[HCDX] KGON's Cueing Transmitter on 25,950 kHz
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[HCDX] KGON's Cueing Transmitter on 25,950 kHz

Thanks to Herbert Visser for drawing my attention to where you can hear the audio stream of
KMP556. The following information is taken from the Web page:

KPM556 is a broadcast auxiliary station associated with KGON (FM), Portland,
Oregon.  It is a private, not-for-broadcast station that is used by KGON,
its primary station, to provide intercom, cues, and audio programs to
personnel working away from the main studio, usually during remote
broadcasts or special events.  During times when KPM556 is not being used
for these purposes, it may
transmit audio for conducting receiving antenna and remote location testing.

KPM556 transmits from the KGON Tower in the southwest hills of Portland.
Its frequency is usually 25,950 KHz, although it may occasionally transmit
on 25,870 KHz, 25,910 KHz, or 26,100 KHz.  Its power is 100 watts, and its
usual modulation is AM.

Questions or information about the station are always welcome.  Please
contact Larry Holtz, Dir. of Engineering, Entercom Portland, at 503-535-0371
or lholtz@xxxxxxxxx

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