[HCDX] Jembatan DX No.122
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[HCDX] Jembatan DX No.122

JEMBATAN DX NO.122  2 December 2001

edited by Juichi Yamada
Selamat Idul Fitri 1 Syawal 1422 H !!!
Credit is given to the original contributors and Jembatan DX.
Reproduce in this newsletter is prohibited without permission of

Contribution on this issue is:
Alan Davies, INDONESIA
George Maroti, U.S.A.
G. Victor A. Goonetilleke, SRI LANKA
Hard-Core DX,
Juichi Yamada, JAPAN

*: Sign on or sign off.
+: Fade in or fade out.
SCI: the Song of the Coconut Islands.
RPK: Rayuan Pulau Kelapa. Same as above.

All times in UTC.
DX LOGGINGS-------------------------------------------------------
  927      RRI Pakenbaru. Fair strength and readability around 1240 past 1415 mixed
             with AIR Visakhapatnam.
              (Dec 12, 2001, G. Victor A. Goonetilleke, SRI LANKA)
2703      Unidentified. Over the last three days, I've been hearing a very strong
             signal a fraction above 2703 kHz, carrying Islamic religious services
             including calls to prayer, Koranic recitations and what sound like sermons
             and announcements. There are also some long pauses when coughing and
             various other 'noises off' are audible. Hours seem to be variable, but
             there's an evening transmission at 1030v-1430v and it's also on during
             the local daytime around 0400. I would suspect that there might also be a
             transmission in the very early morning around 2000-2100 UTC for the
             early morning prayers and beginning of the Ramadan fasting period, but I
             have not checked at this time. I cannot hear any IDs or other
             announcements, including at sign-on and sign-off, except for an Arabic
             valediction just before the 'clunk' when the microphone is switched off at
             the end of transmission. The transmitter then remains on with open
             carrier for a few minutes. I have no information about what this station is,
             but my theory is that it must be coming from a mosque somewhere in
             Malang city. Even during daytime, reception is excellent here with no
             fading and it is probably the strongest signal on the shortwave bands. Audio
             and the standard amplitude modulation are also good. The content is not
             carried on any of the regular local mediumwave or FM stations.
             (Dec, 2001, Alan Davies, Malang-INDONESIA)
2960      Unidentified. At 1230 Indonesian. Is this RRI or RPD Tinkat Dua Manggrai?  
             DSWCI lists as RRI. WRTH as RPD2?  It was tooweak to ID for details.
             (Dec 12, 2001, G. Victor A. Goonetilleke, SRI LANKA)
3325      RRI Palangkaraya. 2159-2201 SCI just before ToH, then RRI ID by OM.
             First time I've heard them in the afternoon. SINPO 23332. Also heard the
             next afternoon with equal quality.
             (DXpedition in Chamberlain, Maine, Dec 7, 2001, George Maroti, U.S.A.)

3325      RRI Palakaraya. Very regular, usual RRI format. It is so nice to have this
             and 3345 so regularly at least to remember those lovely years of many 
             many RRIs on 120 and 90 m,b. Best 1230 to s.off 1600. Dont find any
             Ramadan extentions after 1600.
             (Dec 12, 2001, G. Victor A. Goonetilleke, SRI LANKA)
3344.8   RRI Ternate (presumed). 2054-2100 Music, talk by OM, into SCI at ToH,
             then more talk by OM. This is the best I've ever heard them on the East
             Coast, but unfortunately only with SINPO of 14331.
             (DXpedition in Chamberlain, Maine, Dec 8, 2001, George Maroti, U.S.A.)

3344.8   RRI Ternate. S.off at 1400. The last  30 minutes usually has very nice
             Indonesian mx
             (Dec 12, 2001, G. Victor A. Goonetilleke, SRI LANKA)
3905.0    RRI Merauke. Signed on at 1959. instrumental music, SCI, then Jakarta
             news relay entitled "Warta Berita". After news relay, some dangdut music
             and several message for Idul Fitri whch is same meaning as Lebaran. Good
             signal and PNG on the same frequency was underneath Merauke.
             (Dec 16, 2001, Juichi Yamada, JAPAN)
3976      RRI Pontianak. 1108-1112 Soft pop music, talk by OM, choral music,
             mention of RRI by OM. SINPO 32432 due to ARO QRM.
             (DXpedition in Chamberlain, Maine, Dec 8, 2001, George Maroti, U.S.A.)

4000      RRI Kendari. Good signals with splatter from Padang at 1315 
             (Dec 12, 2001, G. Victor A. Goonetilleke, SRI LANKA)
4000.08  RRI Kendari (presumed). 2122-2128 Talk by YL, then brief music bridge
             and mention of RRI by YL. First time that I've heard them in the
             afternoon. Ham QRM spoiled things, making this a SINPO of 23332. Also
             heard the next afternoon, with approximately the same signal quality.
             (DXpedition in Chamberlain, Maine, Dec 7, 2001, George Maroti, U.S.A.)
 4753.3   RRI Makassar. 2119-2124 Pop vocals in Indonesian by YL, deep voiced
              male announcer with presumed song introductions.  SINPO 34433.
             (DXpedition in Chamberlain, Maine, Dec 7, 2001, George Maroti, U.S.A.)
15125.0  RRI Jakarta, Cimanggis. 2353 Special program on Hari Raya, entitled
             "Siaran Lansung" with SCI, talk about Lebaran, speech by man. The
             program was ended at 0048 after chorus of "Satu Nusa Satu Bangsa".
             Signal was good and no interference.
             (Dec 16, 2001, Juichi Yamada, JAPAN)
MONITORING REPORT-----------------------------------------------
Local early morning broadcast monitoring in Ramadan during November 16 -
December 15, 2001(UTC time)
Sign on time is varied several minutes day by day.
3214.8  RRI Manado          *1800-
3264.6  RRI Gorontalo      *1830-
3324.9  RRI Palangkaraya  *1855-
3344.9  RRI Ternate        *1800-
3905.0  RRI Merauke       *2000- AS usual.
3960.2  RRI Palu             *1900-
4000.1  RRI Kendari        *2100- As usual.
4753.4  RRI Makassar      -2100-
4789.1  RRI Fak Fak        *1900-
4925.0  RRI Jambi           *1900-
6069.8  RRI Jayapura       *2000- As usual.
6153.4  RRI Biak             -2100- Maybe usual schedule.
(Juichi Yamada, JAPAN)
QSL INFORMATION--------------------------------------------------
RRI Pontianak 3976.8kHz: FINALLY!! after 8 reports over 10 years I received a
   full data photo of the studio building in 37 days with info on back for a 1997
   report on 3976.8 kHz. V/s: St. Ruddy Banding. Indo# 43!
   (Dec 11, 2001, Terry Palmersheim via Hard-Core-DX Digest)

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