[HCDX] two Pacific loggings
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[HCDX] two Pacific loggings

Hello again,


After ABC Alice Springs obviously left its frequency 2310, they seem to
operate on 4835 exclusively. However there are still local ABC stations
using their 120m band outlet.  Yesterday ABC Katherine came in very well
(S9) on 2485 at around 21.05 UTC. I enjoyed very much the phantastic signal
and stayed tuned for a while. The signal decreased after 21.30 UTC due to
the local sunrise in the Northern Territories.

2485  ABC Katherine, April 13, 2105-2115, English, song from Harry
Belafonte, excellent signal (S9),  // 2325, SINPO  45434


3344.8  RRI Ternate, April 13, 2120-2135, Bahasa Indonesia, radio play,
news, time signal, local ID. SINPO 34323

Antenna used in both cases: EWE

vy 73

Michael Schnitzer  -  mschnitzer@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Receiver:  JRC NRD-525
Antennas: 25m longwire
                  DX-One Professional
                  EWE to South America
                  EWE to Asia/Pacific
Location:  Hassfurt, Germany / Alemania

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