[HCDX] Early 2002 Logs
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[HCDX] Early 2002 Logs

LIBERIA   4760.00  ELWA Monrovia  0627  Soft local music and announcements in
English read by man. Letters to the station were read at 0633. Good, readable
signal with no interference, despite unusually high noise levels on the 60mb
that have prevailed most of this evening. (Fine 01 Jan)

COLOMBIA   5975.17  Radio Macarena  0645  Apparent broadcast of New Year's
celebrations with live audience. Continuous singing by a live band (guitar and
horns) with announcements in Spanish. Good signal until Voice of Hope intro at
0656 and signon at 0700. (Fine 01 Jan)

SURINAME   4990.95  Radio Apintie  0726  Popular music played with DJ-like
announcements in Dutch by man. ID given at 0728. Some occasional QRM as well
as QRN from unusually high noise level. Otherwise fair signal with some
fading. (Fine 01 Jan)


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