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[HCDX] Logs

4832.4 HONDURAS R Litoral, 2327-2335 April 13, Miskito
preacher over music bed.  Xlnt.  (Krueger-FL)

5009.79 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC R Pueblo, 2320-2327 April 13,
bachatas, live M DJ, ID.  Xlnt.  (Krueger-FL)

6039.41 UNIDENTIFIED 1025-1136 April 14, at first thought
this was R Clube Paranaense, but turned out to be in SP and
not PT.  Also, signal improved by around 1100, though by
1130 was on the outs.  Still a weak carrier there at 1230
check.  Format of modern Christian SP vocals, seemingly live
M SP anncr occasionally.  Not parallel Voz Cristiana on
15375.  Any ideas?  (Krueger-FL)

9600 CUBA R Rebelde, 1136+ April 14, xlnt with nice Cuban
oldies folk vocals, parallel 1180 MW, et. al.  (Krueger-FL)

17810 & 17860 INDIA AIR, 1122+ April 14, both very good w/
presumed Tamil service, subcontinental vocals.  17860 with
weak co-channel from someone in EG.  (Krueger-FL)

17833.9 UNIDENTIFIED just an open carrier here in the
1900-2200 range, seemingly AM mode, and gone at 2320
recheck.  Heard a World Of Radio (#1126) report of a valid
low power Colombian (per Henrik Klemetz, I believe)
operating irregularly on 17835.  I missed the name, I think
Radio Imperial or similar?  Wonder if this could have been
them?  (Krueger-FL)

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