[HCDX] unid 13363,50 LSB
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[HCDX] unid 13363,50 LSB

Hi to all ! 
A Spanish language station has been heard on 13363,50 LSB during morning
hours here in Southern Finland (0500 to 0700 UTC or so). Everything from
Argentinian tangos to US top hits from the 60´s and 70´s. Rather strong
at times, but unid to me. 
Is causing QRM to AFRTS station on 13362 USB and vice versa. What a
small world ! 
Excellent pop oldies are available via AFRTS on 13254 USB. The freq is
listenable here until about 2100 UTC. Is it Guam ? Runs same format as
12579/ 4319 USB (Diego Garcia). 
Hats off to AFRTS for bringing "new life" into SWL ! Just like in the
good old days. 
Best regards & Happy Easter ! 


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