[HCDX] ADMIN: viruses
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[HCDX] ADMIN: viruses


Lately some HCDX subscribers have been infected with viruses. Within last
two weeks I must have rejected about 20-30 virus warnings sent to the list.
There has been no viruses distributed through the list! So, I don't think
that it's wise use of the list to warn the list about a problem which haven't
occured on the list.

So far all the viruses claimed to be on the list have been sent directly to
you if you've received any. Those infected computers are harvesting your email
addresses and getting it through your HCDX contribution has been one of the
ways. But as I said, AFAIK none of the viruses has been sent through the list.

There are few things you can do to keep viruses out:

1) Install a virus scanner (McAfee/Norton etc).
2) Keep the program updated.
3) Don't open unknown attachments.
4) Update your mail programs - especially if you are using Microsoft products (Outlook/Outlook Express)

This list is not a virus discussion list. I don't think it's our job to educate
about viruses and send warnings. This email will (hopefully) be the last time I 
or anyone else will comment the issue for a while. 

Everyone in the Internet age should have enough skills to
keep the viruses out and there are many forums to do this other than HCDX. We
want to focus on DXing, not these off-topic discussions. We are checking 
all incoming mails and if they have viruses they will be discarded (yes, there 
has been few attempts to send you virus through the list.)

Comments directly to me, please.


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