[HCDX] Fwd: [DXplorer] Loggings from Victoria, BC.
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[HCDX] Fwd: [DXplorer] Loggings from Victoria, BC.

A few more loggings from today.  Was looking for VOP at 1700 on 7120 (Clandestine to Zimbabwe from Madagascar).  Heard them last year when I spent Christmas on the Queen Charlotte Is., but no luck here.  Up north, it's practically a gray line all the way, but not so far south as Victoria.  Will have to plan to hear them again when I'm next up north in the winter.  Cheers to everyone, and a Happy New Year!........Walt.

CIS 12120, 1701-1800, Dejen Radio Dec 29 Very nice signal this morning of
this station.  Solid S7, but more importantly, overpowering the chronic ute
zapper in this area of the band.  Presumed Tigrinya. (Salmaniw, Victoria,
BC, Canada)

NORTH AMERICAN PIRATE 6955, 0200-, KIPM Dec 29 Usual very strong signals,
with end of program, and QSL request information.  End of transmission at
02:04.  Off briefly, then live greetings from Allan Maxwell.  Then into
another program at 02:08. (Salmaniw, Victoria, BC, Canada)

SOUTH AFRICA 12130, 1729-, ADVENTIST WORLD R. Dec 29 Solid S9 signal with
multilingual IDs ending Swahili, into Masaai programming.  Zapper about
equal in signal strength here. (Salmaniw, Victoria, BC, Canada)

SOUTH AMERICAN PIRATE 6880.1, 0231-, Andino Relay Service Dec 29 Very
weakly heard with Andean music.  Can't hear much of anything else. There at
tune-in at 02:25.  Very weak. (Salmaniw, Victoria, BC, Canada)

SRI LANKA 15424.98, 0048-, SLBC COLOMBO Dec 29 Really nice signal from the
SLBC with vocal 'Memories'.  SIO 4-5-4.5.  Parallel 9770 SIO 3-3-3.  Always
the best time of year to log this one.  Absolutely greylining all the way
from my QTH to Sri Lanka. (Salmaniw, Victoria, BC, Canada)

USA 7354.44, 0244-, WRNO NEW ORLEANS Dec 29 Best reception in a long time,
with solid S9 signal.  Instrumental and Christmas vocals  without
announcements. Use LSB to avoid ute on USB side.  Either propagation is
very good tonight or they have substantially upped their power
output.  WRNO Worldwide, the United States of America announced at
02:59:30, then open carrier, but gone when checked at 03:01:30. (Salmaniw,
Victoria, BC, Canada)


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