[HCDX] some loggings
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[HCDX] some loggings

hello again,

at present there is a special Peru-window from 2230 to 2400 UTC here in
central Europe. After this intervall the signals are decreasing again and it
makes no sense to spend the whole night in front of the receiver.

4960  R Federación, Sucua, November 24, 2300-2305, Shuar language, OM
talking, relatively good signal, SINPO 34323

4746.8  R Huanta 2000, November 24, 2235-2245, Spanish, interview,
advertisement, ID, SINPO 23322
4826.5  R Sicuani, November 24.11, 2245-2250, Spanish, time announcement,
mensajes, SINPO 23222
4855.5  R La Hora, Cusco, November 24, 2330-2340, Spanish, soccer, SINPO
4955  R Cultural, Amauta, November 24, 2305-2310, Spanish, soccer, SINPO
5009.5  R Altura, Cerro de Pasco, November 24, 2310-2325, Spanish, huayno
music, advertisement, mensajes, ID, new frequency (ex 3340), SINPO 22222
5039.2  R Libertad, Junín, November 24, 2325-2330, Spanish, jingle, ID,
O=1-2  (only in LSB audible)

vy 73

Michael Schnitzer  -  mschnitzer@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Receiver:  JRC NRD-525
Antennas: 25m longwire
                  DX-One Professional
                  EWE to South America
                  EWE to Asia/Pacific
Location:  Hassfurt, Germany / Alemania

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