[HCDX] Dx news 06.01.2002
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[HCDX] Dx news 06.01.2002

New DX:

BELARUS Radio Mayak (Minsk?), 2338 khz heard in USB, 1827-1831, russian px,
mx, at 1830 the ID as "...Mayak...", after the news, SIO 242 (Canonica, 02
Jan. 2002)

COSTA RICA university Net'k (presumed) 5029 khz, 0515, very low signal, px
in english but to low for ID, SIO 141 (Canonica, 06 Jan. 2002)


Daniele Canonica
RX: JRC 535 D
ANT: Long Wire 30m+MLB


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