[HCDX] DX-Window no. 185
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[HCDX] DX-Window no. 185


                          DX-Window No. 185
                              from  the
               Danish  Shortwave  Club  International
                Tavleager 31, DK-2670 Greve, Denmark
                   ?Friendship through Knowledge?

Editor and distributor: 	Anker Petersen. e-mail: { mailto:anker.petersen@xxxxxxxxxx }anker.petersen@xxxxxxxxxx .  

Next deadline: Monday January  14, 2002 at 1800 UTC 

Dear friends,					                   January 02, 2002 

Happy New DX-Year to all of you ! Here in Skovlunde the new year was entered with grandiose 
fireworks against a clear sky and over gardens covered with 12 centimeters of new snow. It was 
11 degrees ( C )  below zero with the night before being the coldest (- 19 C) during all 2001. 

Yesterday was E-Day in 12 European countries swapping to the Euro currency. I just feel sorry 
for all those South Europeans who are no longer millionaires in their local currency?

Thank you for all the contributions ! On Dec 17-19 Richard D?Angelo, Bob Montgomery and Ed 
Mauger went on their eleventh DXpedition to French Creek State Park, Pennsylvania (FCDX-
PA). Equipment: Drake R-8B, 500 foot wire essential north, 100 foot wire essentially southeast 
and a Montgomery Active Antenna, Datong FL-3. Conditions the first day and evening were 
exceptional.  Africans and Bolivians were seemingly everywhere you turned.  An outstanding 
opening produced 120 meter band stations from Mexico (2390 kHz) and Brazil (2379.9 kHz).  

Highlights this time:
Danish project of domestic broadcasting in Afghanistan.
Broadcasting situation in Argentina.
New Clandestine broadcasting towards Zimbabwe.
List of CIS transmitters broadcasting Clandestine programmes.
Broadcasting in Estonia.
Rikisutvarpid, Iceland is back on the air.
Complete India SW schedule useful in this time of tension.
AWR has closed its transmitter in Forli.
DX-news from Victor Goonetilleke on R Korea International.
R Madagasikara back on 5010.
Norway has closed its International Service, but not its SW transmitters.
QSL letter from Samorodinka R, Moscow.			          Best 73,  Anker


Mr. Bent Noerby Bonde, Director of Baltic Media Centre (BMC), Svaneke, Bornholm, 
established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark, was interviewed Dec 20 in Radio 
Denmark, P1, about their large media project in order to establish an independent public service 
radio broadcaster in Afghanistan.

At the end of November BMC was on a fact-finding mission to Pakistan in order to establish the 
immediate needs and possibilities for forming an Afghan radio. BMC's chief consultant Waseem 
Mahmood and head of training Charles Fletcher will be going to Islamabad in Pakistan on 2 
January 2002 and afterwards continue to Kabul in Afghanistan.

The immediate aim of the travel is to establish an agreement with Radio Kabul and a number of 
local journalists on creating a public service programme which editorially will be independent from 
the many contesting parties in Afghanistan. The aim of the radio itself is to contribute to a 
democratic, peaceful and stable development of the 

The radio programme will initially broadcast practical information on different subjects such as the 
development in the country, the political negotiations, how to obtain humanitarian aid, the refugee 
situation and not the least help pave the way for creating a dialogue with the people of 

The objective of the project is further to train local journalists in how to produce balanced and 
professional radio which in a longer perspective will enable them to become important participants 
in a democratic and pluralistic media landscape. The project is done for the European Commission 
which has donated 234,759 Euros.

After the first three months the intention with the project also is to seek to establish a cooperation 
between Afghan radios from different parts of the country, which also means different ethnic and 
political radios. These radios will then in turn form the core for the creation of a national public 
service radio broadcaster. Hence the project in its second phase - and in cooperation with the 
media, media NGOs and politicians - will become an important factor for the democratic and 
political development of Afghanistan.

The Director stated that this radio station will be independent of the VOA, BBC and other stations 
which broadcast towards Afghanistan today.

Based on its extensive experience from media projects in south-east Europe, e.g. in Serbia after 
the fall of Mr. Milosevic, the Baltic States and Asia, focusing on democracy and stability 
development, BMC approached EU's Rapid Reaction Mechanism for support for this project, 
which is expected to have a vast influence upon the future development of the society of 
Afghanistan. More details on { http://www.bmc.dk }www.bmc.dk (Ed)

15475.5   R Nacional Arcangel, Dec 17, 2055-2101*, brief Spanish talk by man and some music 
before close down announcements.  Weak signal.  (D'Angelo/FCDX-PA)

15345  RAE, Buenos Aires did replace all its external programmes on Jan 01 with relays of LRA1 
Home Service due to the current political turmoils in Buenos Aires. (Barrera)

15820.0LSB  AYP75 Cadena Tres, Buenos Aires;  since Dec 23, 0750-1100. The midnight and 
early morning show entitled "Noche y Dia" was heard until 0759, with a variety of Latin American 
popular music and talk back. The full canned identification was given at 0700 as "Transmite 
AYP75 Cadena Tres, Buenos Aires, 99.1 FM integrante de la Cadena Tres Argentina.", then into 
a news flash "servicio de noticias". At 0702 "Recorriendo el Pais", an Argentine folklore program 
conducted by Susana Buontempo. Fairly good.(TIN). Also heard Dec 29, 0625-0705, Spanish, 
withlocal rhythmical songs, reports on riots in Buenos Aires, nx 0700, weak but readable. 
(Korinek via Dxplorer)

1476 MW  R Africa International via ORF.  This is simply one of the many groups that contribute 
to the MW programme on  1.476 via Wien-Bisamberg. ORF, the Austrian Broadcasting 
Corporation, offers access to the airwaves to volunteer initiatives, ethnical minorities, students of 
radio schools etc. a few hours each day in the late afternoon and early evenings. Some of these 
programmes were relayed via ROI/Moosbrunn when, due to budget cuts, the external service was 
replaced by relays of  the home service. The team of "R Africa International" managed to raise 
some funds to enlarge their SW presence. That's all. If you want to listen to them, you are most 
welcome. If you really and dearly need a confirmation: write to them c/o ORF, Argentinerstr. 
30A, A-1040 Wien. - I have taken note of your curiosity and will interview the team's leader for 
"Intermedia" in mid-January. (Wolf Harranth, ORF  via Bueschel)

6110v  Voice of Azerbaijan, Baku, Dec 30, +1755-1758+, Arabic. IDs, "meters/khz/GMT" 
schedule announcements by man. "Iz'at Saut' Azerbaijan", "Huna Baku" IDs used. Fair (Titarev)

4820   R Botswana, Dec 17, 2135-2200*, music program to ID and sign off.  Fair signal.  Again 
at 0403 with a woman giving the news in English.  Fair to good level.  (D'Angelo/FCDX-PA)

3310  R Mosoj Chaski, Dec 17, 2320-2326, instrumental music followed by a man with Quecha 
talks and numerous IDs followed by nice flute music.  Fair and steady signal. (D'Angelo/FCDX-

4471.7  R Movima, Dec 17, 2312-2319, vocals followed by a man in Spanish with multiple IDs 
and talk.  Poor to fair.  (D'Angelo/FCDX-PA)  

4600.4v  R Villamontes, Dec 17, 2326-0001, mix of rustic vocals and Spanish talks but a Bee 
Gees tune noted at 2355.  Poor with some drifting.  (D'Angelo/FCDX-PA)

4681.6  R Paititi, Dec 19, 0010-0022, long droning talk by a man in Spanish with brief music 
segment, ID at 0018 before more droning discussion.  Poor.  (D'Angelo/FCDX-PA)

4716.8  R Yura, Dec 17, 2328-2345, noted in passing with rustic group vocals, ID by man 
announcer.  Poor.  (D'Angelo/FCDX-PA)

4796.5  R Mallku, Dec 17, 2352-0006, Man with Spanish talk and rustic vocals with ID noted at 
Top of the Hour.  Poor to air signal with 60-meter smoocher QRM. (D'Angelo/FCDX-PA)

5927.2  R Mineria (tentative), Dec 17, 2258-2317 fade out, man with Spanish talks, mix of 
different types of music but no ID noted.  Poor signal and deep fades. (D'Angelo/FCDX-PA)

2379.9  R Educadora de Limeira, Dec 18, 0045-0117, Brazilian pop music vocals with a man with 
Portuguese talks and ID.  Poor to fair but noted at fair level at 0200 re-tune.  (D'Angelo/FCDX-

11940 National Voice of Cambodia, Dec 27, 0030-0115*. Music and talk probably in Thai and 
then in
Lao. (Vaghjee via Dxplorer)

4330,0  Xinjiang PBS, Urumqi, Dec 24, 1735-1757*, local music, Kazakh service (not exactly 
talkative people), announcement at 1749 was not more than a word or two with lots of CW QRM 
and followed by a nice instrumental melody. Off at 1757. (Pijpers)

5320 CNR 1, Beijing 2050 tentative with jazzy kind of music, 2100 timepips followed by woman 
in Chinese. Weak. (Pijpers Dec 22) Today quite good at 1459 with timepips, but no chance to 
hear an ID because of churchbells next door. Tentatively heard // 4800. (Pijpers Dec 23). CNR 1 
heard here at 2035-2050 on 4460, 4750, 4800 5320, 5880, 7130, 7230, 7290, 7935, 9455, 9820, 
9890, 9900 and 11710 with 4800 and 7935 being the strongest. (Petersen)

6790  China National R 5, Dec 18, 2132-2217, listed as "Taiwan Service 2" with indigenous 
vocals and Chinese talks.  Poor to fair reception.   (D'Angelo/FCDX-PA) 

7280 Haixia PBS (t), Dec 19, 1410-1502 Fair with narrow filter on SSB (QRM adjacent channels) 
with woman/ man in Chinese, music beds, timepips just before 1500; missed ID with woman 
talking while 'Smoke gets in your eyes' was played in background. (Pijpers)

11590 China Huayi BC, Dec 19, 1230-1403. Drifting in around 1230 with Chinese popmusic, 
1300 still too weak for ID but at 1400 full ID in English. Good signal. Nothing heard on // 6185 
although clear channel. (Pijpers)

4128.4   R Kurdestan, Voice of the Kurdish Socialist Democratic Party, Dec 23, 0409-0440. 
Kurdish talk mentioning Kurdistan. 24333 (Petersen)

5925  Falun Dafa Radio, Dec 17, *2052-2200*, open carrier with test tones until opening ID by a 
man and another by a woman followed by long talks with Chinese instrumental music in the 
background.  Fair to
good signal with // 9945 poor to fair.  (D'Angelo/FCDX-PA)

6145.0 SW Radio Africa (New station to Zimbabwe),  Dec 30, *1600-1635, IS (piano music for 1 
minute), then a local song and ID's, mission statement, programme announcements, phone-ins, 
messages etc., in Shona, Ndebele and English. Often used slogans: "SW Radio Africa - the voice 
you can trust" and "SW Radio Africa - Zimbabwe's independent voice". E-mail address 
announced: views@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, and the local cell phone No.: 023 275 030.  Excellent and 
very strong signal which would be consistent with a local (South African) transmitter, although 
Madagascar would provide comparable strength on this frequency at this hour. Did not have a 
chance to check if this station replaces Voice of The People. The programming and the style 
would indicate the same crowd. The quality of the signal is perfect and the whole operation is 
absolutely professional, i.e. the programmes must be made by skilled personnel and journalists in a 
top quality studios.  (Korinek via DXplorer)
The station started  Dec 19 on 6145 and the internet with daily broadcasts at 1600-1900. Its web 
site at {http://www.swradioafrica.com }www.swradioafrica.com  provides archived programming and a link labelled "listen live."  It 
also lists a full program schedule and contact details for the station.  General inquiries to 
mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; tel. 00 44 (0) 20 8387 1441 in London. (Berg & Petersen)
6810 R Freedom, Voice of the Communist Party of Iraqi Kurdistan, Iran, Dec 26, 1650-1755*. Ex 
6815. Kurdish & Farsi political talks, Kurdish instrumental music, Song "Internationale" at change 
of language 1725. 32332 (Petersen)

6965.0 presumed R.Freedom (to Eritrea), Dec 24, 0348-0403 fade-out, with non-stop local music 
and singing, no announcements, fair signal. (Korinek via Dxplorer)

6995  Voice of Kurdistan, Dec 18, 2106-2113*, man with talk mentioning Kurdistan followed by 
group vocals at sign off.  Good signal. (D'Angelo/FCDX-PA)

7070.1  Voice of the Mojahed, (presumed), Dec 29, 1805-1900+ UNID language, possibly both 
Farsi and Kurdish were used, fair signal but strong jammer audible. At 1825 a short kind of 
anthem, mention of Kurdistan and mostly talk till 1900 and past. Checked listed // 9330 but no 
joy, although there was a jammer here too until around 1845. Poor. (Pijpers)

7460  R Voz de Sahara Libre sent a QSL-letter,  v/s Mohammed Baali, QTH: Frente Polisario, 
BP. 10, El Mouradia, 16000 Algeria in 39days (Ekblom)

9950.0 Voice of Afghanistan, presumed via Russia, Dec 30, 1410-1430*, Vernacular talks, 
reports, announcements, one local song, weak and noisy. (Korinek via Dxplorer). Cf.  below (Ed)

15670  The Voice of Democratic Eritrea sent a QSL-letter, v/s Seyoum O.Michel, Postfach 1946, 
D-65428 Ruesselheim, Germany saying that, quote "you happen to be among the first few around 
the world who correctly
monitored our transmissions and reported back" - I think that there are quite many "before 


5905  Democratic Voice of Burma via Almaaty, Kazakstan. Daily in Burmese 1430-1530. 

5925  World Falun Dafa R via Irkutsk, Russia. Daily in Mandarin Chinese 2100-2200 // 9945, but 
1 minute later.	
Jammed by weaker broadcasts from Beijing in Chinese from 2104.

7460  IBC Tamil Scervice via Novosibirsk, Russia. Daily in Tamil 0000-0100. 

7480.0  R Sedoye Payem e Doost via Grigoriopol, Moldova. Wed, Fri to Mon in Farsi 1800-1830. 

7520  R International via Grigoriopol, Moldova. Daily in Farsi 1730-1815. 

9910  Voice of Tibet via Dushanbé, Tajikistan. Daily  in Tibetan/Chinese 0100-0145.

9945  World Falun Dafa R via Dushanbé, Tajikistan. Daily in Mandarin Chinese 2100-2200 // 
5925. Jammed by weaker broadcasts from Beijing in Chinese from 2104.

9950  R Voice of Afghanistan via Samara, Russia. Daily in Pashto 1330-1400 & Dari 1400-1430.

11530  Denge Mezopotamya via Yerevan, Armenia. Daily in  Kurdish/Arabic 1500-1700. Arabic 
not heard.

12120 Broadcasts via Samara, Russia moved from 12110 to avoid ERA INTERPROGRAMM. :
Wed, Sun:	Netsanet Le Ethiopia in Amharic 1700-1800. 
Mon,Thu,Fri:	Radio Sagalee Oromia in Oromo 1730-1800.
Sat:	Dejen Radio in Tigrina 1700-1800.

12125  Voice of Biafra International via Samara, Russia. Sat in Igbo/English 1900-2000. 

15655  Voice of Tibet via Dushanbé, Tajikistan. Daily in Tibetan/Chinese 1215-1300. Alt. 
frequency 15645.  

15680 Voice of Tibet via Almaaty, Kazakstan. Daily in Tibetan/Chinese 1215-1300. Very 
distorted signal on Dec 29. Alt. frequency 15670.

15690  Voice of Iran via Grigoriopol, Moldova. Daily in Farsi 1630-1830. Weak jammer.
 (Ivanov & Datzinov via Büschel and checked by Petersen)

CONGO (Rep.)
5985  R Congo, Brazzaville, Dec 31, 1835-1910.  Man and woman in vernacular, some local 
music, after ca. 1850 on clear channel but heavy QRM 5980. Still, National Anthem at 1900 made 
good, followed by male in French, mentioning 'Brazzaville' and 'le peuple Congolais'. (Pijpers)

3280  R  Maria via La Voz del Napo, Tena, Dec 26, 0409, Spanish, end of program "La Bíblia...?, 
music by Brazilian Padre Marcelo Rossi with text in Spanish, 35333 (Cássio)

4781.4  R Oriental, Tena, Napo, Dec 18, 0946-1005, talk by a woman in Spanish, vocals and 
canned ID announcement and TCs.  Fair. (D'Angelo/FCDX-PA)

4815   R El Buen Pastor, Saraguro, Dec 26, 0240-0300*, Spanish " ...a todos que estan en 
sintonia con esta su estacion amiga El Buen Pastor...", Música Romantica, 34433 (Cássio). Also 
heard Dec 18, 0957-1018, instrumental music ("Unchained Melody") to 1000 orchestra/choral 
national anthem followed by opening ID and announcements with flute music in background.  
Good signal. (D'Angelo/FCDX-PA)

5003,4  R Nacional, Dec 22, 1705-1732, first with Vernacular and local music, after 1717 
switching to Spanish. Some kind of ID with Bata mentioned. Lively music, to say the least. Weak 
to poor signal. (Pijpers)

5500  Voice of Tigray Revolution, Dec 18, 0322-0403, Horn of Africa music program until ID 
and News at 0400.  Good signal. (D'Angelo/FCDX-PA)

The Laitse transmitting station, housing the transmitters formerly used on 5925 kHz SW, and 612 
& 1035 kHz MW, was officially closed down on July 01, 1998.  Reports that these transmitters 
are used again by commercial stations (or might be in the future) thus seem improbable.  The 
operating costs would be very high and listeners throughout the country have meanwhile become 
quite used to FM broadcasts. The only possible future of the Laitse facility might be as a mobile 
phone relay station. (van Delft)

6170   Scandinavian Weekend R, Virrat, Dec 25, 1705-1900, English/Finnish  in Special 
Christmas programme, pop music. QRM Croatia 6165. 23333 (Petersen)

11690 Scandinavia Weekend R, Dec 25, 0900 Very weak signal and ID in English while peaking. 

11720 Scandinavia Weekend R, Dec 25, 1745 Very good signal with two men in Finnish. At 1754 
'This is Scandinavian Weekend Radio'. (Pijpers)

4698.8  R Amistad, San Pedro La Laguna, Dec 18, *1050-1144, open carrier until vocal at 1056 
followed by a man with opening ID and announcements.  Long, long religious talk until program 
of vocals at 1128 hosted by a man with frequent IDs.  Poor to fair with low audio which was 
slightly muffled. (D'Angelo/FCDX-PA)

13860  RUV, Reykiavik, Dec 23, 1914*, USB, item about Greenland, news about English soccer 
league. Probably on the air because of Christmas, just like 5055 used to be on the air around this 
time a couple of years ago. (Pijpers). Also heard here Dec 26 until 1858* Icelandic news 
mentioning Reykiavik. 22222 (Petersen)

 3223       50 kW Shimla	0045-0200  1300-1730(Sat, Sun 1741)
 3315       50        Bhopal            0025-0215  1200-1741
 3365       50        Delhi               1220-1841  HS
 3390       10        Gangtok          0100-0400  1030-1600
 3945+     50        Gorakhpur      0130-0228  Nepali, 0228-0300 HS, 1330-1430 Nepali, 1430-
1735 Urdu
 4760       10        Leh                 s0100/w0215-0430  1130-1630/1700 
 4760       10        Port Blair        2325-0300  1030-1630/1700/Sat 1730
 4775       50        Imphal            0025-0215  1030-1700/1730
 4790      100       Chennai         	0000-0045  Tamil (to Sri Lanka)
 4800       50        Hyderabad     	0025-0215  1130(Sun 1145)-1744
 4820       50        Kolkata          	0025-0215  1220-1830
 4840       50        Mumbai         	0015-0400  1230-1730
 4850       50        Kohima          	0000-0450  1000-1600/1630/1700
 4860+     50        Delhi              	0025-0440  1220-1330 HS, 1430-1930 Urdu (to Pakistan)
 4880       50        Lucknow 	0025-0400  1215-1741
 4895       50        Kurseong        0055-0400  1130(Sun 1030)-1700/1741
 4910       50        Jaipur              0025-0415  1130-1741
 4920       50        Chennai           0015-0245  1200-1743
 4940       50        Guwahati        0015-0415  1150-1700(Sat 1741)
 4950       50        Srinagar          2345-0025 (Ramadan 17 Nov to 17  Dec 2001) s0025/w0120-
0200 1130-1740
 4960       50        Ranchi            0025-0435  1125(Sun 1030) -1741
 4970       50        Shillong          0025-0400  1056-1630
 4990       50        Itanagar          0030-0400  1000-1630
 5010       50        Thiruvanathapuram     0020-0215
 5040       10        Jeypore           0025-0436(Sun 0445),  1130(Sun 1030)-1741
 5050       50         Aizawl           0025-0400  1130(Sun 1030)-1630/1700
 5985       50        Ranchi             0700(Sun 0630)-0945
 6000       10        Leh                  0655-0900
 6020       50        Shimla             0215-0400 (Sun 0415-1230), 0700-0936 1130-1230
 6030       50        Delhi               0200-0310  1215-1430
 6040       50        Jeypore           0700-0935
 6045      250       Delhi               1330-1430  Nepali (to Nepal), 1430-1930 Urdu (to Pakistan)
 6065       50        Kohima           0700-0900
 6085      10         Gangtok          0700-0930
 6085       50        Delhi               1220-1310  1330-1340  1345-1420 1430-1440 1445-
1615/1630/1700/1730v,  			1730-1740
 6110       50        Srinagar	0215-0453  (Sun 1115),  0600-1115
 6150       50        Itanagar 	0700-0900
 6155      100       Delhi         	0015-0430  Urdu (to Pakistan)
 6190       50        Delhi               0730-1030
 7105       50        Lucknow         0630(Sun 0415)-0930  0935-0936
 7115       10        Port Blair    	0315-0346 (Sat 0415,Sun 0505), 0700-0930(Sun 1000)
 7115      250       Panaji              1615-1730  Farsi,  1730-1830 Malayalam (to West Asia )
 7120       50        Jaipur              (Sun v0420-0600),  0700(Sun 0630)-0941   (Sun 1030-1130)
 7125      100       Delhi               0100-0200  Sindhi (to Pakistan)
 7130       50        Shillong          0655-0930
 7140       50        Hyderabad      0228-0430  0630-0930 (Sun 0530-1130)
 7140      100       Delhi               1550-1615/1630/1700/1730v 1730-1740
 7150       50        Imphal             0230-0430/0530  0630-1030
 7150      250       Delhi               2045-2230  English (to Au/Nz)
 7160       50        Chennai           0300-0415/0430(Hol, Sat 0430/0445,Sun 0545), 0710(Hol 
0610,Sun 0630)-			1030(Sat, Sun 1130)
 7170       50        Delhi           	0030-0040
 7180       50        Bhopal    	0228-0430 (Sun 1135),  0700-0931
 7210       50        Kolkata            0230-0401v,  0730-0931
 7220       50        Delhi                0215-0225  0228-0320 0330-0355
 7230       50        Kurseong         0619-1030
 7240       50        Mumbai           0530(Sun 0430)-1035
 7250+     50        Gorakhpur       0700-0800 Nepali (to Nepal), 0830-1130 Urdu (to Pakistan),  
1130-1140 HS
 7255+    100       Delhi               1315-1415 Dari, 1415-1530  Pashtu, (to Afghanistan. Pakistan),  
1530-1545 E	                     7280        50        Guwahati         0600(Sun 0530)-0930  0945-
 7290       50        Thiruvananthapuram  0230-0400(Sun 0430), (Sun 0500-1030)  0630-
 7295       10        Aizawl             0700-0930
 7410      500       Bangalore        1330-1430  Nepali (to Nepal),  1615-1730 Hindi (to West Asia), 
1745-1945 			English, 1945-2045  Hindi (to W. Europe),  2045-2230 
English (to NE Asia)
 9565+    100       Delhi               0130-0200  & 1215-1330  Tibetan (to Tibet)  1330-1420  1430-
		1445-1615/1630/1700/1730v, 1730-1740 HS 
 9595      250       Delhi        	0015-0430  Urdu (to Pakistan)
 9595+    100       Delhi           	0700-0800  Nepali (to Nepal), 0800-0830 HS,  0830-1130 
Urdu   (to Pakistan)  			1130-1140  HS
 9620        -          Delhi           	1230-1500  Sindhi, 1500-1600 Baluchi (to Pakistan)
 9650      250       Aligarh         	2045-2230  English (to W. Europe)
 9690      250       Delhi               1330-1500  English (to SE Asia)
 9705      250       Panaji              2245-0045  English (to E , SE Asia)
 9810      250       Aligarh 	0130-0229  Nepali (to Nepal)
 9820+    250       Panaji              1300-1500  Sinhala (to Sri Lanka), 1530-1545 English
 9835+    100       Delhi               0000-0045  Tamil (Sri Lanka) 1330-1420  1430-1440 1445-
1615/1630/1700 			/1730v, 1730-1740 HS
 9845      100       Delhi               0215-0300  Pushtu, 0300-0345 Dari (to Afghanistan, Pakistan)
 9910+    250       Aligarh           0000-0045  Tamil (to SE Asia), 0215-0300 Pushtu,  0300-0345, 
1315-1415 Dari,
		1415-1515  Pushtu (to Afghanistan, Pakistan), 1530-1545 English, 1615-1730 
			Farsi, 1730-1945 Arabic (to West Asia), 1945-2030 French (to W, 
NW Africa),
                                     	2045-2230  English (to Au/Nz),  2300-2400 Hindi (to SE Asia)
 9950       50        Delhi               0100-0130  Burmese (to Myanmar)
 9950      250       Delhi               2245-0045  English (to NE Asia)
10330     100       Chennai           0050-0430  0630-1200  1245-1730 (Vividh Bharati)
10330      50        Guwahati         0025-0430          "	"                     "
10330      50        Delhi                         "                  " 	"                     "
10330     100       Mumbai                    "                  "	"                     "
11585     250       Aligarh            1000-1100  English (to NE Asia)
11585     500       Bangalore        1230-1500  Sindhi,  1500-1600 Baluchi (to Pakistan)
11620+   250       Delhi               0100-0430, 0830-1130 Urdu (to Pakistan),  1130-1140 HS,  
1215-1315  			Burmese  (Myanmar)
11620     500       Bangalore        1330-1500  English (to E, SE Asia), 1515-1600 Gujarati (to E. 
Africa), 1615-			1715 Russian (to E. Europe),  1745-1945  English,  1945-
2045 Hindi,  2045-			2230 English (to W. Europe)
11695     250       Panaji              1215-1330  Tibetan (to Tibet), 1330-1430 Nepali (to Nepal)
11710     100       Delhi               1115-1140  HS
11710     250       Aligarh            1215-1315  Burmese  (to Myanmar)
11715     250       Delhi               0130-0229  Nepali (to Nepal)
11715     250       Panaji              2045-2230  English (to Au/Nz)
11735     500       Bangalore        0215-0300  Pushtu,  0300-0345 Dari (to Pakistan, Afghanistan)
11740+  250       Panaji               0000-0045  Tamil,  2300-2400  Hindi (to SE Asia)   1530-1545 
11790     250       Aligarh            0100-0200  Sindhi (to Pakistan)
11830     100       Delhi               0125-0225  0228-0355  HS
11840        -         Delhi               1145-1315  Chinese (to NE Asia)
11850     100       Delhi               0700-0800  Nepali  (Nepal)
11900       -          Delhi               0130-0200   Tibetan (to Tibet)
11935     100       Mumbai           1745-1945  English (E.Africa)
11985       -          Delhi               0000-0045  Tamil,  0045-0115 Sinhala (to Sri Lanka)
12025     250       Panaji              1615-1730  Hindi   1730-1830 Malayalam (to West Asia )
13605     500       Bangalore        1745-1945  English , 1945-2030 French (to W, NW Africa),  
2245-0045 English 			(to Asia)
13620     500       Bangalore        0215-0300  Pushtu (to Pakistan, Afghanistan), 0400-0430 
Persian,  0430-0530 			Arabic, 0530-0600  Urdu (Haj Season),  1730-1945 
Arabic (to West Asia)
13630     500       Bangalore        0100-0130  Burmese (to Myanmar)
13645     500       Bangalore        1115-1200  Thai  (to SE Asia)
13695     500       Bangalore        0315-0415  Hindi (to West Asia)
13700     500       Bangalore     	0130-0200  Tibetan (to Tibet), 1000-1100 English (to Au/Nz) 
1115-1215  			Tamil, 1215-1245 Telegu (to SE Asia)
13710     500       Bangalore        1330-1500  English (to E, SE Asia)
13720    500        Bangalore        1515-1615  Swahili,  1615-1730 Hindi (to E. Africa, Mauritius)
13770     500       Bangalore        1615-1730  Hindi (to West Asia)
13795     500       Bangalore        0000-0045  Tamil,  2300-2400 Hindi (to SE Asia)
15020     250       Aligarh            1000-1100  English (to NE Asia, Au/Nz)
15020     250       Delhi               1300-1500  Sinhala (to Sri Lanka)
15075     500       Bangalore        0315-0415 (West Asia) ,  0430-0530 Hindi  (to E. Africa, 
15135     100       Delhi               0125-0205  0215-0225  0228-0355 HS
15140     500       Bangalore        1615-1715  Russian (to E. Europe)
15155     500       Bangalore        1745-1945  English (to W, NW Africa)
15175     500       Bangalore        1515-1600  Gujarati (to E. Africa)
15185     250       Delhi               0315-0415  Hindi,  0415-0430 Gujarati,  0430-0530 Hindi (to E. 
Africa, 			Mauritius)
15185     100       Delhi 	0700-0930  1115-1140 HS
15200     500       Bangalore        1745-1945  English (to W, NW Africa)
15235    250        Panaji              1115-1200  Thai  (to SE Asia)
15260+  100        Delhi               0700-0930  HS,   1000-1100 English (to Sri Lanka)
15770     250       Aligarh            0400-0430  Farsi,  0430-0530 Arabic,  0530-0600 Urdu  (Haj 
Season) (to West 			Asia ), 0845-0945  Indonesian, 1115-1215 Tamil,  1215-1245 
Telegu (SE Asia)
15795     250       Delhi               1145-1315  Chinese (to NE Asia)
17510     250       Delhi               0845-0945  Indonesian (to SE Asia), 1000-1100 English (to 
17670       -          Delhi               0430-0530  Hindi,  1515-1615 Swahili,  1615-1730 Hindi, 1745-
1945  English 			(to E. Africa, Mauritius)
17705     500       Bangalore        1145-1315  Chinese  (to NE Asia)
17715     250       Delhi	0315-0415  Hindi,  0415-0430 Gujarati,  0430-0530 Hindi (E. Africa, 
17740      -           Delhi            	1115-1200  Thai (to SE Asia)
17810     -            Delhi               1115-1215  Tamil,  1215-1245 Telegu (to SE Asia)
17800     500       Bangalore        1000-1100  English (to NE Asia)
17860+   100       Delhi               1115-1215  Tamil (to Sri Lanka), 1220-1245 HS
17895     500       Bangalore        1000-1100  English (to Au/Nz)

Hol = Holiday,     HS= Home Service, + = Fq used by both HS & External Service.
Power and  Transmitter locations  of  External Services  are presumed only! (Jacob via van 

4760  AIR Port Blair (Andaman Islands), Dec 18, 1150-1221 fade out, Hindi vocals and talk with 
sudden fade out.  Fair.  (D'Angelo/FCDX-PA)

4790  AIR Chennai, Dec 19, 0022-0045*, nice program of Hindi vocals and flutes with some talk.  
ID and closedown announcements at 0044 prior to carrier being cut.  Poor to fair.  

4895.1  AIR Kurseong, Dec 18, 1148-1205, Hindi vocals mixed with talk by a woman announcer.  
Fairly good signal but marred by 60-meter band swoosher QRM   (D'Angelo/FCDX-PA)

4990  AIR Itanager, Dec 18, 1157-1232 fade out, Hindi music, but carrier cut at 1200 for about 5 
minutes.  Returned with more Hindi music and talks. (D'Angelo/FCDX-PA)

5040  AIR Jeypore, Dec 25, 1420-1545, Vernacular ann,  Indian filmmusic, 1530 English news // 
4910. 24232 (Petersen)

3905  RRI Merauke, Dec 18, 1236-1302, continuous vocals by a woman singer until quick ID by 
a man prior to Song of the Coconut Islands at 1300 and possible news.  Poor but clear signal until 
weather net began at Top of the Hour.  (D'Angelo/FCDX-PA)

4753.3  RRI Makassar, Dec 17, 2150-2203, talk by man and woman in Indonesia until SCI 
followed by Jakarta news.  Poor to fair with somewhat muffled audio.  (D'Angelo/FCDX-PA)

I asked Adrian Petersen to confirm the rumours about AWR Forli closure and received this official 
announcement from him on Dec 19. (Ed):

?Adventist World Radio (AWR) officially announces the end of broadcasting from its shortwave 
station located at Forli in Italy, effective December 31, 2001.  The low powered 2.5 kW station in 
Forli has been on the air since 1985.  The decision to cease broadcasting from the Forli site 
ultimately became inevitable after AWR began leasing airtime from two more powerful stations; 
Deutsche Telekom in Juelich, Germany, and ORF in Moosbrunn, Austria.

Adventist World Radio is the international radio system of Christian ministry operated by the 
Seventh-day Adventist Church with its headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA.  AWR 
owns and operates a major shortwave broadcasting station on the island of Guam, licensed by the 
FCC as KSDA, with four transmitters at 100 kW .  AWR also leases time on shortwave relay 
stations in six additional countries; Germany, Austria, Slovakia, South Africa, Madagascar, and 
the United Arab Emirates.  

AWR also broadcasts on national radio throughout Russia, as well as in Kazakstan and 
Uzbekistan.  AWR also operates a satellite program distribution system serving a local network of 
downlink stations located in Latin America; from Guatemala to Argentina.  Additionally, AWR 
operates a growing internet-based system of program distribution accessible at  { http://www.awr.org }www.awr.org .  
The mission of Adventist World Radio is to speak the message of hope in Jesus to the peoples of 
the world in their own languages.  Geoff Patterson, Communication Director, Adventist World 
Radio, { mailto:PattersonGe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx }PattersonGe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  ?.  
There also seems to have been too many problems with  bureaucracy and Greens in the planned 
building of a new, powerful transmitter in populous Northern Italy (Ed)

15195  AWR Forli, Dec 30, closedown special (via DTK, Juelich), from transmitter s/on 0959, all 
talk by a couple of men in Italian (some talk by woman also during first 15 minutes), occasional 
bridge music of various kinds. Closed at 1100 after a brief English "Voice of Hope" ID with the 
usual Voice of Hope melody.  Weak and very fady, "best" during first half hour. (Berg). The same 
kind of programme was heard in Denmark, Italy & Ukraine Dec 31 *0959-1100* from Forli on 
9740 with poor signal. 34343 (Corsetti, Petersen & Titarev)

KOREA (Rep.) 
I was asked by Bill Matthews to take over Radio Korea International DX Programme weekly DX 
reports. However, I offered to do just one a month. So on  Sunday Jan 06 I will broadcast the first 
DX Report.  If you have the time would you check out and let me know how reception is? In Soth 
Asia reception is overall fair. I guess they have it on the Internet as well. The report starts almost 
at the beginning of the programme and is no more than 5 minutes. Usual thing like the old Radio 
Netherlands report. Thanks, Victor.
To Europe:
0835 13670, 1935 7275, 2135 15575, 2206 3955 (via the Skelton Transmitting Station, United 
To North America:
1137 9650 (via Sackville), 0235 15575 (UTC Monday), 0235 9560 (UTC Monday) (via Sackville)
To South America:
0235 11725 & 11810 (UTC Monday)
To South East Asia:
1335 9570
To Middle East and Africa:
1635 9515 and 9870
To China:
0235 7275
Non directional transmissions:
0835 9570, 1335 13670, 1635 5975 and 1935 5975  (Goonetilleke)

9750.0  R Kuwait,  Dec 31, +0819-0958+, Farsi. All announcements by man. Mix of Iranian and 
Arabic music. IDs and address announcement at 0830. Holy Qura?an at 0850. 0900 standard 
R.Kuwait jingle, ID,news by woman. Fair/Good with slight-to-moderate co-channel 
NHK/Japanese. (Titarev)

6130  Lao National R, Dec 28, 1146-1204, indigenous vocals hosted by a woman announcer with 
familiar 7 gongs beginning at 1159 followed by a man with ID and then segmnent of instrumental 
music prior to a woman with news.  Poor to fair signal with choppy audio.  (D'Angelo)

9710 FBN via Sitkuani, Dec 22, *1205-1305*, 34433. (Kuhl). No signal on Dec 23 same time. 

5010,0  R Madagasikara, Dec 22, 1700, sounded like they were signing on ? with frequencies in 
French but more numbers (also in French) after that. Still with talk at 1725. It is no longer on 
5009v. (Pijpers). It was off the air for more than 3 months! (Ed)

5995  RTV Malienne, Bamako, Dec 31, 1945-2005 Very weak signal of man talking in 
Vernacular, always with the 'French touch' and in parallel to 4835,3 (seems to be off channel like 
4782,9v). After 2000 somewhat quieter on adjacent channels and march music (NA?) noted, after 
that man addressing listeners in French. (Pijpers)

2390  R Huayacocotla, Dec 18, 0034-0002*, nice program of Ranchera music with man 
announcer.  ID and closedown announcements by a woman at 0059 followed by children singing 
to 0101 with carrier cut about
one minute later.  Poor to fair signal.  (D'Angelo/FCDX-PA)

6010  R Mil, Dec 18, 0931-0937, Spanish version of Buffy St Marie's "Only Want to be with 
You" followed by ID and more pop tunes. (D'Angelo/FCDX-PA)

4725  R Myanmar, Dec 19, 1147-1215, continuous indigenous vocals until short tuning signal, ID 
by woman announcer and news.  Poor but in the clear.  (D'Angelo/FCDX-PA)

9705.0  La Voix du Sahel, Niamey, Dec 25, 0725-0740, Vernacular talk, native African singing - 
sideband QRM. 23232 (Petersen)

Radio Norway International's last broadcast was on Dec. 31 at 2200-2230 on 7465 to the Far East 
and on 7530 to the Canary Islands and South America. After this final broadcast Norway will relay 
their home service program 'Always News' between 0500 and 1930  Mon-Fri. At other times, 
including Holidays, the NRK 1st home service program is aired. This until further notice. (Which 
means until an agreement is made with the 'transmitting company' Norkring.)

Kvitsoy 1314 kHz continues as before (1200 kW).

Radio Denmark is not affected by this. (Køie)

7465  NRK R Norway International, Dec 31, 2159-2228, FAREWELL transmission in 
Norwegian. An extremally echoed, POLAR fluttering signal. Parallel 7530 very bad under 
threshold. At 2226 the presenter said FAREWELL and greet the listeners in the name of 
ELEVEN staff members "God mid u" and chorus hymn, before Radio Denmark program opened 
at 2230. (Bueschel). Thank you for the recording, Wolfy! (Ed)

4771// 7100  R Pakistan, Dec 20, 0110, religious talk and chant in Urdu. Good signal at that time, 
but start to deteriorate at 0145 and lost of  signal at 0158. (Mahendra)

4790.4   Azad Kashmir R, Islamabad, Dec 25, 1535-1710, Urdu programme - still here despite 
reports that they moved to 4770 (empty at this hour). 34333 (Petersen)

3365  R Milne Bay, Dec 19, 1203-1207, Man announcer with news in English // 4890; music at 
1206.  Poor.  (D'Angelo/FCDX-PA). Also heard on 4890 Dec 26 at 0830. (Green)

4746.7  R Huanta 2000, Dec 18, 0936-0948, man with long Spanish talks with nice ID at 0943 
accompanied by flute music.  Poor to fair reception. (D'Angelo/FCDX-PA)

4834.9v  R Maranon, Jaen, Dec 18 & 22, 1010-1130. The recently-reactivated shortwave 
transmission was heard with newscast "Noticiero Maranon". ID was given as "Maranon ... 4835 
onda corta, 580 amplitud modulada y 96.1 frecuencia modulada para el mundo.", TCs, Jingle Bells 
and other tunes.  Fair to good signal.  (D'Angelo /FCDX-PA & TIN)

4855.8  R La Hora, Dec 17, 2346-2352, rap music followed by a man with Spanish talk and ID 
and then a telephone call from a listener.  Fair to good. (D'Angelo/FCDX-PA)

4940.0  R San Antonio,Villa Atalaya, Dec 15, 2309-2333 with local romantic songs and 
announcements with a couple of ID's, clear channel but poor reception mainly due to local 
electrical storms. (Korinek)

4940  R San Antonio, Villa Atalaya was off the air for some days due to antenna problems. They'll 
relaunch their transmissions Dec 23 for some hours. (Schmid)

4940  R San Antonio, Villa Atalaya, Dec 26, 0227-0309*, Spanish news program "Ventana al 
Mundo", 0303 ID, songs by Pai Nosso and others, Peruvian Nacional Anthem,  24322 ( deep 
microphone audio) (Cássio)

4955  R Cultural Amauta, Dec 18, 1030-1051, male vocals hosted by a woman announcer with 
ID, TC and advertisements.  Poor to fair.  (D'Angelo/FCDX-PA)

5009.5  R Altura, Cerro de Pasco; Dec 22, 1100-1107. YL vocal Huaynos and OM talk. ID was 
announced as "En los 5010 kHz Radio Altura para el mundo." Fair (TIN) 

7210  Qatar Broadcasting Service, Dec 27, 2110-2130*, man with Arabic language news about 
Pakistan and India situation followed by vocals until ID and sign off announcements at 2127 and 
short choral national
anthem.  Good signal.  (D'Angelo)

3921 Samorodinka R, Moscow (Pirate).  On Dec 28, I received a very special QSL from Mr. Leo 
S. Shishkin, Box 898, Moscow who has been a licensed radioamateur since 1947 (callsign ua3bj 
on 3569 kHz). Now he also broadcasts from a 100 watts amateur transmitter with antenna on the 
roof of his house in Russian about the old times in the former USSR.  I heard it on Nov 21 and 
got a HAM QSL card, a memory card about World War II and a very long, personal handwritten 
letter in English where he explained the heroic songs from WWII, I heard in the broadcast, and 
also explained how difficult it was to be a radioamateur in the years after the War. 
Mr Shishkin wrote about the broadcasts: 

?The Samorodinka Radio broadcasts groundly by CW (AIA). The possible channels are 3921 +-2 
kHz (+-QRM); 4875 (+-); 9419 or 13998 (+-) kHz. The schedule is non regular. The languages 
are Russian and timely English. 
The regular schedule = almost everyday is only for 3921 (+-) kHz channel since the finish of 
phone AM transmission about at 0045(+-) local Moscow time and until about 0115 (+-) Moscow 
The phone AM transmissions are possible on channels 3921 (+-), 4875 (+-), 9419, 9770 and 
13559 (+-) kHz. The schedule is non regular. The languages are also the same. The regular phone 
AM schedule = almost every day is only for 3921 (+-) kHz channel since 0005 (+-) Moscow time 
untill 0045 (+-) Moscow time? . That is 2105-2145 UTC.  I heard it from tune in 2115 till 2148* 
on Nov 21 with 34333. Also heard Dec 29 ! (Petersen)

5925 Radio Tsentr, Moscow via St. Petersburg, Dec 23 & 24, 0325-0435, Christmas test in 
English & Russian, religious programme, Russian songs, 43343 (Korinek & Petersen)

4960  VOA Pinheira, Dec 23, 1930, once in a while they use their morning frequency in the 
evening. Probably back tomorrow, mixing with Angola and some CW QRM. Poor signal. (Pijpers)

3215,0   South African Radio League, Meyerton, Dec 24, 1815- , QSL, Christmas Eve and 
address in one breath (English), but hardly more to read from this program with all this Utility 
mess. Nice conditions towards Africa though with mysterious UNID at 3390 at 1750. To stay 
near, 3200 and 3240 TWR are not active anymore, I suppose. Not a trace of them since many a 
month. (Pijpers)

According to IBB website { http://sds.his.com:4000/fmds_w/schedules/cur_freqsked.txt }http://sds.his.com:4000/fmds_w/schedules/cur_freqsked.txt  Jan 01, R 
Liberty has since Dec 16 been using these frequencies from Dushanbé: 
4760 0100-0200 and 1630-1700 in Tajik. On Dec 27 Special English was noted at 0100 (Jacob)
5005 1500-1700 in Kazakh. Heard Dec 22 until 1659* (Pijpers) and Dec 26 1500 (Petersen)
5035 0200-0300 in Kyrgyz.  

8700  Feeder to Command Solo, Dec 21, 0130 was in AM mode. (Goonetilleke). On  Dec 23 at 
0205 it was back in USB , but a weaker and distorted signal was audible on 8702.5 (Petersen)

25870  WFLS FM-Feeder, Tampa, Florida comes in very well in Germany during local winter 
season.  The signal strength peakes at around 1400. (Lindenthal)

5040  R Tashkent Foreign Sce, Dec 25 & 29, 1345-1500*, now here in Uighur until 1430, R 
Tashkent IS, then Mongolian talks. QRM AIR Jeypore. 24332 (Petersen)

9780  R Sana?a, Dec 26, 1850-1905, still audible here with scheduled English (exc. Saturdays) 
1800-1900 between sidechannel QRM. English pop songs, news summary, ID and address. 1900 
Arabic programme. 33333 (Petersen)

Dear Radio Friends,

The Finnish DX Association is happy to welcome all DX-ers, shortwave listeners, broadcasters 
and radio enthusiasts to attend the joint conference of the European DX Council and the Finnish 
DX Association. The
conference is to be held 16th to 18th of August 2002 in the town of Pori, located on the west 
coast of Finland.

Many of you may remember the DX conferences held in Finland in 1987 and 1992. Those have 
been the biggest DX conferences ever in Europe and they are also widely regarded as maybe the 
best ones. Our intention is to put
up a similar conference providing a wide selection of items covering hard-core-dx on AM and FM, 
shortwave listening and international shortwave broadcasting.

The radio hobby will be the key topic of the conference. The venue is the Spa Hotel Yyteri about 
20 kms outside the town of Pori, and most items will take place in the hotel. Of course a visit to 
the YLE shortwave transmitter center only 15 kms away will be organised. The Spa Hotel Yyteri 
is located on one of the most beautiful sand beaches of Finland offering  an excellent forum for 
tourist activities for you and also for your companion. There are good connections to Pori from 
other major cities of Finland and a frequent bus service from the center of Pori is available to Spa 
Hotel Yyteri.

Like said, this conference will concentrate on the hobby itself. Unlike recent EDXC conferences 
tourist matters will only have a side-role. Yet, we are planning to provide a trip to Tallinn, Estonia 
after the conference, if enough interest will be paid for this opportunity.

Another thing also differs from the recent EDXC conferences, and it is the prices! The prices have 
not yet been fixed (Finland will move to Euro currency in less than two weeks from now), but for 
example one night in the hotel in a double room will be around 40 Euros (240 FIM) / person 
(including seaview, breakfast and the spa). And for those looking for still cheaper lodging there is 
a good camping area only 300 metres from the hotel with various kinds of huts, a good caravan 
area and tent places. The conference price will most likely be less than 100 Euros (600 FIM) 
covering welcome reception and the banquet. We know that coming over to Finland will be 
expensive to many of you, but we hope that our conference with its reasonable pricing will help 
you in budgeting your trip to Finland.

As the work of the organising committee (with Risto Vahakainu as chairman) continues next year, 
we'll provide more information about the conference through e-mail and newsgroups, and of 
course through a www link. Until
then you are welcome to use Risto's private e-mail for your questions: { mailto:risto.vahakainu@xxxxxxxxxxx }risto.vahakainu@xxxxxxxxxxx 

With season's greetings we wish you all welcome to Finland next year!

The Finnish DX Association (FDXA)

Another EDXC Marconi broadcast 
The Adventist World Radio is pleased to broadcast the special Marconi program that was 
prepared specifically for broadcast over WRMI, and we will give due credit on air.  Because of the 
holiday season and change of personnel, it was necessary to record several editions of Wavescan 
in advance.  We are therefore planning to broadcast the Marconi program in Wavescan on a 
Sunday around the middle of January.  I am currently working out the details with our AWR staff 
in England and I should have a specific date within a day or two.  I will issue a news release giving 
the full details just as soon as possible. New Year Greetings, Adrian M. Peterson, DX Editor. (via 
Cobisi). No news release received before this DX-Window was issued. AWR Wavescan is heard 
well here in Denmark from Moosbrunn, Austria Sundays 0830-0900 on 9660 (Ed)


DSWCI-0040 Torre Ekblom, Finland
DSWCI-0099 Anker Petersen, Denmark
DSWCI-0370 Noel R. Green, Blackpool, United Kingdom
DSWCI-0655 Vashek Korinek, Republic of South Africa
DSWCI-0740 Victor Goonetilleke, Sri Lanka
DSWCI-0798 Jerry Berg/DXplorer, MA, USA 
DSWCI-1331 Wolfgang Bueschel/BCDX, Stuttgart, Germany
DSWCI-1405 Erik Køie/R Denmark, Denmark
DSWCI-1483 Max van Arnhem, The Netherlands
DSWCI-2281 Andreas Schmid, Germany
DSWCI-2500 Gabriel Iván Barrera, Buenos Aires, Argentina
DSWCI-2812 Richard D?Angelo, PA, USA
DSWCI-2897 Harald Kuhl, Germany
DSWCI-3393 Maarten van Delft, The Netherlands
DSWCI-3464 Vladimir Titarev, Kremenchuk, Ukraine
DSWCI-3477 Ivo Ivanov, Bulgaria
DSWCI-3505 Piet Pijpers, The Netherlands
DSWCI-3587 Paolo Corsetti, Italy

Samuel Cássio, São Carlos ? SP, Brazil
Luigi Cobisi, EDXC Secretary General, Firenze, Italy 
Jose Jacob, Hyderabad, India
Thomas Lindenthal, Germany
Takayuki Inoue Ozaki (TIN), Japan
Adrian Peterson, AWR, Minneapolis, USA
Mahendra Vaghjee, Mauritius


The DX-Window is a bi-weekly electronic newsletter made for members of the Danish Shortwave 
Club International. Its content is mainly based upon loggings and other information from our own 
members, but in a few cases extraordinary news from other DX-ers are included. Thus we depend 
on YOUR contributions which should be sent to the editor. Please use our format and add your 
last name in brackets after each item. All times are UTC and frequencies in kilohertz.

The DX-Window concentrates on news and loggings of rare shortwave broadcasting stations, 
particularly domestic services. It must be news compared to our latest Domestic Broadcasting 
Survey.  The editor is free to ?cut hard? and bring only the hottest items, he receives. 

Reproduction of items from the DX-Window is allowed, provided that due credit is given to the 
contributor and to the DX-Window.

The DX-Window is distributed in two versions: 
A)   As an attachment in rtf-format with all original graphics, or 
B)   as a large e-mail in txt-format where the graphics may be missing, but with no attachment.
You can get your copy changed to the other version at any time, just by telling the distributor.

Loggings or schedules of regularly heard stations should NOT be sent to the DX Window. Such 
loggings can be sent to our SW tips editor Klaus-Dieter Scholz on {mailto:kdscholz@xxxxxx }kdscholz@xxxxxx . Schedules 
are welcomed by the editor of World News, Noel R. Green on { mailto:nrg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx }nrg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

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