[HCDX] Log from Milano
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[HCDX] Log from Milano

Just some tips

11725 18/12 1700 R. New Zealand Int. Id, news in English 44444

11734,1 18/12 1705 R. Zanzibar Tanzania  Talks 32432

21675  18/12 1715 R. Martì Usa Usual talks about Cuba in Spanish

Rx: RX320 by TenTec - Ant: T2FD


Giampiero Bernardini
Milano, Italy

Rx: AOR AR7030, Lowe HF150, TenTec RX320, Kenwood R5000,
Grundig Satellit 700 with 3x80 khz filters, Sony SW100

In Tuscany: Long wires 100 meters with magnetic balun by A.
Capra; 30 meters with magnetic balun by  RF Systems; Fracarro 5
elements for FM
In Milan: T2FD 15 meters folded dipole by RF Systems; MW loop
modified by A.Capra
Others: Active RF systems DX one pro & DX 10; long wire 12 & 20
meters with magnetic balun by RF Systems

Visita il sito di Gregorio di Nissa:

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