[HCDX] Fw: Tropical Bands interviews with experts
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[HCDX] Fw: Tropical Bands interviews with experts

Oops, I missed Graham Powell (Wales) off the list of experts


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Subject: Tropical Bands interviews with experts

> You may be interested in the Tropical Bands interviews (part of which were
> published in December's Radio Active magazine here in the UK).
> International experts interviewed were:
> Harold Buggins (England) Duane Fischer (USA) Marie Lamb (USA) Dario
> Monferini (Italy)
> Paul Ormandy (New Zealand) Bob Padula (Australia) Willi Passmann (Germany)
> Sheryl Paszkiewicz (USA) Walt Salmaniw (Canada) Nicholas Vaughan-Baker
> (England)
> The full interviews , along with other articles are at:
> http://members.tripod.co.uk/chrisbrand1977/index.htm
> A Happy New Year to all!
> Chris
> Chris Brand
> Hale, Cheshire, U.K
> Chris Brand's DX International:
> http://members.tripod.co.uk/chrisbrand1977/index.htm
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