[HCDX] erata at previous logs
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[HCDX] erata at previous logs

Datum  errata : please igmnore the previous mesage  as  the dates have been 
noticed erroneously with 14.12 .Also R khara is at the end and web link is 
shown  for the Italy item first shown below 
Sorry for  the problem !

ITALY  13840  IRRS 1114 relaying R Casablanca in German . ID heard from 
the web link http://mp3.nexus.org:8000/irn.mp3  and checked for parallel with 
this freq. , delay of abt 1 sec. Signal abt S2 max with strong QRN from monitor 
7120 was S4-5 max but much clearer . report has been sent to Alfredo 
Cotroneo who already responded me Liangas 14 Dec Retziki THS Greece 

UnIDed 3860 spur?  2120  talks by man and woman in Bulgarian or Russian  
Liangas 14 Dec Retziki THS Greece 

UnIDed 4940 SLBC > 2223 man with Quranic preaches , 2230  man in Hindi 
type lang  without IDing  and then  Quranic talks continued again 2250 new 
tune in with Quranic continuation , about 2359 with station underneath , 2300 
passes with Quranic preaches , without ID . New preaches after 2135. After 
2330 fade out Liangas 14 Dec Retziki THS Greece 

USA 5070 WWCR  2234 man talking abt USA goodies , floody stuff . Signal 
S7, 44434 Liangas 14 Dec Retziki THS Greece 

VENEZUELA 4980  Ecos del Torbes 2305 man speaking with background 
music . Signal is S6 but low modulation Liangas 14 Dec Retziki THS Greece 

IN'SIA 9680  RRI Jakarta 2332  playing song 'Astaga'- pop song-  from Ruth 
Sahanaya S5 Liangas 14 Dec Retziki THS Greece 

USA 5745 WHRI?  0900 man talking in Eg  with background music,S2 hard to 
understand due to high background noise ( 24222 Liangas 15 Dec Retziki 
THS Greece 

CHINA 9780 CNR2 or minority for 0950  seems to have talks in tibetan and 
after 0954  strong QRM  from local like carier . At 1020 checked to be //17700 
( CNR2) with  delay abt 1 sec Liangas 15 Dec Retziki THS Greece 

CHINA 11890 CNR song till 1000 then advert . Clock by YL it is 1800 (in 
Chinese )  hen again ads Signal S5 or 24232 Liangas 15 Dec Retziki THS 
XINJIANG  Signals from Xinjiang heard as early as 1425  with 4980 with S8 
and 5060 at S9+10 for 17.12  

USBEKISTAN? 5040 R Uzbekistan?Georgia?  1415 talks by YL in turkic 
language songs on 1426 POssibly gap till 1430  with program in Chinese 
without  clear ID 'asheme ??  guangbo diantai' Underneath another station 
posibly Georgia Signal level S9 Liangas 17 Dec Retziki THS Greece 

R Khara 4875 , 1705 with talks by OM and YL in lang , 1705 with western 
disco then talks continue with news and soing again at 1712 .Signal is S9 +10 
nearly overmoded with FSK signal on 77.  Liangas 17 Dec Retziki 
Indian  signals: at 1720
4840 	S9 
4860	S8
4920	s7
4910	S9
4950	S9

5050 tanzania S9 
5060 Xinjiang S9+10 

pen-DX sejak 72 - anggota World-DX-Club 2104,Play DX, dll
PP: R75/HF150/MVT7100/D2935  + 16m/1x1 + 
/trip2k.htm (dlm Bkk,SNG,BAli)   /MP3_comp.htm comparison Xing/Fastenc 
/napa.htm crash test Napa DAV315 MP3 player 

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