[HCDX] CKTM Trois Rivières 26143-26150 kHz
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[HCDX] CKTM Trois Rivières 26143-26150 kHz

I have now a real audio file online with the ID of CKTM Télévision (Canada).
You can hear it at http://gallery.uunet.be/gs/real/CKTM.rm

This audio studio link was first discovered by David Hodgson, Nashville TN,
USA, but not identified yet at that time. Now it seems to be clear that this
signal is originating from CKTM Trois Rivières, Canada. With some
cooperation from other DXers we managed to narrow down the result to this
station.  We do not have yet an e-mail or snail mail address available (or
website) but if somebody on the list knows more, please do not hesitate to
inform me, so that I can add it to my NFM home page.  The recording you can
hear was made by David on 26143-26150 kHz, 4 Nov 2001, 1330 UTC.

_________________ Guido Schotmans - Antwerp, BELGIUM __________________
RX: AOR AR 7030 - ANT: Wellbrook ALA 1530 outdoor active broadband loop
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