[HCDX] Thailand Report 2
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[HCDX] Thailand Report 2

Hello all,

here comes the Thailand Report #2, this time from the island of Ko Pha Ngan. We will stay here until Feb 23, then go back to Bangkok for a day and then travel back to Germany.
The OM who requested so, will receive a (non-DX) travel report by private Email about a week or so after my arrival in DL. As in former years, it was a backpack trip, and the route was planned (and changed) "as it came".

Location: Island of Ko Pha Ngan
Equipment: Sony ICF 2001D, magnetic loop antenna
All observations from Feb. 19, 2002

At 1300 UTC (2000 LT) I found the following station in parallel with Nx from Jakarta:

3264.7 Gorontalo
3325.0 Palangkaraya, local ID at 1320, O=4-5
3344.9 Ternate
3960.3 Palu, weak modulation, O=3
3976.1 Pontianak, christian choir noted at 1328, 1424 local ID, O=5
4000.1 Kendari (tent; but to my knowledge, RRI Padang has not been reported here for several month here)
4753.3 Makassar
4925.0 Jambi

At 1500 the following stations were in parallel for news:
3960.3  Palu
4000.1  Kendari
4753.3  Makassar
Pontianak had a music programme of its own at this time.

The following s/off times were noted:
3264.7  Gorontalo at 1315
3344.9  Ternate at 1400
3325.0  Palangkaraya at 1448 after sweet sounding music
4000.1  Kendari at 1530
4925.0  Jambi at 1552
3976.1  Pontianak at 1557 after sweet sounding music
4753.3  Makassar at 1558 after sweet sounding music

I remember having heard R. KIP on 4696.6 two years ago from the same location. This one seems to be inactive now.
5040 was covered by AIR Jeypore; English nx at 1530.

R. Thailand was not heard on 4830, 9655, 11905 during February. 6070 covers the domestic px in Thai in parallel to 891 kHz, s/off 1600 (as listed).

vy 73 from Thailand,

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