[HCDX] 4866 and also 4939,9 strange voice mirror again
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[HCDX] 4866 and also 4939,9 strange voice mirror again

Some weeks ago I reported hearing a strange French voice mirror on 4866 USB.
Tom (DL8AAM) informed that this is the FAF.
Friday 7 december at 2315UTC I heard them again on 4866 USB.
Today, 8 december, at 1725UTC I heard a similar vm on 4939,9 USB.
This last vm has included, besides the days of the weeks and the months of
the year, also the numbers 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69. These are
mentioned after the days of the week and before the months of the year.
Max van Arnhem
The Netherlands

> Hi !
> this voice-mirrow (Months, Weekdays) is from the French Air Force,
> sorry these vm's don't give the exact station (as the vvv-tapes in CW)
> So it could be FDC (Metz), FDY (Orleans), FDG (Bordeaux), FDI22
> (Nice), but its a station from thsi Network for sure
> 73, Tom - DL8AAM

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