[HCDX] Logs for 29.12
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[HCDX] Logs for 29.12

Cland 3900  V of Iraqi People 1739 man with news  for the region in Arabic. Arabic  
song,  then more talks and mix with songs and talks . At 1751 ? Idaatu ?  al Iraqi? 
Signal  level S7 , 34232 soi gn off 1830 Liangas Dec 29  Retziki THS Greece 

Cland 3945 VOIRI?  Or Cland? , 1758 with prog in Farsi  , Afghan names , Iraq and  
regional new read by man and woman with western  toning 1835 with Afghan style 
instrumental music then man with talks over  this music and at 1847  with music play . 
Signal 34222 Liangas Dec 29  Retziki THS Greece

MALAGASY 5010 RT Malagasy 1918 with non stop music program ( foreign and local)  
until signal off at 2000  closing  with national hymn . Signal starting at S5 maximum at 
S9 * after 1920) , 33222 Liangas Dec 29  Retziki THS Greece

4895 a new sub-harmonic . From 9870 ( Riyadh?) at 1925  with talks by man and music . 
Signal S7 or 23432 Liangas Dec 29  Retziki THS Greece

TANZANIA 5050  R Tanzania  2050  with  ID R Tanzania Darusalam  then  Quranic 
/Islamic talks in AR . Again  ID in AR  at 2055 . 20057  with spiritual music ( christian? 
) S6 , 24232 Liangas Dec 29  Retziki THS Greece

TUNISIA 7225  Tunisia at 2100  in AR  different from what stated in WRTH  received 
on 27.12  Program : 2100 with ID Idaatu  Jumhuria ke tunisia  then with news then song 
and a discussion  between 5 persons About 2140  with phone ins   Signal is 44444  with 
S9+20 to +30   levels Liangas Dec 29  Retziki THS Greece

Austria/UK 6035 Everest radio 2100 with music program of Nepali disco songs with fill 
ins of adverts in Nepali and English language on 2110  and for every  2 songs . ON 2122  
woman  wishing Merry Christmas to anyone then with news . Program format continues 
after 2130?  with  signa off at 2159 
Nice to hear station well .. Liangas Dec 29  Retziki THS Greece

pen-DX sejak 72 - anggota World-DX-Club 2104,Play DX, dll
PP: R75/HF150/MVT7100/D2935  + 16m/1x1 + MFJ16010/1040/1025/752c/462 
/trip2k.htm (dlm Bkk,SNG,BAli)   /MP3_comp.htm comparison Xing/Fastenc 
/napa.htm crash test Napa DAV315 MP3 player 

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