[HCDX] 41 meter log
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[HCDX] 41 meter log


here is this morning's log of the 41 meter band. I'm located
in the city of Curitiba in the south of Brazil and listening
with a Sony 7600G with a random wire antenna.

dec 27

kHz	UTC	SIO	details

7110	0649	433	(tent) Radio Tunis, Marocco
			arab talking w/ qur'an recital
7115	0650	433	VOA, Marocco
			news in serbian(?), but with VOA ID
7125	0654	422	RNW, Netherlands  &  R. Conakry, Guinea
			news in Dutch under a slightly stronger
			male voice in something sounding like hausa/???
7135	0704	444	RFI, France
			news in FF, station ID
7140	0804	433	(tent) Voice of Korea, Korea
			news in Mandarin
7160	0656	444	BBC, Ascension Island
			English programming for Africa
7170	0658	433	VOA, UK
			EE, news item on NYC, signing off at 0700
7170	0807	444	VOA, UK
			arab, news (?) w/ ID at 0808
7180	0700	444	R. Norway, Norway
			news in Norwegian
7195	0705	322	DW, Bosnian
			station ID at 0706
7220	0707	333	(tent) R. Liberty, Germany
			russian programming
7260	0809	333	(tent) Vanuatu ?
			unid language, no station ID heard, music after 0830
7265	0711	222	SWR3, Germany
			pop music, German announcements
7315	0715	444	(tent) WHRI South Bend, USA
			religious programming in EE with a southern US accent
7355	0725	322	WYFR Okeechobee, USA
			religious programming in EE, station address at 0726
7365	0727	444	R. Marti, USA      w/ bubble jammer
			christmas song, political propaganda in SS
7375	0734	444	Gene Scott University Network, USA
			station ID, religious ramblings
7425	0739	555	WEWN Birmingham, USA
			spanish religious songs, ID as "R. Catholica Mundial"
7460	0744	322	(tent) R. Nac Saharagui, Algeria
			arab male talking, arab/african music
7510	0747	333	(tent) KTBN Salt Lake City, USA
			EE religious ranting
7535	0759	333	WHSB Cypress Creek, USA
			sign-on w/ ID in Spanish
7580	0800	555	(tent) Voice of Korea, Korea
			national anthem, news in Japanese

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