[HCDX] DX-ing Venezuela
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[HCDX] DX-ing Venezuela

Hello !

Here is a list of venezuelan medium-wave stations that has been logged
in the Montreal area by Sheldon Harvey, an active DX-er wich I am in
touch since 3 weeks or so and wich have logged a large amount of
venezuelan stations. Many of them are regular stations here, in automn
and winter, and can boom even on my AM/FM radio with tape recorder and
CD player. A few however, are more rare and hard-to-hear and are rarely
reported even on the East Coast by DX-ers like Mark Connelly and Jean
Burnell who have a large water-front path to Latin America:

> 550 kHz- YVKE R. Mundial, Caracas
> 570 kHz- YVLX R. Rumbos, Villa de Cura
> 640 kHz- YVQO Ondas Portenas, Puerto La Cruz
> 670 kHz- YVLL R. Rumbos, Caracas
> 710 kHz- YVKY R. Capital, Caracas
> 740 kHz- YVNC R. Maracaibo, Maracaibo
> 740 kHz- YVNQ R. Caroni, Puerto Ordaz
> 750 kHz- YVKS R. Caracas, Caracas
> 760 kHz- YVQQ R. Puerto la Cruz, Puerto la Cruz
> 780 kHz- YVOD Ecos del Torbes, San Cristobal
> 780 kHz- YVMN R. Coro, Coro
> 830 kHz- YVLT R. Sensasion, San Antonio de los Altos
> 910 kHz- YVRQ R. Aeropuerto, Maiquetia
> 950 kHz- YVKG R. Informativa 950, Caracas
> 1000 kHz-YVNM R. Mundial Mil, Moron
> 1020 kHz-YVRS R. Mundial Margarita, La Asuncion
> 1020 kHz-YVMX R. Calendario, Maracaibo
> 1040 kHz-YVLB La Voz de Carabobo, Valencia
> 1080 kHz-YVNR R. Mundial 1080, Maracay
> 1080 kHz-YVQJ R. Barcelona, Barcelona
> 1110 kHz-YVQT R. Carupano, Carupano
> 1130 kHz-YVRL R. Ideal, Caraballeda
> 1150 kHz-YVMM R. Mundial Caribe, Punto Fijo
> 1170 kHz-YVKW R. Mil Sesenta, La Guaira
> 1200 kHz-YVOZ Radiotiempo, Caracas
> 1210 kHz-YVZT R. Anzoategui, Barcelona
> 1360 kHz-YVTI Catatumbo Internacional, Maracaibo
> 1500 kHz-YVRZ R. Dos Mil, Cumana

There many others venezuelan that can be heard in North America, but
most of them from the East Coast (ex.: YVSY Radio Vibracíon, Carupano
1470; Radio Fe y Alegria, Caracas, 1390; etc...) and as far as I know
noone of them have been heard inland. Radio Vibracíon seems easily heard
in Europe, than in North America. Christoph Mayer in Germany heard
Vibracíon on a regular basis, but here in North America, a pile of 1470
domestics block out the signal. However, except for Radio Vibracíon and
paerphaps a few other venezuelans, most venezuelan stations are easier
to heard from North America tham from Europe, as North America is much
closer geographically. But even if you are in Europe, with persistance,
I think that you could make a reasonable log of venezuelan MW stations.

Before I left, I want to inform you that Ecos del Torbes is currently
inactive on 4980. A lot of DX-ers say the same. Did they are off for
maintenance or antenna revision or they would gone inactive like a lot
of other venezuelan tropical band outlets in the past ?

That`s it for now !
I hope that any of you will find this logs usefull in DX-ing this nice
South American DX target on medium-wave.
73 and good DX !

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