[HCDX] Clands and more
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[HCDX] Clands and more

Some cland logs 

Point : House , R75 + 16 m wire 

Cland 15230 V of Mezopotamia 0859 after song plays  YL ID ing in kurdish as Harium kum darusalam di Kurdistan giving freqs then immediately with news. 0913 with  quranic verses 0920 with songs till 0945 whern clear ID was
 given as " denge Mezopotamia" with freqs and telephone. Again ID and continues with nice western background music and talks by man. 0954 with Kurdish folk music . SINPO 32433 before 0900 but on 0930 as 33433from a medium
 level carrier on 15229 Liangas Dec 2 house , Retziki GReece 

CLAND  5640 V of Mujahed 1834 man talking in farsi , main theme on Talebans .QRM by jammer until 1838 . Drum music on background MAn giving freqs  , tel number and IDing R sedaye Mujahed. SIgnal 34333 Liangas Dec 1 house 
, Retziki GReece 

SEYCHELLES  9525 FEBA 1827 with ID and ID in French . S9 /42432Best on LSB or offtune Liangas Dec 1 house , Retziki GReece 

Pirate greek 2920.3 1840 with greek music [old folks] . It is possibly not 
harmonic as nothing  could be foundon MW band.Did not gave ID for more than 40 
Liangas Dec 1 house , Retziki GReece 

Mini logs 
Spur 10000 //9895 with signal of S2 ! 1612 Dec 1 
Also : CHINA CNR has been found on 6265 on 28.11 on 2240 over Qinghai and 
signal S9+10 
pen-DX sejak 72 - anggota World-DX-Club 2104,Play DX, dll
PP: R75/HF150/MVT7100/D2935  + 16m/1x1 + MFJ16010/1040/1025/752c/462 
/trip2k.htm (dlm Bkk,SNG,BAli)   /MP3_comp.htm comparison Xing/Fastenc 
/napa.htm crash test Napa DAV315 MP3 player 
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