[HCDX] Logs of Eritrea/Ethiopia/Japan/Taiwan/S. Korea/Meyerton/Austria
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[HCDX] Logs of Eritrea/Ethiopia/Japan/Taiwan/S. Korea/Meyerton/Austria

Ethiopia, 6940, Radio Fana (presumed), Music and alternating male/female talking,
Signal good from 0400-0430+ into Ohio.  (Silvi, December 30)

Eritrea, 6965, Voice of Freedom & Renewal (presumed),  Announcers talking in what seemed to be Arabic, sometimes possibly French?,  Some music,  Good from 0425 but fading by 0456 here in Ohio.  (Silvi, December 30)

Japan,  9845 // 9505,  NHK Radio Japan,  English program from 1430-1510+,  (Silvi, December 29)

Taiwan,  15265, Radio Taipei Int'l, English program from 1430-1500 then presumed Chineese,  (Silvi, December 30)

South Africa,  15295,  Adventist World Radio,  One hour of English from 2000-2100 with Year in Review Wavescan #366 from 2030-2100.  (Instead of French from 2000-2030 UTC)   (Silvi, December 30)

Austria,  9660,  Adventist World Radio,  English from 2100-2200 with Year in Review Wavescan #366 from 2030-2159.   (Silvi, December 30)

S.Korea, 15575, Radio Korea International, English from 0200-0300 with better than usual signal into NE Ohio.  (Silvi, December 30)

Lee Silvi
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