[HCDX] First report about a QSL via TDP
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[HCDX] First report about a QSL via TDP

Hello QSL friends, 

it follows a qsl log from Rudolf Sonntag. As far as I see it (as the editor of 
the QSL Info Pages QIP), it is the first report about a QSL via TDP from 
Ludo Maes. This is even the first known QSL for Denge Mezopotamya 
(this time speaking as the editor of Clandestine Radio Watch CRW) ...

Martin from Merseburg

------- Forwarded message follows -------

Hallo Martin, ein neuer QSL-Eingang:

Denge Mezopotamya, 11530 kHz, detailed QSL-card without transmitter 
location via TDP, c/o Ludo Maes, P.O.Box 1, B - 2310 Rijkevorsel in 95 
days for 1 US-$ 
R.Sonntag-D (direct to QIP) - January 2002

eMail: Rudolf.Sonntag@xxxxxxxxxxx
Homepage: http://Rudolf.Sonntag.bei.t-online.de

------- End of forwarded message -------

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