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Recent Latin American logs

BOLIVIA 3310 R. Mosoj Chaski  0925 nice clear signal   9 May

MEXICO  6010  Radio Mil 0930 Amanacer Campesino programme // 1000 Khz 9

PUERTO RICO 580  Radio Reloj  0940 ID by om "Radio Reloj Puertorequeno"
9  May

PERU  5175.62  Unid   andean music 0235-0250 with no chance to catch an
ID 13 May

PERU 5460.76 R. Bolivar 0230-0255 non stop vocals under 13 May

PERU 5677.9 R.Ilucan  0232*  13 May

PERU 6520.51 R. Paucartambo, good signal with instrumental and vocals
0237 0250 13 May

PERU 6536.15  R. Dif Huancabamba Great rustic music, vocals,  0230-0253
13 May

PERU 6782 R. Pacifico 0239 seemingly under UTE 13 May

PERU 6956.56 RLV de Campesino 0230; 0250-0300 blasting in with excellent
music. 13 May

Robert Wilkner
Pompano Beach, Florida
NRD 535D modified
Noise reducing antenna

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