[HCDX] Who is on 4945?
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[HCDX] Who is on 4945?

Hi list,

There was an excellent Latin-American morning today. Ecos del Torbes boomed
on 4980, Brasilians propagated well on 4905 and 4915. Then, at 0202 I found
a signal on 4945 kHz, not very strong, but noisy and utility-QRMed. First I
thought it was Radio Illimani from Bolivia, but then realized that language
is obviously Portuguese. Seemed as a call-in show, a song sounded at 0218.
At 0223 I heard an ID fragment ("La emisora rural centro .....").

Was this Emisora Rural A Voz do Sao Francisco, as listed in WRTH? (Hard to
believe, only 1 kW according to WRTH.)

73 & gd luck,
Dmitri Mezin,
Kazan, Russia

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