re: Re: [HCDX] New Broadacast on 4760 / 5005
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re: Re: [HCDX] New Broadacast on 4760 / 5005

> From: "BCL NEWS.IT" <bclsiciliaclub@xxxxxxxxx>

>R. Liberty - tx in Tajikistan - Dushanbe
>4760 0100-0200 Tatar-Bashkir
>4760 1630-1700 Tatar-Bashkir
>5005 1500-1700 Kazakh
>5035 0200-0300 Kyrgysz

Hello !
at least yesterday (23 Dec 2001) just before they signed-off (1700z) on 5005
kHz they transmitted a VOA identification in english, no mentioning of RL
hopefully VoA knows about this and will send out a QSL ... hi
is qsl@xxxxxxx still working, din't get any cards for about 6 or mor months ??

73, Tom - DL8AAM

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