[HCDX] Tropical Hams & DRM
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[HCDX] Tropical Hams & DRM

Da Stig Hartvig Nielsen:

> Listeners are best served by using the best fidelity available - and DRM
> obviously is a lot better than good old fashioned AM.

Broadcasters are leaving SW because they can reach listeners in more
effective ways (see SRI, BBC) - and the whole DRM story is based on the
assumption that people will run to buy a new generation of receivers just
for having the pleasure of listening to Radio Nederland and a few other
stations. To me, it is nonsense. The future of international broadcasting is
obviously satellite and the Internet - or whatever will come after Internet.
In the meantime, DRM experiments are just noise generators.

> When a radio amateur
> occupy a frequency it is intented only for the sake of two persons - the
> sender and the receiver. Unlike BROADCASTERS who is aimind at thousends, ten
> thousends or more LISTENERS at the same time.

Indeed. Still, I would rather spend my time trying to hear some 'narrowcast'
from an amateur in Anctartica on 160 mt. than listening to a DRM broadcast
from AWR in Forli'. Therefore I prefer thave more hams than DRMs - just a
matter of taste, I suppose.



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