[HCDX] ALI active this weekend on 48 and 19 mb SW
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[HCDX] ALI active this weekend on 48 and 19 mb SW

Hi there all.
have made again some major changing in our studio and as we are done with it
you might find us again this weekend ( aswell tonight) again on the 48 mb
and also on our house freq 15070 khz AM
Have no exact times but if you have a bit of spare time be sure to check
Props improofed the last weeks again and sometimes big time.
So the more reason for us to be active again.
Friends, have nice catching.

Take a look in our studio, guess webcam catched a newe frame and it could
also be that the cam is running.

our email adress is alinter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

AND!! for those that are not a member of our huge SW pirates mailing
group.......!!! See info below and JOIN
SW Pirates group!! Info below!
Greetings, Alfred
The Alfa Lima web page.
Our qsl and info sheet??
send your RR's to:
Alfa Lima International
pobox 663
7900ar Hoogeveen
the Netherlands
enclose 1 irc/ us$ for reply
The Sw pirates group.
Receive the latest info
Simply subscribe by sending a blanc email to:
Or more info at:  http://www.egroups.com/group/SWpirates
here the SW pirates webring.
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