Re: [HCDX] MW UNIDs heard at Sheigra
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Re: [HCDX] MW UNIDs heard at Sheigra

"Hometown Radio" has also been used on WGEZ 1490 in Beloit, Wisconsin,
though it is not audible here, so I cannot check to see whether the
slogan is still in use.


Tim Noonan   Madison WI

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Quoting Dave Kenny <dave_kenny@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> 1490 kHz US station with continuous announcement saying "Home Town Radio
> 14-90 W??? - now in our 50th (or 60th?) year" 0915 UTC on 9 March 


On February I heard on my expedition to Lemmenjoki, Finland, WMRN from Marion OH 
announcing as "Hometown Radio 1490, WMRN". They have news/talk format. 

73's Tuomas
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