[HCDX] Is Radio Western 3305 active?
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[HCDX] Is Radio Western 3305 active?

Hello all!
Is there anyone out there who knows if Radio Western, PNG 3305 is active
on this frequency in the European evenings?
Last night (Dec 20th.) there were weak signals a.o. others from SIBC
5019,9, Radio New Ireland 3904,98 and Radio Manus 3315, but also at
20.20 UTC fractions of a program on 3305. Antennas, music (the little
that was heard) and time (although beeing some minutes late maybee)
point at Indonesia/PNG-area. I can´t think of something else but PNG
Best regards from
Jan Edh, Hudiksvall, Sweden (DX-ing in Fredriksfors)

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