[HCDX] Log 03/01
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[HCDX] Log 03/01

Hello again.

Good propagation for Peru!

4824   2321-2325 utc   03/01   La Voz de La Selva, Iquitos (PRU)-2321
utc YL tlk in SS, 2322 utc YM+YL tlk in SS, 2325 utc Mx in SS   23222

4856   2330-2334 utc   03/01   Radio La Hora, Cuzco (PRU)-2330-2334 utc
YM tlk in SS (referement to Cuzco)   12111

6674   2315-2317 utc   03/01   Radio Andina, Huancabamba (PRU)-2315 utc
YM tlk in SS+ID   34333 (very good signal!)

6725   2335-2340 utc   03/01   pres. Radio Satellite, Santa Cruz
(PRU)-2335 utc Mx in SS+YM tlk in SS   31333 (interference from RTTY)

6798   2317-2321 utc   03/01   Ondas del Rio Mayo, Nueva Cayamarca
(PRU)-2317 utc Mx (huaynos) in SS   32333

6691   2341-2350 utc   03/01   UNID-2341 utc Mx, 2343 utc YM tlk in ??
(good signal, but the modulations isn't good!)

Help needed for this Unid station!

73's de Marco

Receiver: Kenwood R-1000, Sangean ATS 909
Antenna: Long Wire 25 mtr. long with homemade antenna tuner

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