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[HCDX] ILG Database

Dear Bernd,

I  am  very  sorry to read that a bunch of irresponsable ILG users are
about to jeopardize the future of this indispensable DXing tool.

I   think   that  your  proposal  to  require  IRC's in return for new
passwords  is  very  reasonable  and I'm positive that the majority of
faithful ILG users will support this idea.

Discontinuing  the  ILG  project  would be a great loss to the DXing
Community.   You    have   done   a   fantastic  job in the past and I
think  that  I can speak for the vast majority of ILG users when I say
that we are very appreciative of your outstanding effort.

In  view of this, I ask you to reconsider your decision not to publish
any more updates this year.

Vy 73's

Enzio Gehrig
Denia / Spain (38.50N/000.04E)

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