[HCDX] Jembatan DX No.121
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[HCDX] Jembatan DX No.121

JEMBATAN DX NO.121     2 December 2001

edited by Juichi Yamada
Dear friends,
I received  worm virus of Badtrans and became the victim of it. It was sent through many
e-mail address from my PC. Now the virus was removed from my PC and I can send you
my message. Many thanks for your advice and information about it.

Credit is given to the original contributors and Jembatan DX.
Reproduce in this newsletter is prohibited without permission of

Contribution on this issue is:
Juichi Yamada, JAPAN

*: Sign on or sign off.
+: Fade in or fade out.
SCI: the Song of the Coconut Islands.
RPK: Rayuan Pulau Kelapa. Same as above.

All times in UTC.
DX LOGGINGS-------------------------------------------------------
 3960.2   RRI Palu. Signed on adn connected to Jakarta news at 1900. After ending
             of the news, Indonesian pops program started. This is Ramadan special
             schedule. Poor condition but very nice for me for impossibility to pick up
             local evening program due to heavy interference.
             (Dec 1, 2001, Juichi Yamada, JAPAN)
15125.0  RRI Jakarta, Cimanggis. 2230 Indonesian music. SCI at 2258 then "Lintas
             Nusantara". Fair to good.
             (Nov 30, 2001. Juichi Yamada, JAPAN)
DX NEWS----------------------------------------------------------
RRI Jambi on 4925kHz is now singed off at 1600.
(Nov 29, 2001, Juichi Yamada, JAPAN)
According to the information from RRI Jakarta, RRI is now going the discussion
   with Germany about planning for developing the transmission equipment with
   digital FM Network for Pro-3 (News Channel). 
(Juichi Yamada, JAPAN)
MONITORING REPORT-----------------------------------------------
Sign on time monitoring during Ramadan period:
3214.8  RRI Manado          *1759-
3264.6  RRI Gorontalo      *1829-
3324.9  RRI Palangkaraya  *1855-
3344.9  RRI Ternate        *1759-
3960.2  RRI Palu             *1900-
4925.0  RRI Jambi           *1859-
Many RRI Stations start with exotic interval signals. It is worth to hear them.
In Japan Ramadan is good chance to hear them and record in tape.
(Juichi Yamada, JAPAN)

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