[HCDX] BDXC Press Release - New Africa SW listings on BDXC-UK web site
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[HCDX] BDXC Press Release - New Africa SW listings on BDXC-UK web site

A new comprehensive country-by-country guide to domestic and external
shortwave broadcasts from sub-Saharan Africa, including opposition
broadcasts to the African continent, has been added to the British DX Club
web site. The guide, compiled by BDXC editor Tony Rogers and fully updated
for the winter schedule period, is available in by-country and by-frequency
versions. It can be found on the Articles index page of the web site.

A number of other pages have also recently been updated including our Guide
to DX Programmes, DX Diary and Links pages.

They can be found at the usual BDXC-UK web address: http://www.bdxc.org.uk

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