regions since its very hard to keep the qsl 
logs of all those 4125 stations from 220 regions free of errors. I can't 
do that alone.
  The latest additions to QIP include QSL logs from the magazin Conexion 
Digital, from the Radioescutas mailing list, from @-tividade DX, from 
Cumbre DX, from Numero Uno, from the Norwegian DX News, from the German 
Radiokurier, from CIDX and ODXA, from A-DX and HCDX mailing lists and 
many many other sources. (see 
http://www.clandestineradio.com/martin/qip-sour.html) for a complete and 
detailed list.
  In order to find what you want there is a search form at the beginning 
of the index page and in order to send your QSL logs to QIP, there is 
also a QSL logs submitting form at the end of the page.
  You'll find the QSL Information Pages QIP at http://www.listen.to/qip 
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2001 NRC Convention will be in Pittsburgh PA over Labor Day weekend.

**kevin redding - Mesa AZ - amfmtvdx@xxxxxxxxx

  Selling, selling, selling! Nice DXing radios are on the block!

Radio Shack 12-655 sort of. I had a 12-655 AM radio and the case got 
toasted. This radio got assembled into a wood box with large dial and 
rotary pots and a toggle on off switch. This thing is as awesome a radio 
as the original but is not in the original case and the tuning is much 
better than the original due to a 30:1 gearbox. This is a real nice 
radio and is a smokin DXer. I have pics if you want to see it before 
buying. $40 plus $8 shipping and handling. 

Chrysler Infinity Model RX-690S AM Stereo / FM Stereo / Cassette car 
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Westinghouse Multiband Model RPM5020A Dark Chocolate. AM/FM/MB/SW/VHF 
radio. Covers .54 - 1.6 mHz, 1.9 - 6.0 mHz, 6.0 - 17.0 mHz and 145 -176 
mHz. $22 plus $9 shipping and insurance. Tuning knob is incorrect for 
this radio. 

Realistic DX-440 LW/AM/SW/FM digital readout radio. LW/AM work very 
well. FM ok but images, SW is very weak on this set. $15 plus $8 
shipping and insurance. 

All radios work and are guaranteed not DOA. 

Please reply to amfmtvdx@xxxxxxxxx or call 480-632-0679. Will not accept 
collect calls.


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