[HCDX] Re 4940
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[HCDX] Re 4940

re my reporting of Mix-Master 4940 last Sunday, Dec 16,  until 1500.
Sorry friends,  it was a bad mistake. I shouldn't have submitted it. It was not any wild imagination that lead me wrong. The px format was strange and didn't sound 
international at all, a word or two here and there, music styles that I had never
heard before, all that  put together fooled me. I apologize.

Many thanks to  Vladimir Kovalenko, Tomsk for letting me and others know. That's what  the lists are for, aren't they ?  Ironically  the very next morning, Monday  Dec 17, around 0900 it was the right station there. With the right format.

73 and Good DX Johan Berglund, Trollhättan, Sweden   

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