[HCDX] Fwd: failure notice
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[HCDX] Fwd: failure notice

Thanks to Bryan Clark for correcting me on this one...

>----- Original Message ----- >From: Paul Ormandy <paulorm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> >To: <SW Notes : ;> >Sent: Saturday, January 05, 2002 4:42 PM >Subject: [ripple] Logs > > > AUSTRALIA > > > > 21615 RA 0000 presumed via Darwin, fair signal in Indonesian with news, a > > few seconds behind 17750. PWO

>Radio Australia 21615 is actually a relay via Tinian according to the >current IBB schedule. >Scheduled in Indonesian 0000-0030 UTC. Per IBB, RA also use Tinian for a >second Indonesian transmission 0400-0430 when the frequency is 21780. >Bryan Clark

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