[HCDX] Trollhättan, Sweden calling
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[HCDX] Trollhättan, Sweden calling

I have un unid on 7090, 16 and 17 Dec at 0600 QSA 2-3 and of course 
a lot of ham QRM. Fading at 0700 and lost in noise. Program probably
in Dari, " darí " and " Kabul.." heard at 0639 today. Music very much like
the one 8700U Psyops has taught us to enjoy, plus one that definitely was 
rapping, but in language I can't understand. Today also 0625 to 0635 
a program for children, I suppose, as these adults heard talked in a most
"childish" way, as  adults usually use addressing small kids.... 

4940 16Dec 1320-1500 Radio Miks-Master, Yakustk on top of AIR
           Guawati, actual name Miks-Master not heard, px was in Yakutian.
           Id included Sahka and Yakutsk , signal peaking at 1410 with QSA 4
           when you could hear the breath of the announcers. Strange language
           and strange music. No evidence of commercials, tho.

7120 and 13840  0915 16Dec  IRRS testing new 13840. Same proramme, 
          but delayed 4 seconds on 13840. Must have been something wrong with
          the soundtrack of the px in Italian (woman), as both qrgs had the same 
          voices in German underneath. When music was played this  was gone, 
          also when a male announcer gave web addresses. 7120 better than
          13840 ( QSA 4, QSA 2-3 resp.), but later at 1130, 13840 had improved
          a bit and 7120 was subject to fast fading, but still good.  At that hour
          different programs (in German) on these qrgs.

9769.8  16Dec1856 Yemen with a fantastic signal. Tx must have been replaced
         by a stronger one, compared with Sep to Nov loggings. QSA 4+ and I
         was first fooled to think it was VOIRI. Just heard the final minutes of the
         60 minutes of the English Service of Sana'a Radio,  as they said.  After
         a break, program in Arabic.  

Busy days, take a break, do some DX-ing. 73 and Good DX-ing

Johan Berglund, outside Trollhättan, near the west coast of Sweden
AOR7030 K9AY and longwire       

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