[HCDX] China and Radio Free Asia on 4800 kHz
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[HCDX] China and Radio Free Asia on 4800 kHz

as I have already reported I hear a strong Chinese signal on 4800 kHz
relaying CNR 1. Artiom Prokhorov in Moscow reported a strong signal of Radio
Free China on this frequency.
Now he writes me the following interesting news and he also mentions the
missing signal on 4750 kHz (I have reported on it in a separate mail to HCDX

Hi, Karel
YES, last night (NOV 29) I DID hear CNR 1 on 4800 with superb quality at
2300 UTC
onwards and even with announcement in English at 2340 UTC. No trace of RFA
all on 4800 and 4820 and on 6050! Propagation trick? Maybe at your place at
same time you heard RFA instead of me?
No any signal last night on 4750

Interesting - is not it?


Karel Honzik
the Czech Republic (Czechia)

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