[HCDX] auroral conditions
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[HCDX] auroral conditions

On Wed., 11 APR, I drove out to the Rowley, MA
salt-marsh for an after-work sunset period DX
session.  Conditions seemed rather auroral with
domestic skip suppressed.  Trans-Atlantics were
limited to the northwestern Africans.  Canary
Islands on 1179 was the first one to show up (at
2250 UTC).  Other TA's included Canaries - 621,
Western Sahara - 711.05, Algeria - 549, and -
the strongest of the lot - Mauritania on 783 (the
only TA I'd call "loud" at this time).   A
tantalizing TA was a het heard on 1548 seemingly
from the southeast.  With conditions likely
too auroral to let UK or Kuwait come in, I
thought of St. Helena.  The antennas on top
of the car just didn't have enough signal-to-
noise ratio to pull up audio on this bird.
Without a doubt, a good Beverage would have
handled this easily.  Pan-American zone skip
seemed of the short variety with good signals
from Bermuda on 1160 & 1280, but not much from
the Caribbean proper or from South America.
At 2340 UTC, Brazil-760 was heard with WCHP-NY
phased just after WVNE went off.  I was figuring
that many South Americans would be booming in,
as is often the case during these conditions,
once it got completely dark, but the Venezuelans
etc. failed to materialize.  As I was leaving
I heard Bahamas-1540 killing WPTR (0113 UTC:
12 APR).  I sat on 1660 for a bit, hoping that
the weak ripply Spanish speaker was the new
Puerto Rican, but it just turned out to be
WWRU-NJ with a "Radio Unica" ID.  No new DX
heard, but it was an interesting session.
I just wished I had a better antenna for
snagging an ID on that 1548 mystery.

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