[HCDX] Sri about 1386
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[HCDX] Sri about 1386

Hi loggings made outside Trollhättan, Sweden

1386, sorry not 1368 is Carillon Radio, another typo. I am haunted by them..

Once again back to the Bristish Isles yesterday afternoon and this morning

990   09Dec 1405 BBC Radio Nan Gaidheal, Aberdeen, this time really in
                        Gaelic.  Sound mix with Magic AM, Doncaster. And Deutschlands-
                        Radio Berlin surpressed as good as I could. Radio Slavyanka
                        probably only on Mo-Fr ?

981 10Dec  0305 Star Country Radio, Craigavon, a long fine suite of Irish 
                     nostalgica. Easy getting out of bed-listening. QSA 1-4

999 10Dec 0400 Valleys Radio, Ebbw Vale beat Magic 999, Preston, but
                     just for a minute or so. 

and to Florida

1660 10Dec 0405 WMIB, Marco Island, FL good with the wx. "News radio"
                      only signal on this QRG at the time and good.

73 Good DX-ing

Johan Berglund, AR7030, K9AY, logwire

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