[HCDX] rapid Peruvian QSL
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[HCDX] rapid Peruvian QSL


Radio San Antonio, Atalaya, Perú, 4940, answered an e-mail report after
exactly one day! The director of the station is Gerardo Zerdin
(zerdin@xxxxxxxxxxxx). Sr. Zerdin is a catholic priest and comes from
Croatia. He expresses his surprise that many people in the world can read
und write the Spanish language. Obviously he has got some reports recently
written in good Castellano.

He promises to send to me a "certificado de recepción" in the next days via
the normal postal way. However he points out, that the postal services
wouldn't run very well there, because there are a few roads only. The only
way of transport would be the Ucayali river and sometimes an airplane is
landing in Atalaya.

Well, we will see, if the Rio Ucayali can carry a QSL, too. In any case I
was very pleased to get once again a message (even if only an electronic
one) from this exotic corner of the world.


Michael Schnitzer

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