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Some fairly decent Eastern cx for a while this morning 4/27. The best in

1330    KFH    KS, Wichita, at 0656 EDT 4/27 with ID "on Hot Talk 13-30
KFH". (PM-OR) 

1560   WQEW   NY, NYC, heard with Radio Disney, several IDs about every
10 ten minutes (I wish other Radio Disney stations would ID this often)
as "Radio Disney 15-60 New York", Totally on top on KNZR at 0440 EDT
4/27. Best hrd in a long time. (PM-OR)

1590    KVGB   KS, Great Bens, a beautiful "local-like" signal at s/on
at 0659 EDT 4/27 at S(+30 DB. I have never heard KVGB this strong. I
thought they were 24 hours. (PM-OR)

1700   WEUP    AL, Huntsville, good at times on top of WAFN with Black
Gospel mx from 0616 EDT 4/27. At 0630 a ment. of love offerings and

1700   WAFN   FL, Miami Springs, very good with SS pgming and ID 0600
with ID in SS "W-A-F-N, Miami Springs, Maimi, Fort Lauderdale......" I
slogan sounded like "Radio Luz" (?) 4/27. I haven't heard this in
months. (PM-OR)

Drake R8
1500' Eastern Beverage

Patrick Martin
Seaside  OR

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