[HCDX] Comments on 1602
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[HCDX] Comments on 1602

Hi, a few thoughts from Trollhättan, Sweden about unneccesary noise.


1602 kHz is a complete mess due to the substandard transmitter
in Hungary (Radio Egerzed). It is unbelievable that it can't be
adjusted. A problem of money ? Of technical skill ? Or is it just
plain laissez-faire from the part of the station management ? And
it seems that there's no end to it.

Any broadcaster in most countries doing the same  thing would 
have been severely fined or stopped all together. And perhaps with
some technical manager shaking bars for a couple of weeks
 in the end.

To rid yourselves  of the problem, here's my advice to our Hugarian
friends. Sell the scrap to Mr. Saddam Hussein of Iraq.   I'm told 
that there's still some good dough down there. You will at least find
one happy buyer as broadcasts against the Bagdad regime are pro-
filerating, and there will always be some  new hole for Mr. Hussein 
to plug and jam. If he isn't interested, try Mr. Fidel Castro, Habana,
Cuba, but then you must be prepared to give a long-time credit.

By the way, what about Hungarian broadcasting supervisionary
authorities ? Having a long good nap ?

73 Johan Berglund,Trollhättan, Sweden

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