[HCDX] Final loggings for 2001
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[HCDX] Final loggings for 2001


My apologies if you received this message more than once. I had some
problems with my Email today, and had to delete/re-create the account
for dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in Outlook.


11785.03, Voice of Indonesia; Jakarta-Cimanggis, Dec. 30, 2039-2046,
Letterbox program in English, wishing listeners "Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year". 'Song of Joy', by Julio Iglesias. Excellent reception;
54444. (Veldhuis)


5020, SLBC; Ekala; Dec.31, 0008-0033, Native singing. Short announcement
by male, followed by ID (Illanagar ... Tamil ...) at 0009.
Subcontinental music, at 0029 followed by short announcement and a
signature tune that matches the one I found at www.intervalsignals.net .
Time signal at 0030, then talk (news?). Not the first time I hear their
commercial service in Tamil here, but it certainly isn't a daily catch.
24333 (Veldhuis)

I wish all of you a very Happy New Year!

Best regards,
Mark Veldhuis;
The Netherlands.

Rx.: Icom IC-R75;
Ant.: 24 mtr. Longwire with MLB.

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