[HCDX] AM DX NewsFlash - large issue
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[HCDX] AM DX NewsFlash - large issue

                  THE START OF OUR SEVENTH YEAR!!!!
          WELCOME TO THE AM-DX NEWSFLASH  -  April 3 2001
                            Vol 7  No 1

Deadline for next issue - Thursday, April 12 2001 @ 1400 UTC

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An IRCA/DECALcoMANIA Convention Web site is now up and running. Go to 
the following link: http://www.geocities.com/n0uih/irca2001.html


PREPARED ON 4/01/01 0900

FREQ.  CALL SIGN                   OLD INFO         NEW INFO

 880  KJOJ  CONROE, TX             NWS/TLK // KPRC  RH. OLD // KTJM
 950  WVTS  CHARLESTON, WV         WQBE - C&W // FM TALK
 960  WTGM  SALISBURY. MD          C&W // WWFG      BLK GSPL  ABC
 970  WXQK  SPRING CITY, TN        C&W // WDNT      STNDS // WDNT
1230  WAKI  MCMINNVILLE, TN        TALK             OLDIES & RUSH L.
      KQUE  HOUSTON, TX            CL. ROCK // KKRW RH. OLD // KTJM
1240  WBES  DUNBAR, WV             SOFT AC // WBES  SPORTS - FOX
1280  WDNT  DAYTON, TN             C&W // FM        STNDS - JONES
1340  WCMI  ASHLAND, KY            SILENT           SPORTS - ESPN
1660  KWSJ  KANSAS CITY, MO        NEW              REPORTED TESTING

**Tony Simon - WLMCBuzzed@xxxxxxx

  WRHB/1020 in Kendall, Florida, the Miami area's newest AM, is now on 
the air and testing.  Ran into it today while scanning around the dial 
for nothing in particular...Programming thus far consists of a short 
loop with an instrumental music bed, and a "This is WRHB 1020 Kendall, 
Miami Fort Lauderdale, testing" announcement in both English and 
Haitian/Creole... Power at this stage seems much less than authorized, 
as it doesn't come in that strong where I'm at in Hialeah, not much more 
than 20-30 minutes from the TX site...I believe they are authorized in 
the area of 9kw daytime, not sure what they have for night power.
  Once it's on the air, this will be Miami's (and possibly the 
country's) first nonbrokered all Haitian-Creole formatted station... 
WLQY/1320 here in Miami already has a full schedule of Haitian programs, 
but it runs on a time brokerage setup, where each host pays for his 
airtime individually...

*Dennis Gibson - dcgibson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Here's a big surprise. Maybe somebody at Clear Channel actually sat 
down, thought about what they were going to blow up, looked at what they 
were going to replace it with, and had second thoughts! If so, they're 

don barrett [dbradio@xxxxxxxxxxx]

  KLAC Launch Aborted
  In a stunning development, Clear Channel has aborted the launch of 
KLAC as "the BUZZ," an edgy talk/sports station. With less than 100 
hours prior to the widely anticipated conversion of KLAC from a Pop 
Standards station to Talk, the plug was pulled. "All the pieces were not 
in place," said KLAC ops manager Mark Austin Thomas by phone this 
afternoon. "We are going to delay the launch for a couple of months."
  Speculation quickly centered on "why." Was it the just-released 
ArbiTRENDS? Did the Clear Channel execs see something that gave them 
cold feet? Is it the cooling economy? KLAC with its Pop Standards format 
is a very economical station to run and the additional cost of a new 
talk team might have frightened management. Baseball starts Monday, but 
that could hardly be the reason for the delay. They've known about the 
start of baseball all along. That has been constant. Was there a glitch 
with the KFI/Premiere contract in moving Phil Hendrie from afternoons at 
KFI to tape delayed mornings at KLAC? More shall be revealed.

Olle Alm - o.alm@xxxxxxxxx

  CRTC news (CJIB on 940):
  Rogers Broadcasting Limited, Vernon, British Columbia:  Conversion of 
AM radio station CJIB to FM. The Commission approves the application for 
a new English-language FM radio station at Vernon to replace AM station 
  The new station will offer a gold-based adult contemporary music 
format. The applicant stated that it will continue to offer the same 
high quality programming as CJIB's. Further, it noted that the market is 
currently served by CICF, a rock-formatted AM station owned and operated 
by Telemedia Radio (West) Inc. and that there are currently no FM 
undertakings licensed to serve Vernon.
  The applicant has requested authority to broadcast simultaneously on 
the AM and FM bands for a period of six months. Consistent with the 
Commission's practice, the applicant is authorized to simulcast for a 
period of three months only.The station will broadcast on the FM band, 
on the frequency 107.5 MHz, channel 298C, with an effective radiated 
power of 46,000 watts. (via Olle Alm, Sweden)

**Paul Swearingen - PlsBCBDXER@xxxxxxx

  1660, Kansas City, is on testing (6:28 pm CST), // to KXTR-1250, with 
CLA (satellite feed), probably full 10 kW just before the sun goes down 

Tim Hall - halls@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Noted as we drove to Borrego yesterday:

 790  XESU-BCN  Couldn't decipher the slogan, but they were //FM 105.9.
 850  XEZF-BCN  "8-50 super banda"
 990  XECL-BCN  "La Rockola 9-90"
1120  XEMX-BCN  "Max"
1150  XERM-BCN  "R. Formula"
1430  KAMP-CA   C&W, "Imperial Valley's K-West country, the best country 
       around."  (Call change imminent?)
1520  KVTA-CA   Networks: Add BTR (Business Talk Radio)

**Jim - XTIAN0@xxxxxxx

  Short heads up from Indiana, (where our ND Women Just Won it ALL)! 
1580 WJVA which had been broadcasting a Classic Country Satellite format 
has started simulcasting a Music of your life format with it's sister 
station WHLY 1620 radio hollywood. Sad that we have two stations that 
can't even keep separate sat. formats.


  WICE-550 in Pawtucket, RI has been bought by Radio Disney.  They 
changed format this morning.  No more talk.
  Noted in the Providence Journal and verified by listening.  Also, 
Radio Disney 1450 station in West Warwick, RI still has that format.

**Chris Rigas - crigas@xxxxxxxxxx

  WFXW AM 1480, Geneva, Illinois went silent as of March 30, 2001. Check 
out following links for details.

**Mike Brooker - aum108@xxxxxxxxxxx

  As the 2001 baseball season begins, once again the Montreal Expos do 
not have an EE flagship.  This season the games are not even available 
via Real Audio on the Expos or Major League Baseball's web site.  The 
only Expos play-by-play is in FF on CKAC-730.
  CHUM's all sports format (The Team) hasn't been launched yet.  They're 
still playing oldies.  I had assumed that the format change was to begin 
on Sunday, with the Jays season opener.


  This message is to inform that Radio Studio X is the first private 
radio station in Italy (and one of the fewest in Europe) broadcasting in 
AM STEREO with the MOTOROLA C-QUAM system ! You can tune into our 
frequency (1.584 KhZ 24 hrs. a day) and listen to our mix of news and 
the best music from the latest 30 years. We have recently started a new 
group through which you can get all the news about our station and its 
website (www.radiostudiox.it). The address is : 
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/radiostudiox Why don't you join our new 
mailing list. You could share the AM experience with other friends, send 
us your suggestions, comments and even, your reception reports.

*Pat Martin - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

On our trip from Rancho Mirage CA to Seaside OR I found these changes:

 960  KKJX  OR, Klamath Falls, now SS, ex ESPN.
 970  KNWZ  CA, Coachella, these are the correct calls here, // with 
1140  KNWQ  CA, Palm Springs, these are the correct calls here // 970.
1300  KROP  CA, Brawley, is indeed back to their C&W Format, IDing as 
       "Imperial Valley's Real Country", noted at 1559.50 EDT 4/1 
1320  KSDT  CA, Hemet is off the air. I never heard the station once in 
       the several days I was in Rancho Mirage 30 miles away, nor did I 
       hear it driving on I-10, 15 miles from Hemet.
1320  KAWC  CA, Yuma was the station hrd all day in Rancho Mirage with 
       NPR programming.
1380  KWJL  CA, Lancaster "K-Jewell" IDs, WW1 NOS.
1490  KMET  CA, Banning, now C&W, noted at 1605 EDT 4/1. Didn't hear any 
       SPTs talk. 
1490  KBLF  CA, Red Bluff, heard with "Platinum 14-90" IDs, WW1 NOS.
1560  KIQS  CA, Willows, hrd with WW1 and "Platinum 15-60" IDs. May be 
       co-owned with KBLF.
1680  KAVT  CA, Fresno, really gets out well in Central CA. Noted South 
       of Bakersfield to North of Sacramento quite good with R. Disney.

**Doug Smith W9WI - w9wi@xxxxxxxx

 540  WDXN  TN Clarksville - "Groovin' Oldies" didn't last long.  Format 
       change to talk, heard Dr. Joy Browne and other syndicated 

****Antonio Sanchez - asanchez@xxxxxx

  SER Radio Zamora has changed the frequency: now it is on 1485 kHz (ex 
1584). Heard this morning (Apr 5) at 0720 CET with the local news 



**Randy Stewart - Springfield MO - jrs555t@xxxxxxxx

  Definitely auroral conditions this evening... just logged two Mexicans 
I'd never bagged before.

 810  XEFW Tampico at 2024 ET with spots for Information Technology 
       (with Intel audio logo), cervezas Corona, etc.; full ID "En 
       Tampico, Tamaulipas, la senal de mas informativa, se escuchada 
       otra ves de X-E-F-W A-M, ocho ciento diez (810), Radio 
       Estrella..." Good atop frequency... never logged before for some 
 750  XETI Tempoal at 2033 ET, again with full ID mentioning calls 
       several times and "Radio Fiesta" slogan, "...desde Tempoal, 
       Veracruz..." mentioning 5 kW.  Weak but atop frequency. Once 
       again a new log. Is XEOH still on this frequency? It used to be 
       the dominant XE here.

Aurel Chiochiu - chiochiu@xxxxxxxxx

  Poor conditions to Latin America, this week. In the beginning of the 
week, the only LAms to be heard were Radio Vísíon Cristiana 
Internacíonal (RVC) and RCN Barranquilla (HJAJ) on 530 and 760 with 
rather poor signals. No other stations heard. Now, at the end of the 
week, not only these are absnet, but most low-band domestics are hard-
to-hear. Is it truth that using my simple AM/FM radio with tape recorder 
and CD player with only the internal ferrite bar antenna (even if it`s a 
bit longer than the internal antennas of my other radios wich make 
sometimes Latin Americans with strong and clear signals) it`s not as 
great as an Icom, Drake, Keenwood or AOR receiver wich can pick up weak 
signals, even now at spring and summer. So, I think that I have to 
retire from AM DX-ing until September, at the equinoctial season 
propagation season when the conditions will hoppelly improve to Latin 
America and maybe to Europe, to receive the stronger trans-atlantics 
from my rather inland QTH, with my simple equipment. Until now, the only 
trans-atlantic that I got was a het on 1215 with bits of audio.

****Guido Schotmans - Antwerp BELGIUM - gs@xxxxxx

  I have quite good reception of R Mi Amigo, the new British RSL station 
on 1503 kHz (S=7). They are broadcasting during 28 days from the LV 18, 
also known as the Mebo 3.  They announced that they are broadcasting 
from Harwich anchored on the railway (?) pier.  They are asking for 
long-distance reception reports but mentioned no address.

****Paul Bowery - p.bowery@xxxxxxxxxxxx

  There's an email address and phone number on the Radio Authority web 
site: Radio Mi Amigo, 1503 - Harwich, Promotion of restoration of 
historic lightvessel, On air from 31 Mar 2001 to 27 Apr 2001, Contact: 
Tony O`Neill, Telephone: 0797 1766 808/, Email : LV18@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

****Guido Schotmans - gs@xxxxxx

In the mean time they announced an email address as 

****Mauno Ritola - FINLAND - ritola@xxxxxxxxxx

 765  0455  UKR: Odeska ODTRK, px "Shans". 15.3.
 774  1510  RUS: Voronezhkaya GTRK & R Rossii, UNID QTH. 15.3.
 855  1515  RUS: Penzenskaya GTRK & R Rossii, UNID QTH. 15.3.
 882  1530  RUS: Stavropolskaya GTRK + R Rossii, UNID QTH. 16.3.
 981  0630  F: Ciel AM, Paris. 19.2.
1035  1900  RUS: R Rossii, UNID QTH. 28.3.
1062  1520  RUS: GTRK Mordoviya, Saransk. 15.3.
1116  0545  HNG: Miskolc R. 12.3.
1116  0610-  KAL: GTRK Yantar, Kaliningrad. 12.3.
1134  0555  E: COPE Jerez de la Frontera. 15.3.
1251  0550  HNG: Györ R, Szombathely. 12.3.
1440  0200  RUS: R Rossii, UNID QTH. 15.3.
1476  0600  UKR: R Voskresenniya, Lviv with Vatican R relay starting at 
       0607. 15.3.
1488,5  0620  UKR: UR1 // 1530. 15.3.
1512  0528-  GRC: ERT Chania with ID: "Edho Chania" and Vasilis Gustis 
       reading the news. 15.3.
1584  1800  UKR: R Lyuks FM, Verkhovyna? 10.2.

 639  0100  RUS: Omskaya GTRK. 11.3.
 828  1500  J: JOBB Osaka + RSMayak, Kyzyl. 16.3.
 909  1430  RUS: R Studiya Gorod, Yekaterinburg. 11.3
1134  1240  J: JOQR Tokyo. 16.3.
1314  1400  J: JOUF Osaka over Norway. 17.3.
1460  1800  AZE: AZR2, probably Pirsaqat from 1476, because was stronger 
       than  // 1476. 5.3.
1476  1502  THA: R Thailand, Lamphun with Chiang Mai local ID! 17.3.
1494  1305  J: JOYR Okayama. 16.3.
1530  1405  CHN: Zhejiang RGD, Hangzhou. "Zhejiang diantai ...". 15.3.
1593  1320  J: JOQB Niigata. 16.3.
1620  0200  KWT: The Future // 1575. 15.3.

1390  0400  USA: WGCI Chicago IL. "Gospel Radio 13-90". 15.3. MR
1650  0628  USA: KFOX Torrence CA together with KDNZ. 15.3.

 750  0330  VEN: RCR Caracas. "RCR con Radio Exterior de España". 15.3.
1670  0230  ARG: BBC Buenos Aires. 15.3.

**Bruce Conti - Nashua NH - BACONTI@xxxxxxx

Not much in the way of Latin American DX noted here as a result of the 
solar activity.  Perhaps reception will improve as the atmosphere 
undergoes a slow recovery.

Pan American DX

 550  CUBA  R.Rebelde APR 1 0925 - Fair; salsa music parallel 620 and 
       5025. [Conti-NH]
 780  VENEZUELA  R.Coro, Coro APR 1 0940 - Fair; "Radio Coro, 780... de 
       sintonia" ID and Latino pop music. [Conti-NH]
 900  MEXICO  XEW Mexico MAR 31 1010 - Excellent; "Musica, a travez de 
       la cadena W, azul y plata," and Mexican pop music. [Conti-NH]
 940  MEXICO  XEQ Mexico MAR 31 1020 - Excellent; "En la cadena Q, verde 
       y oro, la radio viva," frequent UTC-6 time checks. [Conti-NH]
1000  MEXICO  XEOY R.Mil, Mexico MAR 31 1025 - Fair; woman singing "Es 
       Radio Mil" and Spanish versions of US oldies. [Conti-NH]
1060  MEXICO  XEEP R.Educacion, Mexico MAR 31 1015 - Good; nostalgic 
       vocal parallel 6185 kHz, no sign of KYW. [Conti-NH]

Only a couple of unusual domestic logs as a result of the aurora...

 650  WJLT  MA  Ashland - 03/30 1905 - Good; USA news, WSRO 1470 and 
       WJLT 650 ID, and Bruce Williams; no longer "J-Light" religion? 
 720  WRZN  FL  Hernando - 04/01 0455 - Fair; call letter IDs and 
       nostalgia in heavy thunderstorm noise during auroral conditions. 
       (A change from NRC AM Log listing of 0600-2400 hours of 
       operation.) (BC-NH)
 730  WSCC  SC  Charleston - 04/01 0505 - Fair; ABC news, promo for 
       traffic and weather on the tens, "...Charleston's morning news, 
       on Newsradio 730, WSC." (BC-NH)
 730  unID - 03/31 0555 - "...more country oldies" and "The Country 
       Oldies Show" mostly under nulled CKAC. (BC-NH)

R8B, MWDX-5, 30-m wire, 30-m east sloping wire, noise-reduced via 4:1 
matching xfmrs and buried coax.

Saul Chernos - schernos@xxxxxxxxxxxx

  Bruce Conti had 730 with "The Country Oldies Show".  Likely WDOS 
Oneonta NY with the Syndicated show by the same name...
  See the show's web site at: http://www.countryoldies.com/ 

** Randy Stewart - Springfield MO - jrs555t@xxxxxxxx

  During the severe geo-storm last night, Mexicans dominated the dial--I 
think I now know what it sounds like to DX from Arizona or Texas! But it 
was odd how signals from the southeast of my QTH in Missouri were pretty 
much nonexistent -- Cubans were virtually absent on all their usual 
frequencies... although somebody on the listserv mentioned a storm 
squall line stalled out over central Florida last night.  Certainly all 
I heard from that direction was noise.  Due south and southwest, on the 
other hand, was a different story.  I really didn't note all the usual 
Mexican suspects, but there were three unusual ones--one a new log, the 
other two rare here.

 960  XEK Nuevo Laredo 2030 CST (9:30pm Eastern) 3/31 with sport for an 
       "America Pawn Shop" on the Texas side of the border, then singing 
       ID "cinco mil watts, X-E-K!"  Fair to good, pretty much alone on 
       frequency.  Unneeded.
1010  XEFM Veracruz excellent, way on top around 2040 Central time or so 
       with spot mentioning the "gobierno del estado de Veracruz," and a 
       singing ID of chirpy female voices with their slogan "La Maquina 
       Tropical". Again unneeded, but not heard all that often here--
       certainly not as strong as this.

  On 1350 there were two Spanish stations fighting it out--only managed 
to get an ID on one of them, and it was a new log for me.  The one with 
beisbol coverage was dominant, and the game ended at 8:20pm Central with 
closing billboard "BEISBOL de la Liga Mexicana!", list of sponsors 
including Coca-Cola, and mention of XETB (Correon, Coah.)--had to listen 
to tape a couple of times to catch calls for sure, spoken very clipped & 
rapidly, like "EH-kees etteh-BEH..."  Fair signal. Never could ID the 
other SS station with music.
  Had to run back to KSMU to do some last-minute automation for 
Sun.morning that got lost by the wayside of first day of pledge drive 
yesterday--this was around 10pm Central, and as I'd been at work since 7 
that morning, I didn't do much DXing after I got back home about 10:45.  
Oddly, by around 11pm CST I did notice the TORONTO stations (CRFB-1010 
and CBC-French CBJC-860) both very strong, while CBW-990 was absent.  
Everything else to my north or northeast (Minneapolis, Chicago, 
Cincinnati, etc.) was still weakened.

Bogdan Alexandru Chiochiu - chiochiu@xxxxxxxxx

  David Hochfeld says that at his home in New Bruntswick, NJ that 
conditions have been heavy auroral and a lot of nice Latins such as 
cuban Radio Reloj-850, RJR-720 and 780 unID (I think he has heard YVMN 
Radio Coro, but he have to wait until a positive ID, so he don`t gree 
with me), Antigua-1100 and several others were heard, some of them with 
verry good signals.
  However, here in the Quebec province conditions, despite the weakness 
of the domestic DX, have been poor to Latin America as well. Even my 3 
regulars were strangely muted. Not only nothing of new was heard, but 
not even nothing of decent !
  Here is what I have heard:
  Equipment: AM/FM radio with tape recorder and CD layer and a relativly 
long internal ferrite bar wich makes AM verry well received QTH: 
Pierrefonds, Quebec, Canada

 530  Radio Vísíon Cristiana (heard only some days this week with a 
       verry poor signal)
 610  HJKL Radio Difusora Nacíonal de Colombia (Urbia, Colombia) het 
       with no audio, presumed them as they carried a growl wich is not 
       specific at all to WIP !!!
 610  WIP, simply a non-logging, not heard at ALL !!!!
 630  WPRO (Providence, Rhode Island, United States of America) heard 
       only once with a fair signal. During tghe past weeks, it boomed 
       with an almost LOCAL-like signal.
 660  WFAN (New York City, New York, United States of America) strong 
       signal all the week, this and WCBS-880 were the only low-band NYC 
       stations heard, however !
 750  WSB (Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America) poor signal in 
       the beginning of the week. The rest of the week not heard at all.
 750  YVKS RCR Palabra (Caracas, Distrito Federal, Venezuela) presumed 
       the low growl that sometimes was heard either alone or 
       interfering with WSB, no audio detected !!!!!
 760  HJAJ RCN (Barranquilla, Colombia) rather strong signal in the 
       beginning of the week with news in spanish and a mention of 
       "Colombia". The only Latin American with a consistent signal 
       strenght !!!
 770  WABC (New York City, New York, United States of America), non-
       logging, not heard at all this week !!!!
 880  WCBS (New York City, New York, United States of America), verry 
       strong with news px, the strongest NYC station this week. This 
       and WFAN-660 were the only low-band NYC stations heard. On 
       highband, WQEW was the only player from New York City !
1230  unID ???? man in english, slightly over the huge "graveyard" mess. 
       Suspect WSKI in Montpellier, VT. wich I`ve heard twice, once at 
       sunrise and once at sunset on that channel and wich is among my 
       best catches of american stations since it was among the 
       difficult local "graveyard" catches. No ID heard this time, 
1560  WQEW (New York City, New York, United States of America) verry 
       strong with Radio Disney px (pops and kids talks)

Morris Sorensen - Winnipeg MB - SMosor@xxxxxxx

Here are my recent loggings. Times are EST.

1430  KNSP MN Staples 03/29 2059 fair with country music.  ID, "You're 
       listening to KWAD, Wadena, KNSP Staples" and into ABC News. Band 
       almost dead with auroral condition., Even WCCO was  very weak, 
       yet this one was making it in with a listed night power of 199 
       watts. {MS-MB}
1450  KFIZ WI Fond du Lac 3/31 2153 good with ad mentioning"324 Main St. 
       in Fond du Lac" and ad for Western Mutual Insurance mentioning 
       affiliates in Fond du Lac and other WI locations. Not new but 
       never heard this clearly before. {MS-MB}
1570  KUTK SD Vermillion 3/25 2357 fair in CKMW null with ESPN promos, 
       talk about college basketball Final Four, ID as ESPN-1570 and all 
       sports radio KUTK. {MS-MB}

Drake R8 with Quantum QX pro  loop, Grundig YB-400 with built-in antenna  

**Frederick R Vobbe - Lima OH - fredv@xxxxxxxxxxx

 940  WLJM OH Lima 4/2/01 6:40 - On night power of 6 watts.  VERY wide, 
       from 890 to 970.  Sounded like they had a transmitter problem.
1520  KOMA OK Oklahoma City 4/2/01 6:30 - Very loud with oldies, 
       backsell by announcer, and various spots.  Must have forgot to 
       reprogram the remote control?
1580  ???? ?? ?????? - 4/3/01 06:35.  Unknown light rock station over 
       WPGC. Music from Ann Murray, Simon & Garfunkle.  Some brokered 
       spots, and a local for State Farm but didn't hear a 
       name/phone/town.  Only ID was "The New 15-80".
1590  WAKR OH Akron - 4/3/01 06:30.  News block.  Mentions of Akron, 

**Blaine Thompson - phredd@xxxxxxxx

  Well since WJVA (1580am, South Bend) just started simulcasting 
Standards/WJVA (1620am, South Bend), perhaps you heard them.
  I can't say for sure that WJVA is calling themselves "The New 15-80"

Nick Hall-Patch - Victoria BC - nhp@xxxxxxxx

DXing at Grayland, WA using homebrew rcvr, Dymek DR333 and various 
Beverages.  Walt Salmaniw, Don Nelson and Guy Atkins also driving 
various receivers.

 558t S.KOREA,Taegu, HLQH.  1604 18 Mar.  KK talk by man at fair 
       strength, but no chance of ID. (NHP-WA)
 567  JAPAN, Sapporo, JOIK. 1606 18 Mar. Light piano mx, fair to poor 
       //594. (NHP-WA)
 576  RUSSIA synchros  The old familiar chimes heard at 1100 17 March, 
       fair strength, followed by RR talk (NHP-WA)
 603  UnID.  1607 18 Mar.  Big signal w/sentimental western vocal mx.  
       Presumed S. KOREA, but not parallels found, and no ID heard. 
 657  N. KOREA, Kangnam. 1521 19 Mar.  Slow vocal by woman //6400, good 
       strength. (NHP-WA)
 666  JAPAN, Osaka, JOBK.  1532 18 Mar.  Fair in splatter w/JJ talk by 
       man //594 (NHP-WA)
 693  JAPAN, Tokyo, JOAB. 1239 18 Mar. Excellent signal, woman in JJ 
       //774 (NHP-WA)
 702  JAPAN,  Hiroshima/Kitami, JOFB/JOKD.  1240 18 Mar. Poor to fair 
       //774 w/ man talking.  Other station on frequency seemed to be 
       EE, likely 2BL, but not much other evidence of Australia. 
 729  JAPAN, Nagoya, JOCK.  1557 17 Mar.  Piano mx, then woman talking, 
       fair to poor //594 (NHP-WA)
 774  JAPAN, Akita, JOUB. 1033 17 Mar.  The low band Japanese 
       powerhouses baded in over half an hour later than their less 
       powerful high band cousins.  The usual EE lessons at fair to good 
       strength. (NHP-WA) 
 819  N. KOREA, Pyongyang.  1245 18 Mar.  Flowing vocal mx, poor 
       strength, //2850.  (NHP-WA) 
 830  HAWAII, Honolulu, KHVH.  0704 Mar17.  ABC news heard with 1/2 
       second echo here, followed by "Hawaii's talk radio" ID and into 
       Art Bell. (NHP-WA)  
 855  N. KOREA, Sangwon. 1051 17 Mar.  Woman talking quickly in KK 
       //3320 (NHP-WA)
 873  JAPAN, Kumamoto, JOGB.  1127 17 Mar.  Fair strength w/JJ talk by 
       man //747 (NHP-WA)
 891  JAPAN, Sendai, JOHK. 1325 17 Mar.  JJ talk, fr //594. (NHP-WA)
 900  HAWAII, Kahului, KNUI.  0800 Mar 17.  "AM 900 KNUI...Kahului"  ID, 
       fair signal trading places with CKMO. (NHP-WA)
 945  CHINA, CNR1.  Although this is listed as CNR2, the CC talk heard 
       here was //5880 with a slight offset in time.  Poor to fair 1534 
       18 Mar, and fighting with KBS1. (NHP-WA)
 945  S. KOREA, Poun, HLQW.  1535 18 Mar.  Choral mx //3930, 
       occasionally getting to poor to fair strength o/u China. (NHP-WA)
 972  S. KOREA, Tangjin, HLCA.  1008 17 Mar.  Korean talk by two men 
       //601; strong signal throughout the morning. (NHP-WA)
 981  CHINA,  CNR1 synchros.  1354 17 March.  CC talk by man and woman, 
       good to excellent signal //5320 but lagging it by about 1/2 
       second. (NHP-WA)
 999  CHINA, unID.  1332 17 Mar.  Man and woman talking quickly back and 
       forth in CC. Fair but faded rapidly. (NHP-WA) 
1026  CHINA, unID.  1404 18 Mar.  CC talk here by man, poor strength, 
       but who? (NHP-WA)
1053  S.KOREA, jammer.  1001 Mar 17. Hardly worth noting with its usual 
       whooping sounds, but was pretty strong near its local sunset.  
       1566 and 972 were also strong at this time. (NHP-WA)
1062  S. KOREA, Ch'ongiu, HLKQ. 1445 18 Mar. Woman talking //3930, 
       followed by mx interlude.  Poor strength, and soon overtaken by a 
       hum from an off channel station. (NHP-WA)
1134t S.KOREA, Hwasong. 1519 17 Mar.  This was strong w/man in KK 
       //3930, fighting it out with presumed JOQR.(NHP-WA)
1143  TAIWAN, Penghu, BEL3.  1421 17 Mar.  Woman talking and brief 
       musical interlude //738.  This was fair, 738 poor, strength 
1287  JAPAN, Sapporo, JOHR. 0930 Mar 17.  "HBC" ID by woman noted in 
       passing; this station was one of the strongest in the early 
       morning hours, with lots of JJ talk.  (NHP-WA)
1305  S.KOREA, Uljin, HLSV.  1148 17 Mar. Fair signal w/man and woman in 
       KK //3930 (NHP-WA)
1323  CHINA, Russian foreign service.  1306 18 Mar.  This RR broadcast 
       was puzzling until Walt found the parallel on 5145.  Often at 
       very good strength. (NHP-WA)
1368  JAPAN, NHK1 synchros.  1249 Mar 17. Oriental singing //594, poor 
       o/u unID talk (NHP-WA)
1377t CHINA, Fujian. 1500 18 Mar.  This one often had a strong signal, 
       and this hour had the usual CC pips with man and woman in CC, 
       both mentioning "renmin guangbo dientai", but darned if I can dig 
       out what they're saying just before...(NHP-WA)
1377  JAPAN, NHK2 synchros. 1011 17 Mar.  Also with EE lessons //1593, 
       but something else was mixing with it, likely the CC which 
       dominated the rest of the morning (NHP-WA)
1386  JAPAN, NHK2 synchros. 1009 17 Mar.  EE lessons fair strength but 
       fady. //1593 which was quite a bit stronger. (NHP-WA)
1467  JAPAN, low power synchros. 1217 17 Mar. Poor strength in splatter, 
       couple of men taking in JJ //774 (NHP-WA)
1467  S. KOREA, Mokpo, HLKN.  1627 17 Mar. Nil to poor signal w/light 
       vocal mx //3930 (NHP-WA)
1503  JAPAN, Akita, JOUK.   1120 17 Mar.  Fading up to fair strength, 
       man talking in JJ while others chuckled //594 (NHP-WA)
1557  TAIWAN, Kou-Hu, Family Radio. 1558 17 Mar.  Big signal (with 
       another station underneath) with woman spelling out 
       "familyradio.com", then some brief CC chat, which included the 
       phrase "familyradio.com", followed by anthemish sounding mx, then 
       religion in EE. (NHP-WA)
1566  S. KOREA, Cheju, HLAZ. 1230 18 Mar.  After 20 seconds of the 
       transmitter being off, this returned with a thunderous signal at 
       the pattern change (their directional pattern to Japan points to 
       Grayland too).  "HLAZ" mention, though the "Z" sounded odd. How 
       is it pronounced in JJ?  Also "FEBC" mention, followed by organ 
       mx. (NHP-WA)
1575  THAILAND, Bangkok.  1430 17 Mar.  Brief mention of "VOA" by man 
       followed by talk in unID oriental language, presumably listed 
       Khmer.  This was incredibly loud at times, particularly after 
       local sunrise. (NHP-WA)
1593  JAPAN, Matsue/Niigata, JOTB/JOQB.  0948 17 Mar.  EE lessons // 
       weaker 1602 (NHP-WA)
1593t RUSSIA, unID.  1632 17 Mar. Woman here in RR, fair signal.(NHP-WA)
1614  t N.KOREA, the young soldiers station. 1420 briefly fair w/ man 
       talking, then martial singing, followed by woman, then man 
       holding forth in KK.  Not //2625  (NHP-WA)

**Rick Kenneally - Wilton CT - woodlandview@xxxxxxxxx

1640 WTLT248 NY  New York - 3/28 0700 - HAR giving info on construction 
       projects at the Bruckner and Cross Bronx expressways.  Brief 
       message about the metro-NYC Joint Traffic Operations Center (J-
       TOC) and its network of cameras and sensors.  Also made reference 
       to a station on 550, but I haven't heard that one.  This was 
       logged from car along the coast on I-95 near Stamford, CT.  I 
       haven't heard it inland at home in Wilton. (RWK-CT)

Sony 2010, Quantum QX Loop, SM-2 Loop, car radio

**David Hochfelder - hochfeld@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Heard on a Sony ICF-2010 with Kiwa Pocket Loop from New Brunswick, NJ 
(all 3/31).

 526  BAHAMAS ZLS, MAR 31 0440 - CW beacon repeating "ZLS" incessantly. 
       About as entertaining as Clear Channel programming (couldn't 
       resist; with apologies to the NRC reflector...). [Hochfelder-NJ]
 650p COLOMBIA HJKH Bogota, MAR 31 0509 - WSM very weak and unusually 
       nullable.  Spanish, presumed Colombia from my logging last week 
       in similar auroral conditions. [Hochfelder-NJ]
 720p JAMAICA RJR Kingston, MAR 31 0502-0506 - WGN not present. 
       Caribbean accented English and presumed on basis of logging last 
       week. [Hochfelder-NJ]
 750p VENEZUELA R. Caracas Radio, MAR 31 0512 - Strong Spanish under a 
       subdued WSB.  Presumed from logging in December (on a Superadio 
       III). [Hochfelder-NJ]
 850  CUBA CMDB Baracoa, 0515 - Frequent "RR" in Morse code so R. Reloj 
       outlet. [Hochfelder, NJ]
1000p COLOMBIA RCN Cartagena, MAR 31 0608-0613 - Better on 999.8 because 
       of WINS splash.  Frequent mentions of Colombia and "Colombianos," 
       but not sure which outlet.  I'm guessing RCN Cartagena on the 
       basis of WRTH 2000. [Hochfelder-NJ]
1100  ANTIGUA ZDK St. John's, MAR 31 0540-0604 - Light reggae type music 
       with English accented female announcer.  At 0604 ID'd as "Radio 
       ZDK St. Johns" with jingle.  Possibly Spanish underneath but not 
       sure.  WTAM Cleveland was gone, so I stuck on this channel for 
       awhile hoping to get this one, based on Rick Kenneally's recent 
       logging.  Checking back at 0658-0700 showed that Cleveland was 
       back in with a strong signal and TOH ID.  [Hochfelder, NJ]
1540p BAHAMAS ZNS1 Nassau, MAR 31 0630-0649 - KXEL Waterloo and WPTR 
       Albany both gone.  Soft reggae music with steel drums.  At 0649 
       it faded out and at 0655 replaced with WPTR Albany. 


 780  UNID,  MAR 31 0455-0500 - Actually better on 780.2 with sync. det. 
       because of splash from WABC.  Strong Spanish signal, fair audio.  
       On basis of NRC Logbook, this is apparently not a domestic US 
       station.  Checked to see if it paralleled Venezuela's Ecos del 
       Torbes SW outlet on 4980, but nothing there.  WWV on 5000 was 
       weak as well.  Also heard Mar. 24. R. Coro, Coro, Venezuela has 
       been suggested by a few folks.  Suggestions? [Hochfelder-NJ]
 810  UNID, MAR 31 0506 - Possibly 2 Spanish stations here.  Bad copy on 
       one, other occasionally topped a subdued WGY, but poor audio.  
       Male announcer.  Flute music. [Hochfelder-NJ]
 900  UNID, MAR31 0530-0540 - Two Spanish stations, one with female 
       announcer.  One might be WEMG Philadelpia with very low night 
       power (42 W per NRC logbook).  On April 2 at 0600, one of the 
       stations signed off with what sounded like a national anthem.  My 
       leading favorite for this is XEW Mexico City because of its high 
       power and my tentative logging in November. Suggestions? 
1500  UNID, MAR 31 0623-0630 - Spanish with steel drum music.  Strong 
       with great audio.  WRTH 2000 has a bunch of 1-10KW stations in 
       South and Central America, so this is a mystery.  WTOP 
       Washington, DC gone. R. Dos Mil in Cumana, Venezuela has been 
       suggested.  [Hochfelder, NJ]
1520  UNID MAR 31 0621 - Spanish under a much subdued WWKB Buffalo.

  Conditions were pretty good to Latin America here last night.  The way 
conditions seemed to have worked over the past few days is to block 
east-west propagation, but propagation from the north doesn't seem to be 
much different than usual.  For instance, the Chicago clear channel 
stations are much subdued, Cleveland clears on 1100 and 1220 less 
subdued than Chicago but weaker than usual, and Pittsburgh about the 
same as usual.  St. Louis (1120), Cincinnati (700), and Louisville (840) 
are also weaker. On the other hand, Boston, Toronto, Hamilton and 
Montreal don't seem to be affected much.  Is this typical for an aurora?
  By the way (yes? - pb), in my posting over the weekend, in which I 
noted the absence of WBT Charleston, SC:  I noted it absent because I 
was on the wrong channel. I had it down as 1100, not 1110:  a stupid 
logging typo.
  I managed to get a positive ID on my UNID on 780:  it is Radio Coro, 
Coro, Venezuela.  At 2332 ET, ID'd as "Radio Coro."  Thanks to the folks 
who alerted me to this possibility:  because of my poor Spanish, I might 
have missed the ID had I not known what my possibilities were.  WBBM 
Chicago was not on channel at this time.  Another faint Spanish station 
underneath R. Coro.
  The Colombian on 1000 boomed in last night and dominated the channel.  
WMVP Chicago was way underneath it.  I stayed here for about an hour 
until WMVP began to reassert itself around 0100 ET. Programming seemed 
to be news and some sort of political speech.  There were also time 
tones, four short followed by a fifth longer tone, at the top of the 
hour.  I didn't clear up which Colombian it is, but given the official-
sounding programming, it's likely RCN Cartagena.
  The other highlight for the evening was strong Spanish on 1120 with 
KMOX absent.  I had high hopes for the Dominican Republic, or at least 
another Colombian or Venezuelan, but had to settle for WPRX, Bristol, 
CT. Shoulda known when they played Ricky Martin.  Usually KMOX buries 
it, so auroral conditions helped me to log this one.
  We'll see what tonight brings.  I'll try for some of the stuff Ben 
Dangerfield noted, especially Dominican Republic on 860 and Bermuda on 
1280.  I'll also try for a positive ID on Bahamas 1540, although WPTR 
will probably be in the way.
  Latin American loggings, April 4, 2001, 0000-0100 ET; add four hours 
for UTC.  Heard on a Sony ICF-2010 with Kiwa Pocket Loop antenna from 
New Brunswick, NJ.
  Regarding my Colombian on 1000 I tentatively ID'd as RCN Cartagena:  
Jim Renfrew suggested that I check to see it's parallel to 1170.  So I 
checked, and it's not.  But, his suggestion enabled me to log another 
Colombian. WWVA on 1170 usually covers up anything else on the channel, 
but last night the Colombian dominated the channel at times.  ID'd as 
"Caracol Colombia," and per WRTH 2000 that would make it Cartagena as 
well.  Seems like there's a pipeline between central Jersey and 
Cartagena these days...  Format was soft music with news at top and bottom 
of the hour.
  On 1180, heard strong Spanish under WHAM with frequent mentions of 
Cuba. Rewarded with "R. Rebelde" ID at 0100.  I expected R. Marti, but 
I'm more than happy to take the Cuban.  WHAM usually blocks everything 
on this channel.
  Other stuff:  Spanish under CJBC Montreal on 860, but tough copy.  
Couldn't get useful information about the station.
  CHTN Charlottetown, PEI, is again audible on 720: at 0027 played "The 
Long Run" Eagles.  This will probably make it again difficult to get 
Caribbean stations here.
  Noted in passing that the Venezuelan time station on 5000 was beating 
up on WWV big time:  it was actually dominant.

**Blake Lawrence - Washington DC - blake@xxxxxxxxxx

  Lots of dead spots on the dial here in D.C. last night, but where 
there was audio, there was some fun stuff:

 760  Barranquilla, Colombia - strong and steady with lots of "RCN" 
       mentions and jingles, and full ID around 2155.  WJR nowhere.  
       WRTH says 30kw for this one...can that be right?  First Colombian 
       from this DX location.
 740  WQTM alone on freq with Arizona/Duke basketball game, pausing for 
       full legal ID at 2025 EDT:  WQTM Orlando, 740 the Team.  CHWO a 
 710  WOR missing in action, instead the Cuban battling WAQI (new here) 
       2201 ID:  (English) "WAQI Miami Ft. Lauderdale" then "Aqui, Radio 
       Mambi," mention of "cincuenta mil watts."

Sony 2010

**Ron Gitschier - RGITSCHIER@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  At the close of lunch, I noted the following on a Chrysler Infinity 
1990 vintage car radio (from my car).

 530  SS rlg. 
 580  Rush Limbaugh WDBO
 670  SS (Miami?)
 710  SS (Miami?)
 730  "WSC" Charleston, SC... ok sw path...
 740  Sports pgr. (Orlando?)
 750  Atlanta Braves hype galore lots of other Atlanta mentions "WSB"
 770  Espanol...
 820  Espanol (Tampa?)
 850  WRUF Gainesville, FL
 950  Rlg Talk (Orlando?) and an oldies station mixing
 990  Radio Disney (Orlando?)

***David E. Crawford - dec1@xxxxxxxxxx

  The following were received during a business trip to Houston over the 
weekend.  Logs without times are mostly local Houston non-EG stations 
audible all day using a Sony ICF-SW100 microportable, noted mostly for 
the purpose of distinguishing them from Mexican etc stations.  Galveston 
daytime logs were from a car radio right on the beach.  Most of the SP 
stations seldom give their callsigns except once at top of the hour.

 530  TEXAS  WPIW517, Texas City municipal TIS, EG W ID as "WPIW radio 
       530 AM, your city by the bay, a great place to work, live and 
       play", then usual auto EG W time/date tag, DTMF tones, then poor 
       audio PSA about grass clippings.  One of many TISs in the area, a 
       subject for another trip. (Crawford, enroute I-45 south of 
       Houston, 1-Apr-2001)
 660  MEXICO  XEAR, 2008-, Tampico, Tamaulipas, presumed, adstring, 
       weak. (Crawford, Galveston Island, Texas, 1-Apr-2001)
 720  TEXAS  KFAA, 1956-, "Norten~o 720", Universal City, SP, mx, ad for 
       dances featuring Los Huracanes del Norte and El Chacal in Austin. 
       Fair level, about same from Houston also. (Crawford, Galveston 
       Island, Texas, 1-Apr-2001)
 780  MEXICO  XESFT, 2000-, San Fernando, Tamaulipas, presumed, 
       norten~as, ads ment Tamaulipas but no actual ID.  Fair sig but 
       heavy splatter from adjacent. (Crawford, Galveston Island, Texas, 
 810  MEXICO  XEFW, 1950-, Tampico, Tamaulipas, ID, "escuche noticias" 
       promo into techno mx, good. (Crawford, Galveston Island, Texas, 
 850  TEXAS  KEYH, "La Ranchera", Houston, SP XE format (Crawford, 
       Clearlake, Texas, 31-Mar-2001)
 900  TEXAS  KREH, Houston, Vietnamese talk and mx fulltime seemingly. 
       (Crawford, Clearlake, Texas, 31-Mar-2001)
 920  TEXAS  KYST, Radio Noticias 9-20", Houston/Texas City, SP news and 
       sports talk format, incl "LBC, tu cadena deportiva en espan~ol 
       (Crawford, Clearlake, Texas, 31-Mar-2001)
 940  UNID  UNID, 1933-, Christian norten~a music, weak, no ideas about 
       this one. (Crawford, Galveston Island, Texas, 1-Apr-2001)
 970  MEXICO  XEO, 1927-, Matamoros, tuned in just in time to hear "XEO 
       XEO" yelled by SP M, into W baladas.  Strong. (Crawford, 
       Galveston Island, Texas, 1-Apr-2001)
 980  TEXAS  KMTX, "980 AM", Houston, Spanish Broadcasting Corp, SP, 
       Houston Rockets basquebol, Cadena de la Vida evangelical program 
       at 0450Z. Also ments KLDN 1260 but unheard. (Crawford, Clearlake, 
       Texas, 31-Mar-2001)
1010  TEXAS  KLAT, "La Tremenda 10-10", Houston, SP talk (Crawford, 
       Clearlake, Texas, 31-Mar-2001)
1050  MEXICO  XEG, 1915-, Monterrey, ID and ad for "Casablanca", weak, 
       co-ch UNID QRM. (Crawford, Galveston Island, Texas, 1-Apr-2001)
1090  TEXAS  KKYN, "Radio Luz", Bryan, multiple call/freq ID, SP 
       evangelical. (Crawford, Clearlake, Texas, 1-Apr-2001)
1110  TEXAS  KTEK, Houston, Hindi programming Sundays, film mx. 
       (Crawford, Clearlake, Texas, 31-Mar-2001)
1130  TEXAS  KTMR, 1934-, Edna, good level w/ EG/SP bilingual church 
       service. (Crawford, Galveston Island, Texas, 1-Apr-2001)
1140  TEXAS  KYOK, Houston, black EG gospel during week, Arabic noted on 
       Sunday. (Crawford, Clearlake, Texas, 31-Mar-2001)
1150  TEXAS  KCCT, 1913-, Corpus Christi, presumed, SP Christian 
       norten~a mx, 1943 scripture reading, no ID noted, audible in 
       Houston also.  Weak, co-ch another norten~a station underneath, 
       maybe Mexican. (Crawford, Galveston Island, Texas, 1-Apr-2001)
1170  MEXICO  XERP, 1913-, Reynosa, Tamaulipas, "La Gigante", SP talk 
       pgm from Radio Formula Cadena Radio Uno (not // 1420), gave power 
       as 50 kW, good level. (Crawford, Galveston Island, Texas, 1-Apr-
1180  TEXAS  KGOL, Houston, block programming, CH daytime, Urdu night, 
       some Vietnamese also.  Muslim AR programming on Sunday. 
       (Crawford, Clearlake, Texas, 31-Mar-2001)
1190  MEXICO  XETOT, 1912-, Tampico, Tamaulipas, SP "1190 AM" ID into 
       "Addicted to Love" by Robert Palmer, also Spandau Ballet, more 
       pops, 1924 ID w/ callsign.  Weak. (Crawford, Galveston Island, 
       Texas, 1-Apr-2001)
1270  TEXAS  KFCC, 1911-, "Radio Vida", Missouri City/Houston, presumed, 
       SP W preaching, Christian ranchera mx.  Another ranchera station 
       audible underneath. (Crawford, Galveston Island, Texas, 1-Apr-
1270  TEXAS  KESS, 0300-, "La Fabulosa", Ft. Worth, SP NBA basketball, 
       seemingly Mavericks vs. Lakers.  Co-ch Radio Reloj, Cuba.  Fair 
       peaks. (Crawford, Clearlake, Texas, 2-Apr-2001)
1290  TEXAS  KRGE, 1902-, Weslaco, presumed, SP evangelical pgm "La Voz 
       del Cambio" from Edinburgh, TX. Weak. (Crawford, Galveston 
       Island, Texas, 1-Apr-2001)
1290  MEXICO  UNID, 1124-, "Radio Trece 12-90 en Cadena Nacional", 
       mostly SP talk.  Two other SP co-ch.  XE NA at 1200 probably from 
       this one.  Fair peaks thru crap. (Crawford, Clearlake, Texas, 2-
1320  TEXAS  KXYZ, "Radio Unica 13-20", Houston, SP network program, no 
       local callsign heard. (Crawford, Clearlake, Texas, 31-Mar-2001)
1400  TEXAS  KHCB, "Radio Amistad" or "1400", Houston, SP evangelical 
       programming weekdays, CH noted Sundays. (Crawford, Clearlake, 
       Texas, 31-Mar-2001)
1420  MEXICO  UNID, 1800-1900, relay of Radio Formula Cadena Nacional, 
       Mexico City, incl IDs as XERFR 970 KHz.  Talk show w/ Jorge (?)
       Palacios, live from Manzanillo, Coahuila, today.  No local IDs 
       noted.  Fair en route to Galveston. (Crawford, Galveston Island, 
       Texas, 1-Apr-2001)
1460  TEXAS  KBRZ, "Radio Aleluia", Freeport, SP evangelical. (Crawford, 
       Clearlake, Texas, 31-Mar-2001)
1480  TEXAS  KMTL, "Radio Bendicion", Houston, SP evangelical, announces 
       "15-20", CNN Radio Noticias. (Crawford, Clearlake, Texas, 31-Mar-
1520  TEXAS  KYND, Houston, Polish Saturday AM, Arabic Saturday PM, 
       Sunday AM Indian Sikh pgm in EG. (Crawford, Clearlake, Texas, 31-
1540  TEXAS  KGBC, Galveston, EG/SP format Sundays, tejano mx, 
       Christian. (Crawford, Clearlake, Texas, 31-Mar-2001)
1560  TEXAS  KILE, "Radio Luz", Bellaire, SP evangelical weekdays, 
       Arabic and Russian noted Saturday, EG Indian talk Sunday 
       mornings. (Crawford, Clearlake, Texas, 31-Mar-2001)

A couple of leftover stale items:

 830  MEXICO XELA "Buena Musica en Mexico", Mexico City, is the 
       classical/lite music station here;  plays easily-heard baritone 
       clock chimes between numbers.  Noted from Houston and also 
       Florida nights through Radio Reloj.
1540  TEXAS KZMP, "Radio Tricolor, La Mexicanisima", Dallas, noted 
       evenings here in Florida sporadically, sports prgms w/ Los Tigres 
       at times, also ments 101.7.  Tends to dominate here when audible, 
        otherwise completely inaudible.  Listed 50 kw days, 1 kw nights;  
       I assume they often "forget" to turn down power.



**Russ Edmunds - wb2bjh@xxxxxxxxxxx

1520  UnID  0650-0700 3/29, again with rural country-Gospel music, heavy 
       on acoustic guitar and banjo and close vocal harmonies somewhat 
       muddy but atop channel thru 0700, but without ID then lost to 
       WWKB. At this point, I'm guessing either WDSL-NC or WGMA-NC

John Wright - AUSTRALIA - dxer@xxxxxxxxx

John Wright here in Sydney Australia.

1611 3?? low power around 100 watts Bayswater Victoria, ID's as Hillside 
       Radio....looks like being ex 3GB txm and 3GB may return to use 
       this station in the next 2 to 3 months. Ian Stanley and Dave 
       Onley (ARDXC).

Also the ARDXC Australian Radio DX club inc, has the second edition of 
the Medium Wave guide for Australian and New Zealand, for $10-00 US 
dollars wherever you live, by airmail delivery. Includes a free 
admendmnet by airmail in about 6 months.
To order send a email   to  dxer@xxxxxxxxx
Please supply postal address.   You can either slip US 10-00 note in a 
envelope (we ARDXC take the risk), or you can send your VISA or 
Mastercard credit card details..Need Number on card, Expiry date and 
full name on card. Suggest you split the email into two parts if sending 
credit card details for security.
Address if snail mail
C/- John Wright,
Unit 4,
33 Kerrie Cresent,
Peakhurst 2210,

**Lars Bygdén - lars.bygden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  As a guest on the list living in Scandinavia, could I make these 
questions to fellow NRC'ers? On March 16 a number of AM-stations from 
western US were logged here in Scandinavia (Sweden). On 1390 I heard 
KLGN Logan UT and also 2 UNID's with Spanish - one with a lot of mexican 
styled music and frequent slogans "La Jota 13-90", could it be KJME in 
Denver? No call-ID heard. The other one seems to have a religious 
programme, gave address & phonenumber in "California". No call-ID 
either, but also mentioned "trece-noventa" and something before.
  Other identified stations this date: KGVO-MT 1290, KKOL-WA 1300, KXTL-
MT 1370, KWYO-WY 1410 and some regular ones like KOTA-SD 1380, KOA-CO 
850, KEZW-CO 1430, KCKK-CO 1600. 
  Rx: NRD 515mod  Ant: beverage 3300 ft towards northwest

****Guido Schotmans - gs@xxxxxx

  I just heard a clear ID of Kol Israel on 927 kHz at 2200 UTC and still 
going on .  Almost no trace of other stations on this channel.  Has 
Anybody an idea where this is coming from.  Herman Boel's list is not 
mentioning Israeli stations on this frequency.  My WRTH 2000 lists 
however a 50 kW station in Haifa but that one has to close at 2200 UTC 
and a 1 kW tx in Eilat.
  Furthermore, I'm  hearing a station on 1385.9 kHz, which is probably 
IRIB. No LBH from Kaliningrad anymore.

****Mauno Ritola - ritola@xxxxxxxxxx

  It is Kol Israel with B Network. It cant be Eilat 1 kW only; Haifa 50 
kW must be carrying also B Network now and not Immigrant Absorption 
Network, because the signal is so good. I mentioned my logging of this 
here on mwdx already last summer.

****Karel Honzik - karel.honzik@xxxxxx

  I heard this one on March 15 after 0200 UTC in Hebrew. I could not 
find any // frequency due to QRM on possible channels.
  LBH is off for good. But during last two nights there was a carrier on 
this frequency - IRIB only weak in background.

***Karel Honzik - karel.honzik@xxxxxx

  This morning (APR 3) I heard an interesting station on 1359.14 kHz. 
Most probably comming from Russia, this station is not listed in the 
European MW Guide (EMWG), but WRTH lists Perm, located westerly of Ural 
mountain range.
  I heard what seemed to be a relay of Radio Rossii at 0220 UTC, giving 
phone numbers to Alma-Ata, Baku and Yerevan. Time signal came at 0230, 
then silence... At 0231 a woman in UNID language, sounding to me like 
Finnish. Talking for 10 seconds only, then into pop songs... At this 
time the station was already fading out as the Sunrise was slowly 
comming to the area.
  I think it could be Perm with a local (regional) program from 0230 UTC 
in Komi language. Komi is one of Ugro-Finnish languages, that is why is 
sounded Finnish to me. (I have a tape recording).
  Unfortunately the signal did not come back. Luckily the transmitter is 
off the channel now (being badly attacked by Spain on 1359 kHz), so it 
gives a chance for further monitoring. Maybe our Scandinavian friends 
know more about this (unlisted) station. They usually hear much more 
that we here in central Europe. It is strange that nobody yet reported 
the station for the EMWG...

**Guy Kudlemyer - Thurston OR - Gwkuddles@xxxxxxx

  I'm looking for a website that will allow me to key in the call 
letters of a North American AM station, and have it return to me the 
location (city, state), and (more importantly) the LSS of the station on 
the 15th of each month.

**Russ Edmunds - wb2bjh@xxxxxxxxxxx

  IF you don't mind a hit ratio reduction due to slow updates, the FCC's 
AM Query will do that. I'm not sure what their current update process is 
for it, but the URL is: www.fcc.gov/mmb/asd/amq.html

**Rick Kenneally - Wilton, CT - woodlandview@xxxxxxxxx

  You'll find legal s/on s/off times based on sunset at:  
  Use one of the queries off this page, select a particular station, 
then scroll down to the Sunrise/Sunset button.

**Barry McLarnon VE3JF - bm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Try http://hydra.carleton.ca/ambc/aminfo.html.  Enter the callsign in 
the Lookup section on the lefthand side of the page, click on Search, 
and then when the data appears, click on Send Query to fetch the 
sunrise/sunset info from the FCC website.  It will work for callsigns 
that the AM Query fails on, since it looks up the station info elsewhere 
and just uses the lat/long data to query the FCC site.



**Bruce Conti - BACONTI@xxxxxxx

  Texas, KRLD, 1080, Dallas, verification letter and refrigerator magnet 
in 12 days for mint stamp and report on coordinated silent period with 
WTIC.  V/s Erik Disen, Director of Engineering.  Address: 1080 Ballpark 
Way, Arlington TX 76011. (Conti-NH)

**Greg Myers - gregmyers1@xxxxxxxx

1660  PR, WGIT, Camuy, p/d 2-page ltr. in Sp., post card and business 
       cd. in 12d for Sp. rpt. and tape. V/s Aureo A. Matos & Olga 
       Rosario, Presidentes. Addr. PO Box 7, Moca, PR 00676.

****Mauno Ritola - ritola@xxxxxxxxxx

  Ciel AM 981 em e-tdf2@xxxxxx GTRK Yantar, Kaliningrad 1116 em v/s 
Tatyana Yermakova, vice chairman tv-rv@xxxxxxxxxx GTRK Lotos, Astrakhan 
792 cassette via Vasily Gulyaev, tnx! R Lyuks FM, Verkhovyna? 1584 em, 
COPE Valencia 1296, R Cidade 1377 em v/s Mr. Andrade via 
dario.bettencourt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Ceased transmissions in October 2000, 
now there is Universal Church of the Kingdom of God from Brazil on 1377 
DYBB Super R, Roxas City 1503, R Kostanai 684, R Pavlodar 945, R Astana 
972 from local px, reports stamped f/up Studiya Gorod/Radio 
Yekaterinburg 909 em v/s Oleg Antonov, dir reklama@xxxxxxxxxxxx, WGCI 
Chicago IL 1390 em v/s John Boehm, CE JBoehm@xxxxxxxx, REE via RCR 
Caracas 750 em v/s José Fernando Cuevas <audiencia_ree.rne@xxxxxxx>

**Patrick Griffith - AM-DXer@xxxxxxxxx

1080  KRLD  TX, Arlington - 03/18 - Received very nice confirmation 
       letter with explanation of the repairs performed during the down 
       time and a microphone shaped refrigerator magnet for s/off 
       transmission at 0100 EST during KRLD/WTIC special test. Received 
       in 12 days for written report and return postage. V/S: Erik 
       Disen, Director of Engineering. Address: 1080 Ballpark Way, 
       Arlington, TX 76011. (PG-CO)
1080  KOTK  OR, Portland - 03/18 - Received full data verification 
       letter confirming reception during the KRLD off period of the 
       KRLD/WTIC special test at 0111 EST. Received in 10 days for 
       written report with tape recording and return postage. V/S: 
       Michael Everhart, CE. Address: 2000 SW First Ave., Suite 300, 
       Portland, OR 97201. (PG-CO)

***Mickey Delmage - cidxqsl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Received a verie letter from Harley Drew, Op Manager for Augusta GA's 
1630 kHz station that I reported last December as WAWX.  He says that 
the new call for the station is WTEL.

Terry Palmersheim - Helena MT - kc7ldp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

 600  KGEZ  Kalispell, MT  f/d ppc in 1 month. v/s: Brenda Lynch, PD
 650  KMTI  Manti, UT  f/d ppc in 3 weeks. v/s: Douglas Barton, Pres.
 710  KXMR  Bismarck, ND  f/d ppc in 24 days. v/s: Matt Murphy, PD
1130  KBMR  Bismarck, ND  f/d ppc in 24 days. v/s: Charlie Williams, PD
1130  KRDU  Dinuba, CA  f/d ppc in 3 weeks. v/s: Jim Tudle, PD
1270  KIML  Gillette, WY  f/d ppc in 24 days. v/s: Gary Mapel, GM
1280  KDYL  Salt Lake City, UT  f/d ppc in 23 days. v/s: G. Morris, PD
1340  KCAP  Helena, MT  f/d ppc in 2 days. v/s: Stan Evan, PD
1360  KRKK  Rock Springs, WY  f/d ppc in 25 days. v/s: (illegible), Ops. 
1400  KDRG  Deer Lodge, MT  f/d ppc in 25 days. v/s: Michelle Worley, 
       Chief Op.
1450  KQDI  Great Falls, MT  f/d ppc in 19 days. v/s: Dave France, 
       PD/Ops. Mgr
1490  KDBM  Dillon, MT  f/d ppc in 6 days. v/s: John B. Schuler, VP
1590  KVGB  Great Bend, KS  f/d ppc in 23 days. v/s: Stacie Dillon, PD

Greg Myers - gregmyers1@xxxxxxxx

1160  NC, WYRU, Red Springs, f/d prepared "sheet" in 2 wks after 2nd 
       f/u. Used enclosed SASE. V/s (?) Locklear.
1270  FL, WNOG, Naples, f/d ltr. in 10d. V/s Keith Stuhlmann, DOE.
1660  PR, WGIT, Canovanas, p/d 2-page ltr. in Sp., post card and 
       business cd. in 12d for Sp. rpt. and tape. V/s Aureo A. Matos & 
       Olga Rosario, Presidentes. Addr. PO Box 7, Moca, PR 00676.



**Barry McLarnon VE3JF
  I've just finished some updating of my Canada/US AM Station Info 
Search Page at http://hydra.carleton.ca/ambc/aminfo.html.  This is 
basically a search engine that uses the data from Lee Freshwater's BCB 
DX Logbook (http://geocities.com/amlogbook/main1.htm).  It now displays 
more of the data from Lee's database (thanks Lee!).  As before, you can 
look up the info for a given AM station simply by entering the callsign.  
If you enter your lat/long, you'll also get distance and bearing to the 
station, as well as an estimate of the elevation angle of the incoming 
skywave. I've also added a new feature: included in the data output is a 
link you can click on to fetch the sunrise/sunset times for that station 
from the FCC website, which is displayed in a separate browser window.
  The other function of the page is the UNID station search - you can 
enter a tentative or partial callsign, and it will show you the data for 
stations on the selected frequency with callsigns that sound similar. 
You can enter wildcard characters in the search - for example, if you 
hear a call that seems to begin with "WAB...", enter "WAB?" and see what 
comes up.  Or, you can select a particular programming format and see 
all of the stations on the frequency that are supposed to have that 
  The bottom of the page has a link you can click on to get more info on 
using the search engine.
  Since I use Netscape and Linux, I haven't tested the latest version of 
the page with other browsers or OS's.  Let me know if you encounter 
problems, and all comments are welcome.  Enjoy!


On 3/30, there was a MAJOR aurora seen throughout the US.  Following are 
reports from DXers. (** via NRC reflector)

**Harry Helms - Ridgecrest CA: What a geomagnetic storm we must be 
having---a bright red aurora with some green is about 40 degrees above 
the northern horizon here in southern California at 2230 PST!

**Russ Edmunds - Blue Bell PA: According to all of the geomagnetic info 
sites, we are. Of course here in the east, we've been socked in with 
clouds and rain and will be into Tuesday....

**kevin redding - Mesa AZ: It was awfully strange to look out at the sky 
here in Mesa, Arizona and see the sky light up in the north as red. I 
have seen it in Rhode Island on rare occcasion but to see it in Mesa is 
testament of how huge this storm must be.

**Randy Stewart - Springfield MO: Whatever effect it had on the night 
sky in certain parts of the continent, conditions were just slightly 
disturbed when I checked around 8 or 9pm local time last night... just 
enough to make for overall ho-hum, lousy reception no matter what your 
target might be.  I'll be interested to see what it's like tonight.

**John Callarman - Krum TX: My results about the same as Randy's here in 
north Texas. Did get a sufficient null on WGN to find KSAH alone, with 
its top-of-the-hour ID in English at 2316 EST. Nothing unusual on the 
Mexican suspect frequencies. "Radio Habana Cuba" slogan noted in passing 
on 670.

Richard Toebe - Davis CA: Hope everyone had a chance to see the aurora 
last night; we had a red sky to the north.  I went out to look right 
after I turned on Art Bell at 10pm PLT and he talked about the visuals 
he was getting near Las Vegas, his exact words were, "get your butt 
outside and take a look at this, this may be a once in a lifetime 
  KGA-1510, KOMO-1000, CKNW-730, etc were completely missing from the 
dial. Too bad I was too tired to stay up to DX, c'est la vie!

**David Hochfelder - : Wow, what a fun ride!  Came home Friday night, 
wanted to see what the band looked like.  Turned out there was a 
phenomenal opening to the south.  The opening appeared to start around 
2330.  Checked on WGN 720 and heard it fine, then moved up to 780; WBBM 
wasnt there at 2355 and Spanish was instead.  In the course of the next 
two hours, it became apparent that all the 50KW regulars, as far south 
as Charleston, SC, were simply gone. Then, around 0155, all the domestic 
50KWs came back in.
  Here's what I heard down the dial.  Confirmed new logging and 
highlight of night was Antigua.  Also a Colombian and Cuban but unsure 
of outlets, and great possibilities to try for later.  Hopefully 

 650  Colombia, Bogota. 0009.  WSM very weak and unusually nullable. 
       Spanish, presumed Colombia from logging last week in similar 
 720  Jamaica, RJR, Kingston.  0002-0006.  Also heard last week, so 
       presumed it.  WGN now not present.
 750  Venezuela, R. Caracas Radio. 0012.  Strong Spanish under a 
       subdued WSB Atlanta. Presumed from logging in Dec. 2000 (on a 
       Superadio 3)
 780  UNID.2355-0000. Actually better on 780.2 with sync. Detection 
       because of splash from WABC 770.  Strong Spanish signal, fair 
       audio. Checked to see if it paralleled Ecos del Torbes SW 
       outlet on 4980, but nothing there.  WWV on 5000 was weak as 
       well.  Id appreciate some help on this one. I also heard this 
       one last week but couldnt ID it.
 810  UNID.0006.  Possibly two Spanish stations here.  Bad copy on 
       one, other occasionly topped a subdued WGY Schenectady, but 
       had poor audio. Male announcer, flute music.
 850  Cuba.  0015.  "RR" in Morse code. Possibly something else in 
       Spanish, but I didnt stick around.
 870  LA, New Orleans, WWL.  0020.  Great reception.
 900  UNID. 0030-0040.  Two Spanish stations, one with female 
       announcer. Moved on.
 940  Canada, Montreal, CINW.  0106.  A non-logging. Just simply not 
       there.  Nothing intelligible on channel.
1000  Colombia, UNID. 0108-0113.  Better on 999.8 to avoid WINS 
       splash. Frequent mentions of Colombia and Colombianos, but 
       not sure which outlet. Im guessing RCN Cartagena on the basis 
       of WRTH 2000.
1100  Antigua, ZDK, St.Johns.  0040-0104.  Light reggae type music 
       with English accented female announcer.  At 0104 IDd as 
       "Radio ZDK St. Johns" with jingle.  Possibly Spanish 
       underneath but not sure.  WTAM Cleveland and WBT Charleston 
       both gone, so I stuck on this channel for awhile hoping to 
       get this one, based on Rick Kenneallys recent logging.  
       Checking back at 0158-0200 showed that Cleveland was back in 
       with a strong signal and "Coast to Coast" and TOH ID.  Thats 
       when I decided that the ride was over and it was time to 
       write up the log.  And go to bed.
1500  UNID. 0123-0130.  Spanish with steel drum music.  Strong with 
       great audio.  WRTH has a bunch of 1-10KW stations in Central 
       and South America, so this one is a mystery.  WTOP 
       Washington, DC not present. Suggestions?
1520  UNID.  0121.  Spanish under a much subdued WWKB Buffalo. 
1530  OH, Cincinnati, WSAI.  0122.  Another non-logging; just simply 
       not there.  Nothing intelligible on channel.
1540  Bahamas, Nassau, ZNS1.  0130-0149.  Strongly presumed.  KXEL 
       Waterloo and WPTR Albany both gone.  Soft reggae music with 
       steel drums. At 0149 it faded out and at 0155 WPTR replaced 

**Rick Kenneally - Wilton, CT: Great receptions!  I tuned in much later 
and just had hash everywhere.  UnID SS on 1070 and 1090 while the clears 
were gone, but that was it.  Everything else after midnight was noise.

**Bruce Conti - Nashua NH: Not much in the way of Latin American 
reception here last night.  In fact, with the midwest signals subdued 
many of the Canadian Maritime stations were stronger than usual.  CBN on 
640, CHCM on 740, CFDR on 780, CHRL on 910, and CKBW on 1000 were 
exceptionally strong all night.  (CKBW was playing pop/urban 
contemporary music, a format change from C&W?)  It was definitely 
auroral though as transatlantic reception was shut down.  Auroral 
conditions became more evident by local sunrise as Mexico was local-like 
on 900 and 940 kHz, along with good signals from Radio Mil 1000 and 
Radio Educacion 1060 kHz.
  I also had an unID station on 730 with the Country Oldies Show last 
night, mostly under CKAC.  Any ideas?
  A snowstorm Thursday night, rain Friday night, and continued rain and 
snow through the weekend here mean that I won't get a chance to view the 
spectacular aurora.  WBZ Newsradio 1030 reported today that police and 
emergency services down south have been flooded with UFO reports from 
people that saw the weird lights in the night sky.

**Mike Brooker - Toronto ON: Conditions were brutal last night.  Even 
the blowtorch Cuban on 890 was knocked out.  All I could hear was noise 
and local groundwave.  The extent of my DX was WECK-1230 Cheektowaga 
(Buffalo), NY after midnight EST on groundwave.  I usually only hear 
WECK during the daytime.  After sunset they would be buried in the 
hundreds of graveyard skywaves.

Nigel Pimblett - Medicine Hat AB: Interesting.  Up here, of course, the 
aurora isn't all that rare, but the red color was certainly something 
out of the ordinary.  DX-wise, the biggest effect here seemed to be the 
complete lack of CA stations.  Even KNX and KFI were inaudible.  On 1070 
KFDI in Kansas was dominating all evening.  A couple of Cubans were 
doing well, expecially the one on 890, but the Mexicans weren't as good 
as I often get them under auroral conditions.  The aurora did net me one 
new one, Pagosa Springs CO on 1400.

**Bob Carter: I'm loving this.....finally some night-time coverage 
without much interference locally! I've noted hearing Norfolk's WTAR AM 
850 here at night...which most of the time it is just under the noise 
floor. The AM band sounds like an early winter afternoon here 
tonight....nothing to strong...and a lot of weak stuff. I had to make a 
run to the station tonight ..not only for the time change,but a litte 
early spring thunder storm knocked me off the air.In my 5 minute ride to 
the station,the usual hussle from WFIL and the station in Columbia SC 
that normally bounces in here when I'm down...well 560 sounded very 
quiet with something way in the background. Can we arrange more of these 
solar flares?....its nice not to have to deal with the religious bad 
engineer sounding stuff from the north and red neck talk from the south!

**JohnCallarman - Krum TX: 
Finally was able to get away from distractions ... Final Four, company, 
genealogy, and the urge to sound off ... and tuned the dial for a couple 
of hours. It hadn't been exciting Thursday or Friday nights when I tuned 
in, but there were some unusual signals tonight ... unfortunately, most 
went unidentified ... as some of the channels seemed to be Mexican 
graveyard frequencies.
  I was particularly interested in 1100, where there was no sign of 
Cleveland, and the Arizona station wasn't much of a problem. At least 
two Spanish speakers were heard, but I couldn't bring anyone up ... did 
hear one mention something that sounded like "programa fin de la semana" 
at 0500 UCT, but it went into the mud. There appeared also to be a het 
that read 1099.5, but by 0601 had disappeared. Local announcer was 
talking informally about several upcoming events or programs ... at 0603 
"La Paranda de Fin de Semana" appeared to be ad for some kind of event 
... then short announcement from which call letters XETGO could clearly 
be picked out, then followed the Mexican National Anthem and station 
left the air at 0605. Thus, the pipeline from Zacatecas to Krum 
  There were some weak signals on 1020, including one I was finally able 
to bring up at 0548 with a female vocal, accompanied simply by guitar 
and trumpet. Man at 0550:30 mentioned what sounded like "el programa 
aquaviva" as announcer (or preacher) talked of mail received from 
several places in Mexico, including Merida, Yucatna, Rio Grande and 
somewhere in Zacatecas. It appeared the program originated in 
Guadalajara, Jalisco, and was religious in nature. The announcer/ 
preacher said "Gloria, Gloria, Alleluia" at 0553:50, then vocal group 
with ranchero style accompaniment sang "Gloria, Gloria, Alleluia, 
Querido Salvador" to the tune of the Battle Hymn of the Republic. The 
same man continued to talk from 0555 to 0559:40, gave address of 
Apartado uno something, Guadalajara, Jalisco, just before fading into 
oblivion. Unidentified, drat.
  There was a hashy noise on some of the fequencies, but I was able to 
pick out a few slogans which led me to believe I had a couple of 
stations I haven't taped before. At 0514:30, slow nortena style female 
vocal ended on 1070, heard odd-voiced male announcer (at least, not the 
typical Mexican station locutor) metnion "La Nortena de ..." two and a 
half minutes of talk of some kind and definitely picked out "La Nortena 
de Obregon" shortly before a femal began to talk. Must have been XEOBS.
  Had fairly good signal on 1010, which usually is a jumble, and at 
0529:40 there was a quick announcement between songs "Diez Diez AM, La 
...." and machine gun sound; I'll have to check tape but I suspect it 
was La Poderosa, ZEHL, Guadalajara.
  Found poetic narrative in Spanish by man with group vocal in 
background, then in foreground, on 930, well atop and alone, at 0533 ... 
and I hoped for something different from what has become the only 
Mexican I can hear on this frequency, the one in Fresnillo, Zacatecas. 
At 0534, the romantic song ended, a female announcer said simply, 
merely, clearly and only "XEQS" before the next song began, dashing my 
hopes for something new on this channel.

Powell E. Way III (4/1): It seemed like the AM band was almost dead here 
last night except for everything south coming in [including lots of 
static from the severe thunderstorms caused by the front stalled across 
central Florida..] WCOS 1400 normally is at the maximum night distance 
at my house. Just less than 1/4 mile down US 1 toward Lexington and they 
are gone. BUT last night I got them an ADDITIONAL 15 miles down I-20!!  
WLAC was a whisper and 1500 and 1530 were just totally silent as were 
most of the stations I hear well that are north of me. WBT was TOTALLY 
groundwave reception!!  I went out to Fairview (the I-20 / US 178 exit)  
to see if I could see the aurora...nope. I piddlee with the radio and 
came back and took a pain pill. I had double hernia surgery Monday so 
I'm still sore and fade out ( is that a selective fade) quickly.

**Mark Connelly - MA (4/2): I noted rather average MW conditions when I 
listened Sunday night (1 APR) around 11.30 p.m. EDT.  Strong WJR Detroit 
on 760 with no evidence of Latin Americans, CKLW-800 challenging local 
WCCM, WLS tangling with local WBPS-890, WMVP/CKBW on 1000, etc.  The 
only domestic channels that seemed sub-par were from 1100 (where 
Cleveland was weaker than usual) up to 1180 (where WHAM was a bit on the 
weak side, allowing some Cuba to sneak by).  I was unimpressed as I'd 
thought (given all the talk about auroral activity) that even at my 
mediocre home QTH, I'd have a few Latin Americans to DX.  Maybe I'm just 
spoiled by the DX sessions I used to have on Cape Cod where some Latin 
American DX could be had any night whether it was auroral or not.

**Benjamin Dangerfield - Wallingoford PA: Aurora type reception is 
better tonight and seems to cover the entire band.  The 1000's and 
1100's are full of SS stations and the 1500's sound like nulls.  ZNS-
1540 is going great guns while Bermuda-1280 has been in and out with 
WADO with religious programs.  As usual, the dominant 780 is Radio Coro, 
Venezuela.  Lots of strong Cubans [including 1331] and several 
Colombians very good.  Dominican Rep. atop 860 at times.  No TAs except 
maybe a weak 684.

**Michael - mshaw002@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Two great resources for solar information:
  Solar Images at SDAC: http://umbra.nascom.nasa.gov/images/
  Space Weather  http://www.spaceweather.com/
  Excellent software (Active Beacon Wizard ++): this one does it all:

**Rick Kenneally - Wilton, CT - woodlandview@xxxxxxxxx

Also try: http://www.sec.noaa.gov/SWN/

Glenn Hauser - wghauser@xxxxxxxxxxx


  It always pays to check all RFPI frequencies beyond their scheduled 
hours. For latest updates see our Anomaly alert page: 
  The latest update of this version is at 

Days and times here are strictly UT

Wed 2330 WOR WBCQ1 7415
Thu 2030 WOR WWCR 15685
Fri 0930 WOR WWCR 7435
Fri 1900 COM RFPI 21815-USB
Fri 1930 WOR RFPI 21815-USB
Fri 2115 MR  WWCR 15685
Sat 0100 COM RFPI 21815-USB 15049
Sat 0130 WOR RFPI 21815-USB 15049
Sat 0230 WOR WWCR 3215
Sat 0700 COM RFPI 7450
Sat 0730 WOR RFPI 7450
Sat 1130 WOR WWCR 15685
Sat 1300 COM RFPI 21815-USB 15049
Sat 1330 WOR RFPI 21815-USB 15049
Sat 1730 COM RFPI 21815-USB
Sat 1800 WOR RFPI 21815-USB
Sat 2330 COM RFPI 21815-USB 15049
Sun 0000 WOR RFPI 21815-USB 15049
Sun 0206 WOR WBCQ2 9335-CUSB
Sun 0230 WOR WWCR 5070
Sun 0530 COM RFPI 7450
Sun 0600 WOR RFPI 7450
Sun 0628 WOR WWCR 3210
Sun 1130 COM RFPI [suspended]
Sun 1200 WOR RFPI 21815-USB
Sun 1900 WOR WWCR 12160
Mon 0000 WOR WWCR 3215
Mon 0500 WOR WWCR 3210
Tue 1100 WOR WWCR 15685
Tue 1900 WOR RFPI 21815-USB
Tue 2000 COM RFPI 21815-USB
Wed 0100 WOR RFPI 21815-USB 15049 7450
Wed 0200 COM RFPI 21815-USB 15049 7450
Wed 0700 WOR RFPI 7450
Wed 0800 COM RFPI [suspended]
Wed 1300 WOR RFPI 21815-USB 15049
Wed 1400 COM RFPI 21815-USB 15049

For internet audio availability of these programs see 

**Pete Kemp - radioguy@xxxxxxxx

  Two Boston DJs suspended for making joke about hoof and mouth disease 
Associated Press
  Friday, March 30, 2001
  MONTPELIER, Vt. - Two Boston disc jockeys were suspended from their 
jobs today after an on-the-air joke about an outbreak of foot and mouth 
disease in Vermont.
  Andy Kingston, the general manager of the FNX Radio Network, said he 
suspended the pair known as Jaxon and the Pharmacist as soon as he 
learned  of the prank, which he called an ill-conceived, early April 
Fool's joke.
  ``I took them off the air immediately,'' Kingston said. The station 
would not release the real names of the disc jockeys.
  The two had already said on the air that they were joking. The station 
continued to run disclaimers after the two were suspended.
  Kingston said he did not know how long the two would be off the air. 
Other disciplinary actions against the pair were possible.
  ``They are a relatively new morning show,'' Kingston said. ``They are 
very talented but they went a little too far.''
  Vermont agriculture is dependent on its pristine image and unfounded 
rumors can be devastating, said Jason Aldous, a spokesman for the 
Vermont Department of Agriculture.
  ``We are doing everything we can so we don't see hoof and mouth and 
then see somebody do something like this is horrifying,'' Aldous said. 
``We've seen what can happen with product scares in the past.''
  Aldous said he felt the network's decisive handling of the hoax 
prevented it from doing any damage.
  ``If people are quickly informed this is a hoax it shouldn't have any 
impact at all,'' Aldous said.
  The FNX Network broadcasts on stations in Boston, Providence, R.I., 
Manchester, N.H., and Portland, Maine.
  Foot and mouth disease is spreading across Europe. The outbreak began 
in the United Kingdom. It was traced to pig swill that may have 
contained illegally imported meat.
  Officials in North Carolina on Friday announced they were testing a 
hog suspected of having the highly contagious disease. It poses no 
health threat to humans. 

**Pete Kemp - kz1z@xxxxxxxx

Radio effective immediately A news industry veteran of more than 21 
years, Barr joins ABC News Radio in New York.  Previously, Barr was a 
news anchor and reporter for 14 years at WJR Radio, an ABC affiliate 
station in Detroit, Michigan. Futterman, an award-winning radio news 
reporter based in Los Angeles wherehe will be reporting for both ABC 
News Radio and KABC Radio.  Futterman is a seasoned veteran and has 
worked at organizations such as Westwood One and CBS Radio and has 
reported for the BBC, CBC, CNN and CNBC.  Preston joins ABC News Radio 
as an anchor/correspondent based in New York. Previously, Preston was 
with WTMJ in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as the anchor of Wisconsin's Morning 
News. (tnx to Shop Talk 3/27/01)

***Greg Myers - tmyers01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Is there a definitive source on the web or otherwise providing info on 
the various time signal stations? The 2000 WRTH is not very effective.

***Willi Passmann - dj6jz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Just do a search for Time signal at http://www.radio-portal.org
  About 15 links related to that kind of stations.


  I was asking myself the same question a few days ago so I went to 
http://www.google.com and did a search for "JJY Tokyo" and many sites 
turned up that listed many of the time stations.  Here is one of them 
that seemed to be useful because it tells you when each is supposed to 
be on the air.  http://www.iprimus.ca/~hepburnw/dx/time.htm 
  There were a few others that had extensive lists (such as ODXA and a 
couple others) that did not inlude the times the stations were on the 
air.  (Not all time stations are on the air 24/7 like WWV, WWVH, CHU and 
others.)   Go to google.com and search for "JJY Tokyo" to see the other 
listed sites. 

**Pete Kemp - radioguy@xxxxxxxx

  'Dynamite Talk' Set to Blow Away Legendary WGAY
  By Frank Ahrens
  Washington Post Staff Writer
  Saturday, March 31, 2001; Page C03
  Washington's ailing "Music of Your Life" finally dies on Monday, 
clearing the way for "Dynamite Talk."
  Radio giant Clear Channel Communications, which owns easy-listening 
WGAY (1260 AM) and business WWRC (570 AM), will commence shuffling their 
formats on Monday, as the company prepares to launch a new talk station.
  According to Clear Channel, it will work like this:
  * On Monday, 1260 AM will stop playing the unpopular, money-losing 
music of your grandparents and begin simulcasting WWRC's business 
programming for one week. This means the same business shows will be 
heard on 570 and 1260.
  * On April 9, 1260 AM will take on the call letters WWRC and its 
business format.
  * On the same day, 570 AM will begin life as a talk station -- WTNT, 
calling itself "Dynamite Talk."
  The WGAY call letters, a fixture on the Washington radio dial for 
decades, will die along with the "Music of Your Life." Former WGAY 
morning host Eddie Gallaher, who had helmed a Washington microphone 
since 1947, retired in December, anticipating the station's demise.
  WTNT's lineup of talk show hosts will be announced next week. They 
will be a mix of syndicated and local hosts.
  "It will be issue-oriented talk," says Bennett Zier, the Clear Channel 
executive in charge of the company's eight Washington stations. "It will 
be whatever's hot, whatever people are talking about that day -- it 
could be politics, it could be lifestyle."
  WTNT is a potential threat to news-talk WMAL (630 AM). Once the city's 
powerhouse, the Disney-owned station has resided in the middle of the 
ratings for years.
  But John Butler, operations director at WMAL, says he'll wait to hear 
WTNT before he starts worrying about losing listeners. His station, he 
points out, tends to be more middle-of-the-road, aiming at 35- to 64-
year-old listeners.
  If WTNT does edgier talk, sprinkled with sex and other risque topics, 
it could be more of a threat to guy-talk WJFK (106.7 FM), which has 
Howard Stern and the "Don & Mike Show."
  WTNT will not enjoy the signal strength of other AMs, such as sports-
talk WTEM (980 AM) and all-news WTOP (1500 AM). And nighttime WTNT hosts 
will face an additional struggle, as the 5,000-watt station powers down 
to 1,000 watts from sundown to sunrise.
  Clear Channel is also changing Jam'n Oldies (99.5 FM) next week to a 
yet-to-be-announced music format.

****Alf Årdal - alfardal@xxxxxxxxx

  For those interested in daily updates from M Street,there is a 30 days
free access to M Street Daily!  http://www.mstreet.net/pages/39476.asp

**Tony - WLMCBuzzed@xxxxxxx

  Maybe I'm opening up one of those "strong parties on both sides" 
debates, but I've been thinking about buying myself a Sony ICF 
2010.....I've noticed alot of people on this list with one...I'm not too 
sure on technical details, so I shall resort to this list for help. 
Sorry if this email is a bit unsophisticated, I'm just 'getting started' 
compared to most on this list.  
  As of right now, for DXing (which for me doesn't involve much more 
than a radio and a Terk loop), I use any one of the following:
*Grundig Satellit 500
*Grundig Satellit 700
  Would there be anything gained in my DXing adventures by buying a 
2010, or am I pretty much covered with, say, the Satellit 700? Also, I 
understand the "phones out" and "line out" of the 2010 are both Mono, is 
this true?  Aside from DX'ing, I usually use the 700 (with its Stereo 
tape out) for airchecking FM while on the road....Also, the Satellit 700 
is limited to a mere 4khz bandwidth when in "WIDE" mode...Does the 2010 
have a wider "Wide" mode?

**Rick Kenneally - Wilton, CT - woodlandview@xxxxxxxxx

  Outside of my grandmother's old console set, I've never used a Grundig 
anything, so I can't offer any sort of comparison.  I do, however, own 2 
Sony 2010s and love them.  Audio is not their strong point, and it is 
not what I use them for.  I believe you are right, that the audio 
outputs are mono.  Again, I don't use them for stereo listening.
  What I do use them for is DX, and the synchronous detection/selectable 
sideband feature is fantastic.  It is tremendously effective at 
improving reception in the midst of a crowded AM band.
  The wide filter is indeed wide - too wide to be at all useful to a 
DXer, and wide enough that a SWL will hear 5khz tones.  But for 
listening to AM locals, it's fine.
  I installed the Kiwa wide filter modification, and it provided 
slightly better selectivity than the stock narrow filter, with MUCH 
better audio.  I also installed the narrow filter, but screwed it up so 
can't as yet comment on it.
  There is some significant circuit noise in my older set, but the newer 
one is quieter.  Neither is as quiet or as selective as my old 
Hammarlund HQ-180 when it was in top form, but the Sonys are 
maintenance-free while the HQ-180 took constant care and feeding.
  For sheer ability to copy stations under challenging circumstances, I 
don't think you can beat the 2010 anywhere near its price range and 
portability.  Stop by your local Barnes & Noble and read the reviews in 
either the World Radio and TV Handbook or, better yet, in Passport to 
World Band Radio.  Those are probablyyour best source of independent 
review and comparison.
  Also, there is an ICF2010 user group on Yahoo.

**David Hochfelder - hochfeld@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  I faced a similar decision in the fall about whether to buy the 2010.  
I did so at the urging of several people on this list.  Of course, I 
didn't already have a Grundig Satellit.  I think it works great, and the 
synchronous detection and selectivity are both wonderful.  I'm able to 
pull in stuff adjacent to the New York City powerhouses 30 miles up the 
road. I've also been very happy with the Kiwa Pocket Loop antenna, 
although from what I've heard and read, Quantum makes a great AM DXing 
antenna too.  The downsides to the 2010:  longwave doesn't do much, 
although maybe that's more of an antenna and power line noise issue.  I 
also find that the knob tuning is not great; because it's digital it 
doesn't have a continuous feel.

**Bruce Conti - BACONTI@xxxxxxx

  Get the Sony ICF-2010; even better, get it with the Kiwa filter 
upgrade.  The 2010 with Kiwa upgrade was my primary DX receiver for many 
years.  I cut my teeth on transatlantic DXing with the 2010.  It was 
even used at a  Newfoundland DXpedition.



The IRCA/DecalcoMania convention will be held on August 24-26 2001 at 
the Best Western Airport Inn, 10232 Natural Bridge Rd, St Louis MO  
63134.  DecalcoMania member Mike Sanburn (PO Box 1256, Bellflower CA) is 
your host (mikesanburn@xxxxxxxxxxx).  For reservations 1-800-872-0070 or 
(314) 427-5955.  Rates are $73/night (up to 4 people/room).  
Registration is $35/person.  Contact Mike for more information.

The WTFDA Convention will be held on July 27-29 2001 at the Super 8 
Lodge, 2773 Elder St, Boise ID 83705. Host is Frank Aden (4096 Marcia 
Pl, Boise ID 82704 - N7SOK@xxxxxxx).  For reservations (208) 344-8871 
(mention Frank Aden).  Rates are $62.10 (for a double).  Registration is 

2001 NRC Convention will be in Pittsburgh PA over Labor Day weekend.


     Geomagnetic Summary March 19 2001 through April 2 2001
      phil bytheway - Seattle WA - phil@xxxxxxxxxxx
      Tabulated from email status daily

  3/19   147    19    5    low-mod     unsettled-mis       - 9
    20   153    52    3    moderate    quiet-mis           - 7
    21   159     7    1    low-mod     quiet-unsettled     - 1
    22   183    13    3    low-mod     quiet-unsettled     - 8
    23   180    20    2    low-mod     quiet-active        - 7
    24   219    15    1    low-mod     quiet-unsettled     - 4
    25   217     8    1    low-mod     quiet-unsettled     - 3
    26   264     7    3    moderate    quiet-unsettled     - 1
    27   273    17    2    moderate    unsettled-mis       - 5
    28   274    25    5    moderate    quiet-active        - 7
    29   262    22    2    high        unsettled-mas       - 5 flare
    30   257    12    6    high        active-ses          - 10
  3/31   246   131    5    high        active-mas          - 7
  4/ 1   258    27    4    high        unsettled-active    - 7
  4/ 2   228    20    2    high        unsettled-mis       - 7 flare

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