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To clarify, there is only ONE station with WFLA call
letters, and that is 970, Tampa.  The 540 station is
licensed in Pine Hills (near Orlando) as WFLF.  Both
stations are news/talk format, and are owned by Clear
Channel Communications.  They share some programming, and
use the "WFLA" slogan a branding.  If you listen top of the
hour you will (or should, if someone isn't slipping) hear
the legal (licensed) call letters at each frequency.  In
addition to WFLA and WFLF, WSPB on 1450 from Sarasota is
another "WFLA" station, paralleling much of their
programming with 970 just to their north.  WFLA also
broadcasts 24/7 on 25,870 kHz in narrow band FM mode, a
transmitter designed for low power broadcast remote cue use,
which is widely reported across North America and
occasionally Europe, when conditions permit.  Audio on this
transmitter is always parallel 970 (except that there's no
seven-seconds audio delay that is applied during most of the
local talk programming).

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From: ARouw@xxxxxxxxxxx (Aart Rouw)
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Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2002 18:39:50 +0100
Subject: [HCDX] WFLA ?

Dear AM X-ers,
I just spent a week in Atlanta, Ga (USA) to attend an
internal course for
the company I work for. Apart from the work, I tried to scan
the MW band for
interesting AM stations.
Apart form the local powerhouses I found in the evening
hours a (weak)
station on 540 kHz that identified as "News radio 540,
WFLA". Local weather
was for Florida.  At first I was puzzled, as on 540 I only
have WFLF (Pine
Hills = Orlando, Fl) in my lists. Via the Internet I found
that in fact
there are at least two WFLA's in Florida (maybe even more).
Apart from the
true WFLA in Tampa (970 kHz) apparently the same company
owning this station
also operates other stations under the same "brand name",
including WFLF on
This is confusing. Therefore my questions :
1. Is the program on 540 the same as on 970 ? (apparently
the ID is not). As
970 was occupied by a strong local signal I could not check
2. Are there any other stations use the WFLA call ?
3. Is this accepted by the FCC ?. I know that nowadays there
are many
network stations without a true local ID, but using the call
of another
station as a local call is new for me.
4. Any other networks which use the call of the mother
station as a brand
name ?

Aart Rouw
Bühl, Germany

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